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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Our Wantagh Showroom ~ Sample Viewing is PERMANENTLY CLOSED **** Pick -Ups are still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **
The OFFICE will be CLOSED May 4th and May 5th. Any messages left will be returned on Monday May 6th.

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Candles for non-Baby events

Please NOTE: All items with the code starting with "IM" will not ship out AT ALL from July 1, 2008 to July 23rd !!!
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Gold "50th" Star Design Candle & Placecard Holder
Item Code: 8FC4740
Price: $1.75

"Light for Love" (Avail 5/27/19) Collection Heart Candle Tin
Item Code: 8FC4735
Price: $0.89

Felt Butterfly Ring Candle Holders (Set/4) ~Color Choice!
Item Code: SW8418all
Price: $7.98

Felt Daisy Candle or Candy Holders (Set/4)
Item Code: SW8417_08
Price: $7.98

Wooden Deck Chair Candle Holders - SET/4
Item Code: SW8414
Price: $10.99

Large Round 3-Wick Wax Candle ~In 5 Colors!
Item Code: SY7196
Price: $4.42

Porcelain Rose Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6817
Price: $3.69

Porcelain Calla Lily Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6816
Price: $3.69

Sparkle Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6520
Price: $1.75

Elegance Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6518
Price: $2.65

Bronze Leaf Design Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6449
Price: $2.20

Gold Candle Holder with Leaf Design
Item Code: SY6447
Price: $2.20

Ivory Porcelain Candle Holder Lamp {SET/12}
Item Code: SY6444_2
Price: $23.40

Ivory Porcelain Angel with Candle
Item Code: SY6410
Price: $2.59

Ivory Angel Candle Holder (No Candle)
Item Code: SY6334
Price: $6.35

Ivory Resin Angel Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6322
Price: $6.35

Candle Holder with Pewter Look Stand
Item Code: SY6303
Price: $1.60

Glass Candle Holder with Wrought Iron Scroll Stand
Item Code: SY6302
Price: $1.60

Cracked Glass Style Candle Holder with Gold Scroll Stand
Item Code: SY6298
Price: $1.35

Resin House Shaped Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6262
Price: $2.65

Sparkling Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6226
Price: $3.35

Unique Glass Moon-Shaped Candle Holder
Item Code: SY6220
Price: $2.65

Double Dove Candle Holder ~SET/12
Item Code: SY6196
Price: $15.50

Sparkling Cracked Glass Candle Holder ~ SET/12 Favors
Item Code: SY6006
Price: $16.25

Stunning Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY5574
Price: $3.25

Dazzling Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY5573
Price: $2.65

Ivory Porcelain Candle Holder
Item Code: SY5500
Price: $2.95

Special Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: SY5329
Price: $5.89

Cherub Candle Holder ~SET/12 Pieces
Item Code: SY5238
Price: $16.25

Frosted Glass Heart Candle Holders ~ Set/2
Item Code: SW7082
Price: $3.98

Botanical Garden Votive Candle Holders ~ Set/4
Item Code: SW7003
Price: $13.98

Double Heart Glass Candle with Round Base ~ Clear Stones
Item Code: 7MJ5908
Price: $1.75

Goblets Top Placecard & Candle Holder ~Silver **SALE**
Item Code: 7MJ5770
Price: $1.89

Heart Top Placecard & Candle Holder ~Clear Stones
Item Code: 7MJ5765
Price: $1.89

Stylish Sailboat Design Candle
Item Code: 7fc7805
Price: $1.49

Luminous Mini-Lantern ~ White
Item Code: 6ka14006wt
Price: $2.65

Frosted Glass Candle ~ Plain
Item Code: fc5863
Price: $0.89

Aqua Glass Gel Candle (Lge) 80mm
Item Code: aq_00028
Price: $7.50

Aqua Glass Candle 65mm
Item Code: aq_00026
Price: $4.50

Fish Bowl Gel Candle (Lge) 80mm
Item Code: aq_00018
Price: $7.00

Fish Bowl Gel Candle (Med) 55mm
Item Code: aq_00015
Price: $3.75

Fish Bowl Gel (Small) Candle 45mm
Item Code: aq_00014
Price: $2.25

"By the Sea" Lighthouse Tea Light Holder
Item Code: 1KA14037wt
Price: $2.75

"Mod Monogram" Personalized Square Candle Tin
Item Code: EB2077m
Price: $1.75

Elite Design Square Candle Tin
Item Code: EB2077ed
Price: $1.80

2.5" Fruit Design Candles SET/12 ~ 4 Assort'd Colors
Item Code: SY7646
Price: $17.00

Personalized 8oz Vanilla Candle Tin ~ Designs!
Item Code: DD9255all
Price: $7.95

"Personalized Expressions" (Avail 5/27/19) DYO Scented Heart Shaped Travel Candle
Item Code: 1FC4735st
Price: $0.95

Frosted Glass Votive Candle ~ Can be Personalized!
Item Code: KA15020na
Price: $2.70

"Seashell" Gel Tealight Candle in Giftbox
Item Code: KA20125bl
Price: $3.15

Stylish Damask Candle Holder Giftboxed
Item Code: MJ1841
Price: $1.55

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron 3 Candle Holder & Stand (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69100
Price: $9.35

"Cecilia Collection" Set/2 Rod Iron Candle Holder (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69101
Price: $10.75

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Frosted Candle Holder (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69102
Price: $4.99

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Tea Light Butterfy Candle (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69103
Price: $4.85

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Tea Light Tree Candle (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69104
Price: $11.80

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Single Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69105
Price: $3.75

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Triple Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69106
Price: $5.25

"Cecilia Collection" Triple Leaf Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69107
Price: $5.45

"Cecilia Collection" Single Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69108
Price: $4.85

Travel Candle Tin ~ All Occasions! Can Personalize
Item Code: KA20155NA
Price: $0.99

Vintage Wedding Personalized Square Candle Tin
Item Code: EB2077WV
Price: $1.49

Vintage Wedding Pers. Round Candle Tin
Item Code: EB2084WV
Price: $1.49

"Traditional Design" Crystal Votive Candle Holder (No Box)
Item Code: RED6954
Price: $1.09

"Pink Brooklyn Jar Candle"
Item Code: RED7756pk
Price: $1.25

"White Brooklyn (SOLD OUT) Jar Candle"
Item Code: RED7756ww
Price: $1.25

"Candle Elegance" Glass Candle Holder
Item Code: RED6959
Price: $1.79

"Brooklyn Hot Pink" Jar Candle
Item Code: 4RED7764HP
Price: $1.25

"Vintage Blue" Glass Tealight Holder (Set/4)
Item Code: 4KA27090na
Price: $4.55

"Magical Butterfly" (SOLD OUT) Butterfly Candle (Assorted)
Item Code: RED7478
Price: $1.35

Classic Gold Lantern
Item Code: 5KA14107na
Price: $6.39

Classic Gold Round Candy Tins SET/12 - Opt. Personal.
Item Code: 5KA14111na_CL
Price: $6.25

Wedding Gold Round Candy Tin SET/12 ~Opt. Personal.
Item Code: 5KA14111na_WD
Price: $6.25

Classic Travel Candle ~ Opt. Personalized
Item Code: 5ka20155NA_cl
Price: $0.80

"The Hunt is Over" Travel Candle ~ Opt. Personalize
Item Code: 5KA20155na_EH
Price: $0.80

"He Asked, She Said Yes" Travel Candle ~ Opt. Personalize
Item Code: 5KA20155na_HA
Price: $0.80

Classic Gold Teacups Tealight Holder SET/4
Item Code: 5KA23094GD
Price: $7.99

"Anchor Away" Rope Tealight Holder SET/4
Item Code: 5KA20171na
Price: $5.89

Indian Jewel Lantern
Item Code: 5KA14113na
Price: $7.65

Indian Jewel Henna Votives SET/4 ~ Assorted
Item Code: 5KA20177na
Price: $6.39

Lucky Elephant Golden Tealight Holder
Item Code: 5KA25062GD
Price: $2.29

Vintage Bird Cage Lantern
Item Code: 6KA14116na
Price: $3.85

Gold Foil Dot Tea Light Holder SET/4
Item Code: 7KA20169gd
Price: $5.75

Tropical Chic Gold Glitz Cork Wrapped Tealight Holder SET/4
Item Code: 7KA20197bd
Price: $6.39

Lighthouse Luminous Metal Lantern Boxed
Item Code: 7FC4190
Price: $1.85

Gold Floral Lantern
Item Code: 7KA14125gd
Price: $3.55

Vintage Pink Glass Tea Light Holder (SET/4)
Item Code: 7KA27090pk
Price: $5.25

Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern ~ Medium
Item Code: 8KA14130BL
Price: $4.99

Seaside Escape Glass Votive (SET/4)
Item Code: 8FC20201na
Price: $6.45

Gold Dipped Glass Votive Holder SET/4
Item Code: 8KA27113na
Price: $8.30

Blue Mercury Glass Tealight Holder SET/4
Item Code: 8KA20191na
Price: $6.40

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.