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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is PERMANENTLY CLOSED **** Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **
HOLIDAY Schedule: Office/Warehouse CLOSED 12/24 - 12/26, No shipments of "FC" items during the week of 12/24

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Garden & "Everything Else" Favors

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Pineapple Themed Warm Welcome Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 8FC5976
Price: $0.75

Hello Gorgeous Themed Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 8FC5977
Price: $0.89

Fluffy Hot Pink Pom Pom & Gold Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8879
Price: $0.75

Flamingo Metal Compact Mirror Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC6165
Price: $1.39

Gold Metal Cactus (Avail 2/4/2019) Design Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5288
Price: $0.75

Gold Metal Good Luck Elephant Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5291
Price: $0.79

Perfectly Plain Design Top Playing Cards
Item Code: 7FC5117
Price: $0.60

Delightful Unicorn Jewelry/Gift Box in Purple Box
Item Code: 7FC8878
Price: $2.79

Gold Pineapple Box from "Warm Welcome" Collection
Item Code: 7FC8876
Price: $2.70

Gold Metal Crown Design Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5283
Price: $0.69

Delightful Unicorn Design Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: 7FC8998
Price: $1.25

Gold Dot Silk Folding Fan
Item Code: 7FC6213
Price: $0.80

Silver Scallop Silk Folding Fan
Item Code: 7FC6214
Price: $0.79

White Heart Plastic Measuring Spoons
Item Code: 7KA18129wt
Price: $1.75

Pineapple Luggage Tag
Item Code: 7KA17071na
Price: $1.95

White Kitchen Whisk
Item Code: 7KA13068wt
Price: $1.59

Vintage Suitcase Design Luggage Tag
Item Code: 7FC4457
Price: $1.29

Perfectly Plain Hand Sanitizer
Item Code: 7FC5106
Price: $0.50

Intricately Carved Sandalwood Fan
Item Code: 7FC6212
Price: $0.75

Cheeseboard & Spreader ~ Cheers
Item Code: 7KA22074na
Price: $2.99

Pineapple Cheeseboard & Spreader
Item Code: 7KA22073na
Price: $2.99

Tea Time Whimsy Teacup-Shaped Cheeseboard & Spreader
Item Code: 7KA22067na
Price: $2.99

Blue Heart Plastic Measuring Spoons Boxed
Item Code: 7KA18129bl
Price: $1.75

Personalized Gold Compact ~ Something Blue
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_sb
Price: $1.95

Personalized Gold Compact ~ Pineapple & Palms
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_PP
Price: $1.95

Personalized Gold Compact ~ Hello Gorgeous
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_HG
Price: $1.95

Personalized Gold Compact ~ Gold Foil
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_GFG
Price: $1.95

Pers. Gold Compact ~ Bridal Floral
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_fl
Price: $1.95

Pers. Gold Compact ~ Damask
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_dm
Price: $1.95

Pers. Gold Compact ~ Classic Wedding
Item Code: 7KA18128gd_cl
Price: $1.95

Tea Time Whimsy Teapot Whisk Boxed
Item Code: 7KA13066na
Price: $2.29

Hello Gorgeous Mirror in Hot Pink Gift Boxed
Item Code: 6FC5972
Price: $1.10

Beach Design Silver Metal Mirror with Epoxy Top Boxed
Item Code: 6FC5973
Price: $1.45

"Best Day Ever" Silver Compact Mirror with Epoxy Top
Item Code: 6FC5974
Price: $0.89

Perfectly Plain Black Notebook & Pen Set
Item Code: 6FC7900
Price: $0.55

Black Compact Mirror
Item Code: 6FC7901
Price: $0.49

Flip Flop Luggage Tags with Striped Design BOX/24
Item Code: 6FC12203
Price: $47.75

Hello Gorgeous Manicure Set Display BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12714
Price: $39.95

Stunning Croc Pill Box in Metallic Colors SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12306
Price: $31.80

White & Gold Monogram Notebooks (SET/8)
Item Code: EB3124
Price: $19.35

Monogram Ring Dish
Item Code: EB3125M
Price: $9.65

Monogram Compact Mirror
Item Code: EB3137
Price: $11.25

Bridal Party Lip Balm SET/12
Item Code: EB3093BP
Price: $13.35

'All you Need is Love' Heart Shaped Box
Item Code: 6FC8741
Price: $0.99

Personalized White Silk Folding Fan
Item Code: 6FC6208cs
Price: $0.90

Fun Beach Scene Compact Mirror BOX/18
Item Code: 6FC12422
Price: $232.50

Adorable Hello Gorgeous Compact Mirror ~BOX/18
Item Code: 6FC12423
Price: $32.50

Fun Sunglass Key Chain Boxed ~ SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12159
Price: $14.95

Perfectly Plain Sunscreen with SPF30
Item Code: 6FC6799
Price: $1.15

Modern Silver Graphic Design Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 6FC6160
Price: $0.85

Fun Aztec Aluminium Wallets ~ BOX/18
Item Code: 6Fc12153
Price: $35.89

Trendy Aztec Design Travel Manicure Set ~ BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12149
Price: $39.85

Sentiment Flowers Keychain Boxed ~ SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12635
Price: $12.45

Perfectly Plain Matchboxes SET/50
Item Code: 6FC8853
Price: $9.95

Luxurious Crocodile Pill Box + Mirror ~ Assort'd SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12305
Price: $46.99

Fabulous Glitter Chevron Pill Boxes ~ Assorted - BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12418
Price: $23.99

"Perfectly Plain" Ear Bud Headphones
Item Code: 5FC6788
Price: $0.75

Aluminum Wallets in Magnificent Colors! BOX/18
Item Code: 5FC12117
Price: $29.95

Hologram Style Compact Mirror ~ Assorted BOX/18
Item Code: 5FC12421
Price: $24.65

Stunning Glittery Travel Manicure Chevron Design Case Set BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12106
Price: $38.90

Basketball Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: 5FC12821
Price: $5.25

Male Teacher Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: FC12824
Price: $5.25

Female Teacher Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: FC12825
Price: $5.25

Personalized Kraft Fan SET/12 ~ BOHO
Item Code: 5KA28204na_BOH
Price: $7.25

Personalized Gold Glitter Hand Fan SET/12 ~ Indian Jewel
Item Code: 5KA28203na_JWL
Price: $12.29

Personalized Insulated Cup Sleeve
Item Code: DK8849000
Price: $0.39

Telescopic Back Scratcher
Item Code: 5FC12097
Price: $1.99

Gift Shoppe Lucky Elephant Key Magnets ~ Box/12
Item Code: 5FC12621
Price: $20.99

Fun Vibrant Assort'd Pill Box in Display Box/12
Item Code: 5FC82210
Price: $19.00

Indian Elephant Themed Metal Mirror Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC5966
Price: $1.70

Stylish Wood Cheese Cutting Board Boxed ~ Wine
Item Code: 5MJ7242
Price: $9.55

Stylish Wood Cheese Cutting Board Boxed ~ Grapes
Item Code: 5MJ7241
Price: $9.55

Stylish Wood Cheese Cutting Board Boxed ~ Starfish
Item Code: 5MJ7240
Price: $9.55

Ceramic Glass Cling DIY Marker
Item Code: 5MJ4003
Price: $0.55

"Lucky Elephant" Figurine in Gift Box
Item Code: RED1257
Price: $1.85

"Union of Love" Swan Key Chain Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1170
Price: $1.25

"Harmony" Treble Clef (SOLD OUT) Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED1235
Price: $0.99

"Melody" Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: RED1236
Price: $0.99

Assorted Vintage Mirror Favors SET/12
Item Code: DK1548512
Price: $11.99

Assorted Trendy Mirror Favors SET/12
Item Code: DK1548511
Price: $11.99

White Fan with Optional Pers. ~ Botanical (SET/12)
Item Code: 5KA28219na_BOT
Price: $7.25

Personalized Clover Honey ~ "Botanical" SET/12
Item Code: 5KA19018na_BOT
Price: $22.95

"Love Grows" Pers. Heart Seed Paper Cards SET/12
Item Code: 5KA17064na_VIN
Price: $10.35

"Rustic Hearts" Pers. Heart Seed Paper Cards SET/12
Item Code: 5KA17064na_RUS
Price: $10.35

Chalk It Up to Love Pers. Heart Seed Paper Cards SET/12
Item Code: 5KA17064na_CHK
Price: $10.35

"Let the Journey Begin" Vintage Suitcase Luggage Tag
Item Code: 5KA17060na
Price: $1.55

DIY Accordion Paper Fan Place Card ~ SET/12 Color Choice!
Item Code: SW9384all
Price: $10.98

Mini High Top Flower Pot ~ Package/4
Item Code: SW9368_08
Price: $7.95

French Provencial Mini Decorative Canister + Lid SET/4
Item Code: SW9255
Price: $7.89

Mini Garden Gnome ~ Set/4 ~ Opt. Personalize
Item Code: SW9206
Price: $11.85

"Elegant Elephant" (LOW STOCK) Figurine in Gift Box
Item Code: RED1241
Price: $1.39

Fun Neon Wallet/Credit Card Holder Display Box/18
Item Code: 5FC12706
Price: $34.89

"Shimmering Jewel" Heart-Shaped Crystal Box in Gift Box
Item Code: RED1240
Price: $1.99

DIY Blank Lip Balm Tube
Item Code: EB3031np
Price: $0.68

DIY Blank Hand Cream Favor
Item Code: EB1036np
Price: $0.68

Personalized Metallic Foil Paddle Fan
Item Code: EB2354fw
Price: $1.45

Nautical Luggage Tag Giftboxed ~ DISPLAY Box/24
Item Code: 4FC12076
Price: $46.50

Mardi Gras "Masquerade" White Mask Pin
Item Code: RED4089ww
Price: $0.85

Mardi Gras "Masquerade" Purple Mask Pin
Item Code: RED4089pp
Price: $0.85

Mardi Gras "Masquerade" Hot Pink Mask Pin
Item Code: RED4089hp
Price: $0.85

"Playful" Assorted Bride & (LOW STOCK) Groom Figurine (Bulk)
Item Code: RED8076
Price: $1.55

Lucky Elephant Key Chain Giftboxed ~ SET/12
Item Code: 4FC12612
Price: $16.95

Guardian Angel Glitter Wishing Jar Giftboxed ~ SET/18
Item Code: 4FC12613
Price: $29.00

Sentimental Wise Owl Magnet Giftboxed ~ Display Box/12
Item Code: 4FC12614
Price: $19.50

Aluminum Wallet & Credit Card Holder ~ Display BOX/18
Item Code: 4FC12705
Price: $30.99

"Modern Garden" Geometric White Planter (Set/4)
Item Code: 4KA25172na
Price: $4.35

"Princess Bride" Carriage in Gift Box
Item Code: 4RED7692
Price: $1.75

"Feline" Purse Caddy in Gift Box
Item Code: Red1199
Price: $2.65

"Elephant" Purse Caddy in Gift Box
Item Code: Red1197
Price: $2.65

"Heart Shaped Box" White Jewelry Box in Gift Box
Item Code: Red1190
Price: $1.39

"Keep it Cool" Folding Paper (Sold OUT) Fan in Gift Box
Item Code: Red1188
Price: $0.55

"Mine Not Yours" His & Hers Luggage Tag Set Boxed
Item Code: QA74003
Price: $2.15

"Something Blue" Rolling Pin Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA74000
Price: $1.65

"Classy Compact" Round Compact Mirror: 'Shoe Design' Boxed
Item Code: 4Red1200
Price: $1.75

"Groovy Love" Heart Shaped Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 4Red1194
Price: $2.15

"La Tour Eiffel" Heart Shaped (SOLD OUT) Compact Mirror Gift Boxed
Item Code: 4Red1193
Price: $2.15

"Flip Flop" Pedicure Kit Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7RED1187
Price: $2.15

"Pocket Purse" Manicure (SOLD OUT) Kit Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED1186
Price: $2.15

"Pocketbook" Manicure (LOW Stock) Set Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED1185
Price: $2.15

"Recipe for Love" Heart Shaped Measuring Spoon Set Boxed
Item Code: Red1149
Price: $1.19


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.