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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Our Wantagh Showroom ~ Sample Viewing is PERMANENTLY CLOSED **** Pick -Ups are still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **
WRAPPING Department now BOOKED SOLID until April 4th, Any new wrapping orders will start on that date.

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Zmart Sample & Clearance Center!

All items listed here are in stock for IMMEDIATE Delivery!!! **** If ordering a qunatity of MORE than 1 piece, refer to footnote within product page for stock quantity.
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"Personal Expressions" DYO Label Metal Placecard Frame -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6743st
Price: $0.99

Resin Adirondack Chair Frame 2"X3" -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8610
Price: $4.99

Damask Design Placecard Frame _SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8186
Price: $1.99

Exquisite Pink Crystal Butterfly Placecard Holder -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC7809
Price: $1.99

Regal Favor Collection Cross Themed Frame -SAMPLE
Item Code: ZMART_FC7768
Price: $2.99

Splendid Calla Lily Design Picture Frame ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC7766
Price: $3.75

Capodimonte Collection Blue Pacifier in Giftbox -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC7606
Price: $1.99

Cross Design Letter Opener - SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6534
Price: $2.75

Gold Cross Bookmark w/Tassel ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6507
Price: $0.99

Musical Note Keychain Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6460
Price: $1.75

Sweet 16 Key Ring Gift Boxed -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6410
Price: $1.75

"Murano Glass" Collection Starfish Design Stopper -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6103
Price: $3.99

Cross Lamp Candle in Gifttbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC5424
Price: $1.99

Festive Silver Bow Tie Design Bottle Opener -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4873
Price: $3.25

Starfish Design Bottle Opener Gift Boxed -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4870
Price: $2.70

Cinderella Themed Curio Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC3983
Price: $5.49

"Love Shines Through" Coaster Set/2 Giftboxed ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_3978
Price: $1.99

LOVE Glass Coaster Set in Gift Box -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC3975
Price: $1.75

Double Heart Candle Holder in Deluxe Gift Box -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc3939
Price: $3.99

Choice Crystal Heart & Cross Perfume Bottle - SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc2256
Price: $4.99

Choice Crystal Collection Angel in Designer Gift Box SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc2246
Price: $5.25

Elegant Snowflake Design Wine Bottle Stopper ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zMART_FC1913
Price: $3.39

"Golden Renaissance" Glass Tealight Holder Giftboxed - Sample 1 pc.
Item Code: Zmart_ka20120gd
Price: $2.55

Snowflake Placecard Holder/Ornament ~ Sample 1 Pc.
Item Code: Zmart_ka14033na
Price: $2.75

"Worlds Greatest Mom" Cheese Grater in Gift Box w/Organza Bow ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka13013na
Price: $2.99

Crystal Swan Bell ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_sy1366
Price: $2.99

"Murano Glass" Heart Design Bottle Stopper Giftboxed ~ Samples
Item Code: Zmart_fc2110
Price: $1.99

"Maison du Vin” Wine Cork Place Card Holder + Grape-Themed Placecard ~ SAMPLE 1 PC
Item Code: Zmart_ka25055ma
Price: $1.50

"Shining Sails" Silver Place Card Holders ~ Sample - 1 PIECE
Item Code: Zmart_ka11044na
Price: $1.99

"Murano Art Deco" Elegant Golden Swirl Wine Stopper Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_MJ2763
Price: $2.99

"Murano Art Deco" Arch Glass Icon Giftboxed ~ Pink - Sample
Item Code: Zmart_MJ5014
Price: $5.10

Porcelain Hanging Cross Ornament with Rhinestones ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_IM11601ds
Price: $2.65

Murano Glass Bottle Stopper Giftboxed ~ Crystals #3 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_IM6372w
Price: $3.50

Exceptional Shell Design Candle in Blue Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8708
Price: $3.99

Peace Sign Candle in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc5430
Price: $1.75

LOVE Design Place Card Holder ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8105
Price: $1.75

Sea Shell Design Candle Holder Giftboxed ~Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc7824
Price: $2.75

Choice Crystal Heart Design Paperweight Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc2229
Price: $3.40

Stunning Calla Lily Design Candle in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc6100
Price: $1.55

Silver Cross Themed Candle ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc5406
Price: $1.99

Castle Design Bookmark in Giftbox ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8325
Price: $1.75

Choice Crystal Heart Key Chain in Signature Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc2213
Price: $1.75

"Personalized Expressions" Wine Bottle Stopper Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC6713st
Price: $1.99

Musical Note Design Tea Cup Candle in Designer Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8725
Price: $2.75

"Amore Stainless Steel" Cake Server in Giftbox ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc4200
Price: $2.99

Cross Design Memo Pad Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8926
Price: $2.55

Blue Teddy Bear Design Key Chain in Blue Giftbox ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc8319
Price: $1.85

Ceramic Trivet in Clear Giftbox ~ Love Design ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM504TL
Price: $5.89

Medium Hanging Cross & Stones ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM2067d
Price: $5.99

White Porcelain Twisted Deep Bowl in Wood Base ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM4290w
Price: $5.99

Coffee Design Glass Coaster Set/2 Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM2009ct
Price: $1.20

Heart Quad Frame in Pink ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_49VA07
Price: $3.99

"Reflections" Collection Heart Shaped Mirror Giftboxed ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC5927
Price: $1.50

Musical Note Design Note Pad Gift Boxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8929
Price: $2.25

"Capodimonte-Baby" Collection Pink Rocking Horse in Pink Giftbox ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC7605
Price: $3.79

Heart Design Salt & Pepper Shaker Set in Deluxe Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8712
Price: $4.99

"Love Notes" Musical Note Candle in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC5427
Price: $2.10

"Crystal Clear" Collection Diamond Design KeyChain Giftboxed ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8145
Price: $1.40

25th Anniversary Wine Bottle Stopper in Deluxe Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC1917
Price: $2.99

Butterfly Design Bookmark Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6401
Price: $1.89

Stunning Cross-Adorned Photo Frame ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC7765
Price: $2.99

"Blessed Events" Elegant Pearlized Cross Collection Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ1704
Price: $2.45

Silver Frame with Champagne Toast 2" x 3" ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ4010
Price: $0.89

Elegant Chrome Wine Pourer & Stopper Giftboxed ~ Grapes Design ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ1421
Price: $1.99

Pearl White Frame with Cross & Blue Stones ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ5562
Price: $1.05

Diamond Glass Tealight Holder ~ 1 Piece SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_ka27044na
Price: $5.00

Ceramic Waffle Cone Cup ~ 1 Pc SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_786
Price: $2.99

Angel Design Curio Box in Square Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC8629
Price: $2.99

Holiday Themed Candle Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC3992
Price: $3.99

Cross Topped Cake Design Candle Gift Boxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC8216
Price: $1.29

Dolci Collection: Ivory Roll Cake Towel in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_LIZ05ivory
Price: $2.89

Ceramic White Candy Jar w/Spoon ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC6715st
Price: $2.99

Love & Heart Design Key Chain in Black Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC8300
Price: $1.99

Angel Design Letter Opener Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc6514
Price: $1.99

Metro Sweet Scented Sandlewood Fan ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc6203
Price: $1.99

Sand & Shell Tealight Holder ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA27003na
Price: $2.99

Castle Design Candle in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc8327
Price: $1.99

Brushed Gold Beaded Design Placecard Frame ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc3705
Price: $1.99

Romance Collection: Heart Shaped Ceramic Dish ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_liz1000b
Price: $6.75

Heart Design Candle/Placecard Holder ~Gold SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc4139
Price: $2.89

Calla Lily Bouquet Design Glass Coaster Set ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc3977
Price: $1.79

"About to Hatch" Ceramic Baby Chick Salt & Pepper Set in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_ka23017na
Price: $4.19

Pink Resin Baby Foot Frame 2" X 2.5" ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc3880
Price: $3.99

"Murano Art Deco" Collection Dolphin Wine Stopper Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_mj2743
Price: $2.99

"Natural Selections" Rattan Design Fall Candle Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_fc7815
Price: $2.75

Pewter Finish Frame with Pink Rhinestones ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc7755
Price: $2.89

"Cherry Blossom Elegance" Mini-Pillar Candle Giftboxed ~ Indiv. SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_ka20090na
Price: $2.39

"Baby On Board" Collection Candle in "The Driver's Seat" Box ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc9431
Price: $2.45

SAMPLE - Dolci Collection: Sundae Cup Towel in Gift Bag ~ Pink
Item Code: Zmart_liz613ts_pink
Price: $3.99

Blue Baby Bootie / Sneaker Design Candle Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC9427
Price: $0.99

Movie Themed Photo Coasters Set/2 Gift Boxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_FC3987
Price: $2.45

"Double Happiness" Elegant Chrome Bottle Stopper in Asian-Themed GB ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_ka11055na
Price: $2.99

"Let's Celebrate!" Champagne Flute Gel Candle Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE (1 Unit)
Item Code: zmart_ka20088
Price: $3.99

Sailboat Design Luggage Tag in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ4245
Price: $1.65

Elegant Heart Design Salt & Pepper Set in Deluxe Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_FC4851
Price: $2.80

Pumpkin Resin Frame ~ SAMPLE Only
Item Code: Zmart_fc8602
Price: $1.99

Silver Cross & Crystals Frame ~ SAMPLE only
Item Code: Zmart_MJ4091
Price: $1.49

Calla Lily Candle in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8211
Price: $0.99

Personalized Sweet 16 Shot Glass ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc3406s
Price: $1.00

Butterfly Candle Lamp in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC5422
Price: $2.99

Black Leather Address Book Boxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_MJ4202bk
Price: $0.99

Sea Shell Votive (1 Piece) ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fbl117
Price: $1.10

Vine Mini Chair Placecard Holder ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fbl125
Price: $2.25

Seta Celeste - Aqua Blue Favor Boxes ~ Individual Unit "Purse" SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_SW8194
Price: $0.59

Miniature Travel Suitcase Container ~ Individual Unit SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_SW8708
Price: $2.25

Calla Lily Bookmark in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc8339
Price: $0.99

"Cupcake Creation" Design Candle in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc8129
Price: $3.25

"Sweet Surprise!" Cupcake Tealight/Placecard Holder + Cards ~ SAMPLE 1 Piece
Item Code: Zmart_ka25051na
Price: $2.25

"Bet on Love" Bookmarks in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6430
Price: $0.99

Snowflake Design Place Card Frame ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6433
Price: $1.15

"Shinning Moments" Scalloped Silver-Tone Photo Placecard Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka14032
Price: $1.59

Calla Lily Wine Bottle Stopper Gift Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8114
Price: $3.25

Crystal Candy in Signature Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc2204
Price: $3.25

"Choice Crystal" Die Design Bottle Stopper Deluxe Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc2230
Price: $2.85

Pink Bear on a Ball Placecard Holder ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_mj5428
Price: $0.80

"New Beginnings" Glass Photo Coasters in Charming Gift Box in PINK ~ Samples
Item Code: Zmart_ka27030pk
Price: $1.65

Choice Crystal Angel in Signature Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc2219
Price: $3.25

"Royal Tea Lights" Jeweled Tea Light Candle TIARA ~ Sample 1 PIECE
Item Code: Zmart_ka25041tr
Price: $1.75

Autumn Themed Wine Bottle Stopper in Deluxe Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc1912
Price: $2.99

Spread the Love Sea Shell Spreader Set/2 in Gift box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka25003
Price: $3.49


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.