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Currently, our warehouses for "EB" and "DD" and "DK" items are OPEN and are shipping out now. Rest remain CLOSED and have shipping suspended until further notice. Our office phone is accepting messages and we will return calls when we can. All FC items to be shipping out in July. Screeened Glass department opens in July.
We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
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Ceramic & Porcelain Favors - European

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Mini Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82446
Price: $2.99

Small Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82447
Price: $3.29

Medium Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82448
Price: $5.35

Perfectly Plain Ceramic Jar with Epoxy Dome
Item Code: 9FC5144
Price: $1.35

Pers. Expressions Ceramic Mint Car with Epoxy Dome ~All!
Item Code: 9FC5144st
Price: $1.40

Pers. Metallics Ceramic Jar with Epoxy Dome ~ All Events!
Item Code: 9FC5144sm
Price: $1.45

Adorable Unicorn Bank
Item Code: 8FC88011
Price: $5.69

Fairytale Castle Covered Box
Item Code: 8FC88014
Price: $3.35

Fairytale Castle Bank
Item Code: 8FC88015
Price: $6.25

Unicorn Trinket Dish
Item Code: 8KA23172na
Price: $3.25

Sea Shell Trinket Dish
Item Code: 8KA23158BL
Price: $3.20

"Cinq sept" Gourmet Cheese Markers (SET/4) Boxed
Item Code: QA93050
Price: $3.59

"Ice Cream Dreams" Porcelain (AVAIL 8/28/20) Ice Cream Scoop Giftboxed
Item Code: QA93049
Price: $1.59

Acorn Serving Bowl Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA93048
Price: $3.10

"Sweet Elegance" Porcelain Cake Server Giftboxed
Item Code: QA93051
Price: $2.99

"Sweet Treats" Heart Shaped Candy Bowl Boxed
Item Code: QA93047
Price: $2.15

EV Olive Oil Dipping Dishes SET/2 Boxed
Item Code: 7QA93046
Price: $3.45

"Four Seasons" Serving/Dipping Platter
Item Code: 7QA93045
Price: $5.99

Mr. & Mrs. Ring Dish
Item Code: 7KA23155na
Price: $2.89

Ceramic "We all Scream for Ice Cream" Bowl Boxed ~ Yellow
Item Code: 7RED1123yl
Price: $1.79

Ceramic "We all Scream for Ice Cream" Bowl Boxed ~ Green
Item Code: 7RED1123gr
Price: $1.79

Ceramic "Fondue Fun" Mini Pot Giftboxed ~ Brown
Item Code: 7RED7969br
Price: $2.59

Ceramic "Fondue Fun" Mini Pot Giftboxed ~ Red
Item Code: 7RED7969rd
Price: $2.59

Ceramic "Fondue Fun" Mini Pot Giftboxed ~ White
Item Code: 7RED7969ww
Price: $2.59

Ceramic White Salt Container & Spoon Giftboxed
Item Code: 7RED11301
Price: $1.75

Ceramic White Square Sugar Container & Spoon Boxed
Item Code: 7RED11302
Price: $1.75

Ceramic Magnetic Salt & Pepper Set Boxed ~ Chef & Wine Bottle
Item Code: RED11303
Price: $2.89

White Round Ceramic Sugar Bowl & Spoon in Gift Box
Item Code: RED11300
Price: $2.59

Tea Time Whimsy Ceramic Bud Vase
Item Code: 7KA23140na
Price: $5.59

"Buoni Amici" Wine Bottle Shaped Cheese Appet. Board
Item Code: QA35002
Price: $4.65

"La Panetteria" Bread Board with Dipping Dish
Item Code: QA93042
Price: $5.55

"O+V" Oil & Vinegar Bottle Cruel Set
Item Code: QA94045
Price: $5.45

"Primi Piatti" Appetizer (AVAIL 8/28/20) Serving/Dipping Platter
Item Code: QA94044
Price: $6.15

"Aglio e Olio" Grater & Dipping Plate Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA93032
Price: $3.25

Immagine Collection 10" Ceramic Spoon Rest
Item Code: 5LIZ106i
Price: $1.75

Immagine Collection 11" Ceramic Bowl
Item Code: 5LIZ105i
Price: $8.29

Immagine Collection Ceramic Cheese Dish & Knife Set
Item Code: 5LIZ104i
Price: $5.25

Immagine Collection Oil Bottle + 2 Dip Plates
Item Code: 5LIZ103i
Price: $7.99

Immagine Collection Arched Square Dish
Item Code: 5LIZ102i
Price: $7.99

Immagine Collection 2 Sectional Arch Dish
Item Code: 5LIZ101i
Price: $5.25

Immagine Collection Arched Rect. 15" Ceramic Platter
Item Code: 5LIZ100i
Price: $6.45

Little Peanut Ceramic Elephant Salt/Pepper Shaker Set
Item Code: 5KA23035na
Price: $2.25

"Rustic Rooster" 5 Pc. Utensil Set
Item Code: RED8065
Price: $4.45

"Oliveto" Olive- Appetizer (SOLD OUT) Ceramic Plate in Giftbox
Item Code: QA93030
Price: $3.65

"Taste of the Vineyard" Olive {SOLD OUT} Oil Bottle in Gift Box
Item Code: QA93025
Price: $4.99

"Taste of the Vineyard" Vinegar Bottle in Gift Box
Item Code: QA93026
Price: $4.99

"Always & Forever" Assorted Figurine in Gift Box
Item Code: RED7800
Price: $1.09

"Wedding Bliss" Assorted (Avail 7/30/15) Figure (no box)
Item Code: RED7095
Price: $1.75

"Countryside Roses" Fine (SOLD OUT) Bisque Porcelain Basket Boxed
Item Code: RED6423
Price: $1.20

"Serenity" Fine Ivory Bisque (SOLD OUT) Porcelain Swan Boxed
Item Code: RED5352
Price: $1.20

"Pretty Penny" Piggy Bank Giftboxed
Item Code: RED1157
Price: $1.75

"Simplicity" Fine Porcelain Vase
Item Code: RED1156
Price: $1.75

"The Rose" Fine Porcelain Vase
Item Code: RED1155
Price: $1.59

"Apple Orchard" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Item Code: RED1154
Price: $1.75

"Flower Bell" Assorted (SOLD OUT) Porcelain Wedding Bell
Item Code: RED7624
Price: $1.09

"Modern Garden" Geometric White Planter (Set/4)
Item Code: 4KA25172na
Price: $4.35

"Love Dove" Salt Cellar in Gift Box
Item Code: QA93023
Price: $2.70

"The Perfect Pair" Porcelain (SOLD OUT) Spoon Rest Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA93022
Price: $2.25

"Taste of the Orchard" Oil-Vinegar Dipping & Appetizer Plate Boxed
Item Code: QA93012
Price: $4.80

"La Fromagerie" Cheese Board & Spreader Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA35000
Price: $3.50

"Illuminating Calla Lilies" Porcelain Candlestick Holder
Item Code: Red6816
Price: $1.25

"Lots of Dots" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1129
Price: $1.89

"Kitchen Chickens" Ceramic Spoon Rest
Item Code: RED1128
Price: $1.39

"Kitchen Chickens" Salt &(SOLD OUT) Pepper Shaker Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1127
Price: $1.89

"Lots of Dots" Ceramic (SOLD OUT) Spoon Rest
Item Code: RED1126
Price: $1.39

"Husband and Wife" (Avail 4/30/2015) Figurine
Item Code: RED7587
Price: $3.45

"The Happy Couple" (LOW STOCK) Bride/Groom Figurine (Assorted)
Item Code: RED8073
Price: $1.39

"Colorful Visage" Hanging Mardi Gras Mask (Assorted)
Item Code: RED7943
Price: $1.65

"Kitchen Elegance" Ceramic Trivet with Knife Boxed ~ Checkers
Item Code: RED1162
Price: $2.65

"We All Scream for (SOLD OUT) Ice Cream" Ceramic Bowl Set/4
Item Code: RED1125
Price: $4.95

"We All Scream for Ice Cream" Ceramic Bowl ~ Pink
Item Code: RED1123pk
Price: $1.35

"Lovely Dovey" (SOLD OUT) Heart-shaped Jewelry Box
Item Code: RED1062
Price: $1.39

"Fondue Fun" Mini Fondue (SOLD OUT) Pots Set (Assorted Colors)
Item Code: RED7969
Price: $1.85

"Love Birds" Porcelain Dinner Bell
Item Code: RED6421
Price: $1.25

"Accents of Love" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1119
Price: $2.69

"Accents of Love" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1118
Price: $2.69

Ceramic Monkey Bank ~ 2 Designs
Item Code: 4FC12043
Price: $0.99

Ceramic Owl Design Bank ~ 4 Colors
Item Code: 4FC12044
Price: $0.85

Pink Ceramic Sneaker Bank
Item Code: 4FC12052
Price: $1.15

College Fund Piggy Bank Giftboxed ~ Box/12
Item Code: 4FC12606
Price: $23.25

"Swish" Cup & Biscotti Plate (SET of 2) Giftboxed
Item Code: QA92019
Price: $5.89

"Language of Love" Espresso Cup Set Boxed
Item Code: QA92015
Price: $4.30

"Dramatic Damask" Espresso (SOLD OUT) Cup Set Boxed
Item Code: QA92011
Price: $4.30

"Victorian Tea" Porcelain Tea Caddy
Item Code: QA93020
Price: $3.35

"Vineyard Select" Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate
Item Code: QA93011
Price: $3.25

"Love Infused" Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dipping Plate
Item Code: QA93010
Price: $3.25

"Sweetheart" Porcelain Sugar Bowl Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA93015
Price: $3.60

"Le Chef De Fantasie" Collection Ceramic Round Bowl
Item Code: LIZ5005c
Price: $18.95

"Le Chef De Fantasie" Collection Ceramic Square Plate
Item Code: LIZ5001c
Price: $7.99

"Bellina" Collection Ceramic 3 Pc. Canister Set
Item Code: LIZ2362b
Price: $20.50

"Bellina Collecion" Ceramic Condiment Set with Stand
Item Code: LIZ2360b
Price: $11.50

"Bellina Collection" Ceramic Cookie Jar with Lid 11"
Item Code: LIZ2358b
Price: $17.25

"Bellina Collection" Ceramic Round Bowl 16"
Item Code: LIZ2357b
Price: $20.85

"Bellina Collection" Ceramic Platter 19" X 13"
Item Code: LIZ2356b
Price: $19.50

"Villiagio Collection" Ceramic 16" Round Bowl
Item Code: 2LIZ3615v
Price: $18.95

Mr. & Mrs. Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Giiftboxed
Item Code: 2KA23036na
Price: $1.75

"Marino Collection" 5 Pc. Ceramic Pasta Set
Item Code: LIZ3211
Price: $36.00

"Marino Collection" Square Ceramic Dish
Item Code: LIZ3209
Price: $8.25

"Marino Collection" 4 Pc.Ceramic Bowl Set
Item Code: LIZ3202
Price: $21.75

"Marino Collection" Round Ceramic Serving Bowl
Item Code: LIZ3201
Price: $12.35

"Classic Collection" Ceramic Chip & Dip Platter
Item Code: LIZ1405a
Price: $10.85

"Feathering the Nest" Ceramic Birds Salt & Pepper Set Boxed
Item Code: 1KA23034na
Price: $2.65

"Artichoke" Collection Ceramic 4 Section Dish with Picks
Item Code: LIZ2851_476a
Price: $10.45

Waffle Cone Bowls ~ Set/4
Item Code: LIZ001ic
Price: $8.99

"Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice" Ceramic Sugar Bowl
Item Code: KA23030wt
Price: $2.80

"Olive You" Olive Tray & Spreader Giftboxed
Item Code: KA23025wt
Price: $2.65

Bud Vase Napkin Ring
Item Code: FBL9115
Price: $3.89

Dove Collection: Glass Candy Dish in Porcelain Holder **SALE
Item Code: LIZ72369
Price: $8.50

Chic Elegance Collection: Porcelain S&P Set in Metal Holder with Black Wood
Item Code: LIZ92158
Price: $7.25

Gelato Collection: Ceramic Ice Cream Dish in Giftbox ~ Green
Item Code: LIZ231ic_G
Price: $2.25

Gelato Collection: Ceramic Bowl in Round Giftbox ~ Green
Item Code: LIZ14ic_g
Price: $1.99

Gelato Collection: Ceramic Martini Bowl in Round Giftbox ~ Green
Item Code: LIZ13ic_G
Price: $3.50

"The Perfect Pair" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers Giftboxed
Item Code: KA23022GN
Price: $2.35

Porcelain Oval or Heart Shaped Boxes ~1 Style
Item Code: LIZgb386
Price: $5.20

"Meant to Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper in Gift Box
Item Code: 8KA23015wt
Price: $2.99

Porcelain Calla Lily Vase Gift Boxed
Item Code: SY7258
Price: $2.95

Porcelain Lily Basket Gift Boxed {SET/12}
Item Code: SY7252
Price: $16.25

Porcelain Keepsake Box {SET/12}
Item Code: SY7250
Price: $16.25

Resin Candy Dish Gift Boxed
Item Code: SY7249
Price: $2.65

Bride & Groom Figurine Gift Boxed {SET/12}
Item Code: SY7243_1
Price: $16.25


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.