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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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Cartoon Character Candy Wrappers

Click on DESIGN NUMBER to see details. These wrappers can be individually created by you! Add your own personalization including space for your special note to your guests on the back! IMMEDIATE Delivery!
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Oscar the Grouch Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_oscar
Price: $0.00

Bert & Ernie Duo Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Ernie
Price: $0.00

Little Mermaid Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_mermaid
Price: $0.00

Cookie Monster Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_cookie
Price: $0.00

Cat in the Hat Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Cat
Price: $0.00

Thomas the Tank Engine Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Thomas
Price: $0.00

Birthday Elmo Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_elmo
Price: $0.00

Blues Clues Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Blues
Price: $0.00

Princess Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_princess
Price: $0.00

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Candy Wrapper!
Item Code: 403_Kitty
Price: $0.00

Batman Fun Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Batman
Price: $0.00

Dora & Friends Fun Candy Wrappers!
Item Code: 403_Dora
Price: $0.00

Powder Puff Girls Candy Wrapper Design #1
Item Code: 5Power1
Price: $0.00

Jasmine Candy Wrapper Design
Item Code: 5Jasmin
Price: $0.00

Monsters Candy Wrapper Design
Item Code: 5Monsters
Price: $0.00

Hello Kitty "With Love" Candy Wrapper Design
Item Code: 5KittyHearts
Price: $0.00

Hello Kitty "The Graduate" Candy Wrapper Design
Item Code: 5KittyGrad
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F01
Item Code: cw_f01
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F2
Item Code: cw_f02
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F03
Item Code: cw_f03
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F4
Item Code: cw_f04
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F05
Item Code: cw_f05
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F06
Item Code: cw_f06
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F07
Item Code: cw_f07
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F08
Item Code: cw_f08
Price: $0.00

Candy Wrapper Design F09
Item Code: cw_f09
Price: $0.00

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.