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We are an ONLINE Only National Retailer of Party Favors and Party Supplies !

Currently, our warehouses are CLOSED and shipping has been suspended until further notice. Our office phone is accepting messages and we will return calls when we can.
We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **
*** Please NOTE: For "Buttons" to work for screened or DYO Designs - please make sure you have the latest Chrome version and allow FLASH Player for these pages.

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NEW for 2019 ** MORE added daily! Happy Shopping!!! Newest Items below!
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Pearl Hairpins (SET/6)
Item Code: EB3363
Price: $9.59

Bride Headband
Item Code: EB3359
Price: $10.20

Bridesmaid Proposal Box - Small
Item Code: EB3355FDO
Price: $10.25

Floral Silhouette Favor Box
Item Code: EB3349FDO
Price: $0.95

Floral Silhouette Paper Bag
Item Code: EB3348FDO
Price: $0.95

Mrs. Gem Mirror Compact
Item Code: EB3341MRS
Price: $11.65

Monogram Gem Compact Mirror
Item Code: EB3341m
Price: $0.22

Personalized Acrylic Purse
Item Code: EB3338P
Price: $26.50

Mrs. Acrylic Purse ~ Color Choice ~ Opt. Pers.
Item Code: EB3338MRS
Price: $26.50

Acrylic Purse ~ Color Choice
Item Code: EB3338
Price: $21.50

Child Sun Hat ~ (Avail 5/18/20) Personalized
Item Code: EB3334p
Price: $19.25

Personalized Boater (Avail 5/18/20) Hat
Item Code: EB3333p
Price: $20.79

Personalized Jute Tote Bag
Item Code: EB3330ANS
Price: $20.50

Personalized Pom Pom Keychain ~ Color Ch
Item Code: EB3329p
Price: $13.50

Pom Pom Keychain ~ Color Choice
Item Code: EB3329
Price: $2.50

Travel Sleep Mask - Personalized
Item Code: EB3311STA
Price: $11.75

Custom Sleep Mask
Item Code: EB3311BOLD
Price: $11.75

Round Gift Box ~ Retro Bride or Babe
Item Code: EB3306RTR
Price: $12.25

Round Gift Box ~ Leopard Print
Item Code: EB3306LPD
Price: $12.25

Blank White Veil
Item Code: EB3296np
Price: $11.99

Personalized Mrs. Veil
Item Code: EB3296MRS
Price: $16.50

Tropical Beach Tote - Personalized
Item Code: EB3293TPD
Price: $18.25

Floral Silhouette Clear Polka Dot Bags SET/25
Item Code: EB3290FDO
Price: $12.85

Floral Silhouette Mini Soap Favors SET/5
Item Code: EB3274FDO
Price: $5.75

Personalized Flamingo Burlap Tote
Item Code: EB3259FLM
Price: $14.75

Personalized Floral Silhouette Burlap Tote
Item Code: EB3259FDO
Price: $18.99

Wedding Heart Ring Dish
Item Code: EB3233W
Price: $14.50

Floral Silhouette Honey Jar ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB3230FDO
Price: $2.15

Can't Say I DO Succulent Candles SET/12
Item Code: EB3224SUC
Price: $20.99

Retro Bridal Party Cosmetic Bag
Item Code: EB3222RTR
Price: $15.99

Personalized Cosmetic Bag
Item Code: EB3222HRT
Price: $17.39

Cheetah Print Cosmetic Bag Personalized
Item Code: EB3222CHT
Price: $17.39

Favorite Things Tote Bag ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB3216FAV
Price: $17.59

Retro Compact Mirror Personalized
Item Code: EB3166RTR
Price: $12.89

Leopard Print Compact ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB3166LPD
Price: $12.89

Leopard Tall Tumbler
Item Code: EB3113LPD
Price: $18.25

Personalized Tall Tumbler
Item Code: EB3113ANS
Price: $18.25

Floral Silhouette Personalized Matchboxes SET/50
Item Code: EB3101FDO
Price: $19.50

Leopard Print Personalized Lip Balm Tube
Item Code: EB3031LPD
Price: $0.85

Floral Silhouette Lip Balm Personalized
Item Code: EB3031FDO
Price: $0.85

Floral Silhouette Personalized Playing Cards
Item Code: EB2033FDO
Price: $0.95

Floral Silhoutte Notebook Personalized
Item Code: EB2023FDO
Price: $0.80

Golden Rose Elegant Reflections Purse Design Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 2FC5986
Price: $0.80

Dusty Rose Design Mirror (Avail 5/12/20) Compact Boxed
Item Code: 2FC5987
Price: $0.85

Diamond Design Metal Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: 2FC4270
Price: $1.40

OH Baby Silver Metal Baby Carriage Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 2FC4271
Price: $1.40

Macrame Boho Key Chain with Gold Ring Boxed
Item Code: 2FC4274
Price: $1.45

Be-You-tiful Gold Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: 2FC6232
Price: $0.79

Chakra Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: 2FC4275
Price: $1.19

Lavender Folding Collage
Item Code: 2FC82461
Price: $13.50

Blue Folding Collage
Item Code: 2FC82462
Price: $13.50

Be-You-tiful Set/2 Glass Coasters Boxed
Item Code: 2FC7859
Price: $0.89

Perfectly Plain Frosted 11 oz Glass Coffee Mug
Item Code: 2FC3227
Price: $1.65

DYO Screened 11 oz. Frosted Glass Coffee Mug
Item Code: 2FC3227s
Price: $2.25

Engraved 2 Tone Gold Elegance Cake Server & Knife SET
Item Code: 2FC2556en
Price: $13.95

Glitz & Glamour Silver Cake Server SET with Rhinestones
Item Code: 2FC2557_2557en
Price: $11.50

Celebrity Bling Silver Cake Server SET with Rhinestones
Item Code: 2FC2558_2558en
Price: $10.75

DYO Screened White Scented Travel Candle Tin
Item Code: 2FC4273s
Price: $1.40

Pers Metallics White Scented Travel Candle Tin
Item Code: 2FC4273sm
Price: $1.10

Pers Expressions White Scented Travel Candle ~ All Occas
Item Code: 2FC4273st
Price: $1.10

White Scented Travel Candle Tin
Item Code: 2FC4273
Price: $1.10

Gold Be-You-Tiful Bottle Opener Gift Boxed
Item Code: 9FC4276
Price: $1.70

Pers Expressions Heart Shaped White Sunglasses
Item Code: 2FC5149cs
Price: $0.85

Screened Printed Text on Heart Shaped Sunglasses
Item Code: 2FC5149s
Price: $1.10

Pers. Metallic Heart Shaped White Sunglasses ~ All Occass.
Item Code: 2FC5149sm
Price: $0.85

Heart Shaped White Sunglasses
Item Code: 2FC5149
Price: $0.80

Trendy Frosted Glass Candle with Metal Base
Item Code: 2FC7858
Price: $1.89

Adorable Unicorn Design Keychain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 2FC7100
Price: $1.35

Praying Angel Design Light Up LED Figurine Boxed
Item Code: 2FC8244
Price: $4.29

Good Luck Indian Elephant with Light Up LED
Item Code: 2FC8245
Price: $4.50

Pinata Llama Metal Keychain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 2FC8399
Price: $1.25

Angel Wings Design Statue with Light up LED
Item Code: 2FC8246
Price: $4.45

Make it Royal Gold Crown Keychain in Box
Item Code: 2FC8398
Price: $1.40

Heart to Heart Silver Metal Cake Server & Knife SET _ opt.engrave
Item Code: FC2559_2559en
Price: $6.89

Gold Blessed Ornament in Gift Box
Item Code: 2FC8247
Price: $1.40

Goodluck Elephant Candles ~ SET/3
Item Code: 2FC92434
Price: $8.75

Silver Hammered Cake Server & Toasting Glasses SET
Item Code: 2FC2560
Price: $28.00

Gold Hammered Cake Knife & Server Set
Item Code: 2FC2562
Price: $12.25

Gold Hammered Cake Server & Toasting Glasses SET
Item Code: 2FC2561
Price: $30.99

Vintage Ivory/Gold Botanical Stainless Steel Cake & Knife Set
Item Code: 2Fc2563
Price: $5.50

Silver & Black Collage ~ 9 Frames
Item Code: 2FC82479
Price: $9.99

Brushed Antique Copper Collage ~ 9 Frames
Item Code: 2FC82480
Price: $9.99

Silver & Black Collage ~ 8 Frames
Item Code: 2FC82481
Price: $9.95

Brush Antique Copper Collage ~ 8 Frames
Item Code: 2FC82482
Price: $9.95

Guardians of Faith Cross Ornament Gift Boxed
Item Code: 2FC8248
Price: $1.75

Shiny Gold Botanical Stainless Steel Cake Server & Knife Set
Item Code: 2FC2565
Price: $6.99

Mini Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82446
Price: $2.99

Small Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82447
Price: $3.29

Medium Elephant ~ Flame Design
Item Code: 9FC82448
Price: $5.35

Perfectly Plain Umbrella Container
Item Code: 9FC6230
Price: $0.35

Gold Umbrella Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 9FC6231
Price: $0.79

Silver Wood 2" x 3" Frames ~ Display BOX/60
Item Code: 9FC82441
Price: $80.00

Natural Wood 5" X 7" Frame
Item Code: 9FC82450
Price: $3.99

Distressed Wood Wide Border 5" x 7" Frame
Item Code: 9FC82453
Price: $5.69

Vintage Rose 4 Pc. Cake Serving & Toasting Flute SET - Opt. Engrave
Item Code: fc2555_2555EN
Price: $29.85

Distressed Wood Wide Border 8" X 10" Frame
Item Code: 9FC82454
Price: $8.15

Gold/Silver Sequin Teddy Bear Key Chain in Gift Box
Item Code: 9FC4269
Price: $1.15

Silver Blessed Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 9FC4272
Price: $0.85

Gold Mini Globe Candy Container
Item Code: 9FC5147
Price: $0.50

Gold Elegance Cake Set
Item Code: 9FC2556
Price: $6.25

Professional 7" Stainless Steel Bartender Bottle Opener
Item Code: 9FC5148
Price: $0.69

Gold Good Luck Elephant Ornament in Gift Box
Item Code: 9FC8242
Price: $1.75

Tree of Life Pewter Finish Hanging Ornament in Box
Item Code: 9FC8241
Price: $1.75

White Baroque Ornament/Picture Frame in Gift Box
Item Code: 9FC8243
Price: $1.69

Beautiful Silver Butterfly (Avail 6/1/20) Metal Key Chain Giftboxed
Item Code: 9FC8395
Price: $1.15

Luxurious Gold Butterfly Metal Keychain Boxed
Item Code: 9FC8396
Price: $1.15

Book Lovers Gold Guardian Angel Book Mark Boxed
Item Code: 9FC8397
Price: $0.89

Pers. Text Silk-Screened Sunglasses
Item Code: 9FC6777s
Price: $0.90

Pers. Expressions Umbrella Container + Tag
Item Code: 9FC6230st
Price: $0.40

DYO Screen Printed 7 In. Stainless Steel Bartenders Bottle Opener
Item Code: 9FC5148s
Price: $0.95

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.