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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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Zmart Sample & Clearance Center!

All items listed here are in stock for IMMEDIATE Delivery!!! **** If ordering a qunatity of MORE than 1 piece, refer to footnote within product page for stock quantity.
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Seashell Gel Candle in Clear Gift Box w/Raffia Tie & Tag ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_20008bl
Price: $2.00

Pewter & Glass Candle w/Stones #7729 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_7729
Price: $7.50

Silver Placecard Frame #2833 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_2833
Price: $1.90

Pewter Placecard Frame #66023 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_66023
Price: $2.00

Double Heart Silver Placecard Holder #1102 ~ Sold Individually
Item Code: zmart_1102
Price: $2.25

Sweet 16 Candle Gift Boxed #5869 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_5869
Price: $1.50

Blue Resin Cross Candle Holder Gift Boxed #3934 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3934
Price: $2.99

Glass Candle Votive in Pink Bear Holder Gift Boxed w/Bow #3936 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3936
Price: $1.99

Poker Themed Cardholders #5344 ~ Sample 1 Piece
Item Code: zmart_5344
Price: $1.00

"Be Seated" Victorian Chair Tealight Placecard Holder ~ 1 PIECE Sample
Item Code: zmart_14001na
Price: $1.45

Silver Galvanized Pail #4673~SINGLES
Item Code: zmart_4673
Price: $0.60

Blue Resin Baby Foot Frame #3881 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3881
Price: $2.99

Blue Bear Rocking Horse Candle Boxed #3864~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3864
Price: $1.99

Silver Measuring Spoons in Deluxe Gift Box #4801 ~Sample Only
Item Code: zmart_4801
Price: $2.99

Glass Candle with Pink Resin Cross #3891 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3891
Price: $2.99

Pewter Rose Salt & Pepper Set in Stand ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_4912
Price: $6.95

Marble Chesse Dish & Knife Set #1406 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_1406
Price: $5.49

Chrome Swirl Bottle Stopper #1203~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_1203
Price: $1.99

Heart Bottle Stopper in Deluxe Gift Box ~Sample #4800
Item Code: zmart_4800
Price: $2.25

Screened Glass Starburst Mug ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3315s
Price: $2.25

Chrome Bottle Stopper with Acrylic Top #1205 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_1205
Price: $2.95

Chrome Heart Salt & Pepper Set #4649 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_4649
Price: $6.50

Pink Soap Pair of Hearts in Organza Bag ~ Sample #4101
Item Code: zmart_4101
Price: $1.10

Chrome Candle Snuffer ~ Sample #4653
Item Code: zmart_4653
Price: $3.35

Mikasa Covered Heart Box ~ Sample #9852
Item Code: zmart_9852
Price: $6.99

Blue Resin Cake Cardholder ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_5320
Price: $2.00

Silver Dolphin Bottle Opener ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_1601
Price: $2.25

Silver "Bamboo" Metal Heart Frame #2819 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_2819
Price: $1.70

Gold Shell Place Card Holder ~ Sample of 1 Piece
Item Code: zmart_5316
Price: $1.00

White Resin Fortune Cookie Box w/Message ~Sample
Item Code: Zmart_3890
Price: $1.40

Pewter Pumpkin Coach Cardholder ~ Sample 1 Pc.
Item Code: zmart_7741
Price: $2.25

Pewter Place Card Frame #47823~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_47823
Price: $0.99

White Resin Fairy Cardholder ~ Sample 1 pc
Item Code: zmart_5332
Price: $1.99

White Aridondack Chair Cardholder ~ Sample (1 piece)
Item Code: zmart_5327
Price: $1.00

Pink 2" Rose Pedals (100 pcs per bag) ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_pinkrose
Price: $5.95

Matte Silver Frame w/Shiny Hearts ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_2815
Price: $2.30

Antique Silver Baby Frame 3.5" by 5" ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_66135
Price: $3.90

Pewter Rhinestone Frame #72323 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_72323
Price: $3.75

Castle Candle In a Box w/Bow #5850~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_5850
Price: $2.50

Beyond Measure Heart Cup in Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_4661
Price: $2.99

Pink Heart & Stones Candle in Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_5854
Price: $1.99

Heart Shaped Card & CandleHolder ~ sample
Item Code: zmart_4636
Price: $2.99

Silver Slipper Bottle Opener #4601 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_4601
Price: $2.99

Chrome Bottle Stopper with Heart #1200~ sample
Item Code: zmart_1200
Price: $2.95

Silver Cross Candle Holder in Box ~ Sample #5857
Item Code: zmart_5857
Price: $2.95

Gold Cross Candle in Box ~ SAMPLE #5858
Item Code: zmart_5858
Price: $1.75

Pink Bear Glass Candle in Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_5856
Price: $1.75

Pewter Ivory Rose Cardholder #7733 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_7733
Price: $2.30

Pink Star & Stones CandleHolders Boxed S/2 ~Sample #5843
Item Code: zmart_5843
Price: $3.95

Matte Silver Frame w/ Hearts #2814 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_2814
Price: $1.85

Antique Silver Teddy Bear Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_78432
Price: $3.80

Silver Heart & Stones Candles Set/2 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_5841
Price: $3.85

Silver Heart Candles -Set/2 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_5824
Price: $3.25

Angel Candle Lamp #7705
Item Code: zmart-7705
Price: $6.50

Hand Painted Candles Boxed w/Ribbon ~Sample #5833
Item Code: zmart_5833
Price: $3.95

Set of 2: Candles w/ Silver Design Sample
Item Code: Zmart_5826
Price: $2.99

Crystal Baby Blue Bootie Gel Candle Sample
Item Code: zmart_4418
Price: $2.99

Pewter Lovebird Candle Lamp 7708 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart-7708
Price: $5.99

Pewter Bear Couple Candle Lamp 7704~Sample
Item Code: zmart-7704
Price: $5.99

Silver Flower Pot CardHolder -Sample
Item Code: zmart-5905
Price: $1.80

Silver Box Cardholder ~Sample
Item Code: zmart-4624
Price: $1.80

Glass 'Gold Angel' Candle Set in Box ~ Sample
Item Code: 22-5840
Price: $2.65

Pewter Castle Frame Sample #2790
Item Code: zmart-2790
Price: $5.00

Brushed Silver Frame Sample #2809
Item Code: Zmart-2809
Price: $3.25

Pewter Frame 2" by 3" Sample #72632
Item Code: zmart-72632
Price: $3.75

Frosted Gift Box Candle in BLUE Ribbon Sample (#5807)
Item Code: zmart-5807
Price: $2.25

Brushed Silver Baby Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart-2810
Price: $1.59

Silver Bell Table Card Holder-Sample
Item Code: 416
Price: $1.99

Pewter Shoe w/Rhinestones Cardholder Sample
Item Code: 632-7713
Price: $2.25

Pewter Finish Sofa Cardholder Sample (2787)
Item Code: 632
Price: $2.75

Gold Bell Table Card Holder-Sample
Item Code: 415
Price: $1.99

Blessed Events Pearl White Cross Ornament Boxed ~ SET/8
Item Code: Zmart_MJ1704_8
Price: $19.99

Salt/pepper/napkin Set w/metal Stand Grape Design ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM03cs
Price: $4.25

Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl ~ Green - SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_im785ccG
Price: $1.99

Glass Cheese Board & Knife Set Giftboxed ~ Antique Wine SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM28cb
Price: $5.99

Heart Photo Coaster Set/2 ~ Pink Damask Design SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_IM5130ct
Price: $1.99

"Olive Branch Collection" 2 Section Porcelain Bowl -SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_LIZ2082
Price: $6.99

Blue Ceramic Martini Ice Cream Bowl Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_Liz013b
Price: $1.99

Gold Tone Cross Ornament Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_liz5013g
Price: $2.99

Blue Waffle Cone Ceramic Dish ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_LIZic014b
Price: $2.99

"Vineyard Colletion" Crystal Ball Design Wine Stopper~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc1904
Price: $1.99

Winter Snowglobe Placecard Holder ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_EB2130
Price: $1.99

"Vineyard" Collection Wine Tool Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_fc5928
Price: $3.25

Exquisite Heart Shaped Curio Box in Gift Box ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC8631
Price: $3.25

Ceramic Heart Shaped Dish ~ Ivory (SAMPLE)
Item Code: IM660C
Price: $6.45

Crystal Trinket Box ~ sample
Item Code: Zmart_RED6886
Price: $3.99

"Two Hearts Linked as One" Silver Frame Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7MJ5479_zmart
Price: $2.75

Sample of 1 - 60 Ml. Bottle in Choice of Oil/Vinegar
Item Code: OTO_sample
Price: $7.50

Blue Murano Cross Ornament in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_MJ5109
Price: $1.99

Pink Cross Candle in Giftbox ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc5459
Price: $1.99

Blue Carriage Candle in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc6130
Price: $1.99

BLING Heart Place Card Holder
Item Code: zmart_FC5390
Price: $0.99

Pink Epoxy Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC7777
Price: $1.99

Pretty Pearl Placecard Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC6579
Price: $1.99

Rose Scented Candle Lantern ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC5240
Price: $2.99

'"Blessed Events" Silver Keychain Cross Collection Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_MJ1642
Price: $0.85

"Blessed Event" Pink Cross Photo Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_MJ796
Price: $0.99

Pink Icon Hanging Ornament ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_Mj5061
Price: $2.99

Glistening Heart Design Bottle Stopper ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC1943
Price: $2.99

Murano Collection Cross Ornament Pink ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC2126
Price: $2.99

"Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice" Sugar Bowl ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka23030wt
Price: $4.99

White Epoxy Angel Tealite Candle ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_IM1402d
Price: $2.99

Black & White Teacup Candle Boxed ~ sample
Item Code: zmart_ka23046bk
Price: $1.99

Victorian Design Placecard Frame ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC7770
Price: $2.50

Murano Art Wine Opener w/ Golden Brown Beads
Item Code: zmart_mj2805
Price: $2.99

Little Buttons Curio Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC8651
Price: $1.99

Murano Collection ~ Bottle Opener Giftboxed
Item Code: zmart_FC6114
Price: $3.99

Elephant Ring / Place Card Holder ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC4221
Price: $2.99

"Capture Elegance" Photo Frame in Brilliant Hammer Finish
Item Code: zmart_QA11002a
Price: $5.99

Distinctive Victorian Design Frame ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC7771
Price: $3.99

Crown Design Bottle Opener Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC4881
Price: $2.99

Stylish Bride & Groom Champagne Flute Candle ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_FC8149
Price: $1.99

"Sweet as Can Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_KA23014wt
Price: $4.99

"Vineyard Select" Oil & Vinegar Dipping Plate ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_QA93011
Price: $3.99

Fairy Tale Carriage Tealight ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_IM5556g
Price: $2.99

Antique Silver Angel Tealight Candle ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_IM4342
Price: $2.99

Heart Shaped Measuring Cup Set Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_RED1148
Price: $1.99

Ceramic Small Oil Bottle: Wine Tasting ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_IM3271
Price: $3.99

Little Book of Memories Placeholder & Frame ~ sample
Item Code: zmart_ka16009sv
Price: $2.99

"Grey Damask" Porcelain Twist Dish ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_IM131a
Price: $5.99


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.