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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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** GRADuation Cap & Gown Theme **

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Personalized Tea Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK5254000
Price: $0.80

Personalized Drink Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK5094all
Price: $1.40

Personalized YORK Peppermint Patty ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4264all
Price: $0.38

Screened 15oz Stemless Wine Glass
Item Code: FC3423s
Price: $1.59

Frosted Glass Votive Candle ~ Can be Personalized!
Item Code: KA15020na
Price: $2.70

Personalized Matches in Black or White (Set/50)
Item Code: DK9224_9234all
Price: $25.00

Personalized Maple Syrup Bottle ~ ALL Occassions!
Item Code: DK7064all
Price: $3.25

Graduation Cap Favor Box - Black
Item Code: FBL9123
Price: $2.25

Personalized Expressions Water Bottle
Item Code: 1FC3205s
Price: $2.40

Personalized Expressions Mint Tin (Empty)
Item Code: 1FC6739st
Price: $0.65

"Personalized Expressions" Collection Mason Glass Jar & DYO Label~ Assort'd Design
Item Code: 1FC6734st
Price: $0.79

"Hats Off" Design Pers. Water Bottle Label
Item Code: OC_SB027
Price: $0.95

Graduation 2 Themed Pers. Water Bottle Label
Item Code: OC_SB025
Price: $0.95

Graduation Themed Pers. Acrylic Luggage Tag
Item Code: EB2151gz
Price: $1.89

Graduation Personalized Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150Gz
Price: $1.50

"Simply Sweet" Round Candy Tin (SET/12) ~ All Occasions! Add Names!
Item Code: KA14040na_all
Price: $10.70

Sweet Shoppe Candy Boxes ~SET/12 -Graduation Theme
Item Code: EB2126Gz
Price: $6.65

"Hat's Off to You!" Grad. Theme Personalized Lollipop
Item Code: EB2136z
Price: $1.40

"Personalized Expressions" Keychain/ Measuring Tape ~ DYO in Assorted Designs!
Item Code: 9FC6721st
Price: $0.55

"Personalized Expressions" Luggage Tag Giftboxed ~ Assorted Designs
Item Code: 9FC6722st
Price: $0.60

Stemless Wine Glass 9oz ~ Screened **Assorted Designs!
Item Code: 9FC3421s
Price: $1.39

"Personalized Expressions" Sewing Kit + Personalized DYO Label
Item Code: fc6720st
Price: $0.60

"Personalized Expressions" DYO Wine Bottle Stopper Giftboxed
Item Code: FC6713st
Price: $1.29

"Personalized Expressions" DYO Apothecary Jar ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC6717st
Price: $0.89

Candy Wrapper: Cascading Caps ~ Standard Size
Item Code: OC_SE042
Price: $0.75

Candy Wrapper: Hats Off ~ Mini & Standard Size
Item Code: OC_SE041
Price: $0.75

"Hat's off to You!" Personalized Graduation Seed Packet
Item Code: EB2118z
Price: $0.95

"Hats Off to You" Personalized Graduation Square Candle Tin
Item Code: EB2083z
Price: $1.75

"Fall for Love" Pers. Wildflower Seed Pack
Item Code: EB2115z
Price: $1.35

"Plant with Love" Personalized Flower Seed Pack
Item Code: EB2114z
Price: $0.95

"Tears of Joy" Personalized Tissues
Item Code: EB2096z
Price: $1.15

"Personal Expression" Collection DYO ~ Candle Giftboxed - All Occassions!
Item Code: 9FC5433ST
Price: $1.10

"Personal Expressions" DYO Label Collection ~ Compact Mirror ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 9FC6705st
Price: $0.50

Personalized DYO Label Notebooks ~All Occasions ~ East Coast Design
Item Code: FC6700st
Price: $0.79

Personalized Lip Balm DYO Labels ~ East Coast Designs ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC6702st
Price: $0.60

Personalized Candy Jar DYO Labels - East Coast Designs
Item Code: FC6701st
Price: $0.65

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Pers. Lemonade & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2104z
Price: $1.45

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Gum Box
Item Code: EB2105z
Price: $1.50

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Playing Cards
Item Code: EB2102z
Price: $0.95

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Hot Cocoa & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2103z
Price: $1.49

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Personalized Notebook
Item Code: EB2101z
Price: $0.85

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Mint Tin
Item Code: EB2106z
Price: $0.95

"Hats Off to You" Graduation Themed Candy Jar
Item Code: EB2100z
Price: $1.05

Old-Fashioned Glass Jars SET/12 ~ Can Be Personalized!
Item Code: Ka27037na
Price: $23.00

Photo Bobblehead - Graduate (AA) ~CASE/12
Item Code: EN2308
Price: $69.00

Photo Bobblehead - Graduate (Caucasian) ~CASE/12
Item Code: EN1308
Price: $69.00

The Graduate Themed Cellophane Bag ~ Choose A Size
Item Code: 759bag_grad
Price: $0.16

Personalized Magnet ~ "Cap & Gown" with Your Picture
Item Code: PK324
Price: $1.99

Personalized Magnet ~ "Class of ....any Year" with Your Picture
Item Code: PK317
Price: $1.99

Personalized Magnet ~ "Diploma"
Item Code: PK310
Price: $1.99

Personalized Tea Tin ~ "Cap & Gown"
Item Code: PK225
Price: $2.49

Personalized Tea Tin ~ "Class 2008"
Item Code: PK216
Price: $2.49

Personalized Tea Disc ~ " Cap & Gown"
Item Code: PK162
Price: $2.49

Personalized Tea Disc ~ "Class 2008"
Item Code: PK149
Price: $2.49

Personalized Tea Disc ~ "Diploma"
Item Code: PK114
Price: $2.49

Personalized Filled Mint Tins ~ 2 Sizes - Grad Design Choices!
Item Code: TINS_Grad
Price: $2.49

Personalized Themed Playing Cards
Item Code: EB2033z
Price: $0.95

Personalized "Hot Party" Themed Sunscreen
Item Code: EB2030z
Price: $1.75

Pint Glass Screened ~ Personalized Graduation Designs!
Item Code: FC3420s_Grad
Price: $2.15

"The Graduate" Figurine Gift Boxed ~ Boy or Girl {SET/12}
Item Code: SY7239
Price: $18.00

Invitation: Graduation #2 ~ Blank or Personalized
Item Code: OC_CS002
Price: $0.70

Candy Wrapper: Graduation 2 ~ Mini & Standard Size
Item Code: OC_SE019
Price: $0.75

Candy Wrapper: Graduation Cap ~ Standard Size
Item Code: OC_SE014
Price: $0.75

Candy Wrapper: Cap & Gown ~ Standard Size
Item Code: OC_SE031
Price: $0.75

Themed Personalized Mint Tins ~Assorted Designs!
Item Code: EB1049z
Price: $0.95

Square Shaped Personalized Themed Tags or Stickers ~Set/20
Item Code: EB1047
Price: $23.00

Medium Round Personalized Theme Label ~ set/35
Item Code: EB1038
Price: $17.50

Theme Hand Cream ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB1036z
Price: $1.30

"Unexpected Treasures!" Tin w/Pre-Tied Organza Bow S/12 ~ Can Personalize!
Item Code: 7ka14030na
Price: $16.45

Shooting Stars & Streamers Wrapping Paper ~BASIC Package
Item Code: ShootSTARpaper
Price: $0.45

Graduation Rotating Personalized Pen
Item Code: GEN004
Price: $2.99

Hello Kitty "The Graduate" Candy Wrapper Design
Item Code: 5KittyGrad
Price: $0.00

Frosted Glass Candle Holder w/Candle ~ Screened
Item Code: 5fc_5863s
Price: $1.15

Shooter Glass ~ Screened #3324s
Item Code: 5FC3324s
Price: $1.15

Ceramic White Coffee Mug ~ Screened #3204s
Item Code: 5FC3204s
Price: $1.45

Glass Champagne Flute #3412s Screened
Item Code: 3FC3412s
Price: $2.15

Glass Shot Glass or Candle Holder ~ Screened #3406s
Item Code: FC3406s
Price: $0.95

Glass Twist Champagne (Avail 12/10/18) Flute Screened #3303s
Item Code: FC3303s
Price: $2.29

Ceramic Black Coffee Mug Screened #3203s
Item Code: FC3203s
Price: $1.55

Graduation Personalized Lemonade Packet
Item Code: DK5415500
Price: $0.99

Graduation Personalized Margarita Packet
Item Code: DK2025500
Price: $0.99

Graduation Personalized Water Bottle Labels SET/5
Item Code: DK3505500
Price: $2.65

Graduation Personalized Bottle Opener
Item Code: DK1555500
Price: $0.95

Graduation Personalized Magnet (2.25")
Item Code: DK1535500
Price: $0.75

Graduation Personalized Paper Coaster
Item Code: DK9295500
Price: $0.39

Graduation Personalized Round Cork Coaster
Item Code: DK8415500
Price: $0.89

"Graduation Cap" Cork Coaster
Item Code: DK8495500
Price: $1.25

Personalized "Graduate with Year" Cake Topper
Item Code: DK2519028
Price: $20.99

Monogram Graduation Cake Topper
Item Code: DK2519029
Price: $20.99

"Graduation Year" Cake Topper
Item Code: DK2519030
Price: $15.50

"Congrats with Year" Cake Topper
Item Code: DK2519031
Price: $15.50

Personalized DYO Sunscreen with SPF30 ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 6FC6799st
Price: $1.15

Personalized DYO Silver Metal Mirror ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 6FC6796st
Price: $0.85

Pers. DYO Epoxy Dome Chrome Metal Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 6FC5100st
Price: $1.39

Pers. DYO Epoxy Dome Chrome Metal Bottle Opener
Item Code: 6Fc5101st
Price: $1.29

Pers. Graduation Mini Glass Jar with Swing Lid
Item Code: EB3023G
Price: $0.95

Pers. Expressions Mini Travel Suitcase Trolley ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 6FC4454st
Price: $1.10

Personalized Expressions DYO Black Compact Mirror
Item Code: 6FC7901st
Price: $0.55

Personalized Metallic Black Compact Mirror
Item Code: 6FC7901sm
Price: $0.59

Pers. Expressions Black Notebook Favor & Pen Set
Item Code: 6FC7900st
Price: $0.75

Chalk Board Collection Apothecary Glass Jar DYO Label
Item Code: 6FC6717cb
Price: $0.95

Chalk Board Playing Cards + DYO Label
Item Code: 6FC6704cb
Price: $0.85

Chalk Board Collection Candy Jar & DYO Label
Item Code: 6FC6701cb
Price: $0.75

"Photo Balm" Lip Balm ~ Tube Color
Item Code: DK1142_1294200
Price: $0.85

Pers. Metallics Class Silver Mini Paint Can ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 7FC4762sm_MOD
Price: $0.79

Pers. Metallics Vintage Glass Milk Bottle + Cork Top
Item Code: 7FC6795sm_MOD
Price: $0.85

Pers. Metallics Apothecary Jar + Hinged Lid
Item Code: 7FC6717sm_MOD
Price: $0.95

Pers. Expressions Playing Cards with Designer Top DYO
Item Code: 7FC5117st
Price: $0.65

White Personalized Credit Card Stainless Steel Opener
Item Code: 7FC5116st
Price: $0.80

Gold Personalized Credit Card Steel Opener
Item Code: 7FC5115s
Price: $0.80

Stunning Black & Silver 4" X 6" Graduation Frame
Item Code: 7FC12551
Price: $4.65

Black & Silver Graduation 2" x 3" Mini Frames BOX/18
Item Code: 7FC12550
Price: $29.95

Silver Frame with Black GRAD Letters 2" x 3" Frame BOX/18
Item Code: FC12549
Price: $29.95

Hanging "Grad" Ornament in Giftbox SET/12
Item Code: 8FC88008
Price: $23.89

Pers Expressions Adorable Clear Bottle White Hand Lotion (Vanilla Scent)
Item Code: 8FC5118st
Price: $0.55

Pers. Expressions Apothecary Jar ~ All Occassions
Item Code: 8FC3218st
Price: $0.85

Pers Expressions Glass Photo Coaster
Item Code: 8FC3219s
Price: $0.65

Pers Expressions Crystal Mason Jelly Jar & Quilted Embossed Design
Item Code: 8FC3220st
Price: $0.89

Pers Metallics Collectn Crystal Mason Jelly Jar & Quilted Embossed Design
Item Code: 8FC3220sm
Price: $0.95

Pers Expressions Vanilla Scented Lip Balm + Glass Mirror
Item Code: 8FC5119st
Price: $0.80

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.