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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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Her! All Other Unique Gifts!

Find candles, Spa Gift Sets, frames and other special gifts for HER!
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Personalized 8oz Vanilla Candle Tin ~ Designs!
Item Code: DD9255all
Price: $7.95

Travel Zipper Bag ~ Assorted Designs
Item Code: DD1250all
Price: $12.50

Personalized Goin' to the Chapel Water Bottle ~ Bride, Bridesmaid, or Flower
Item Code: JD847GCall
Price: $20.99

Personalized Princess Frame
Item Code: JD428GCprincess
Price: $29.50

Spectrum 4 oz. Flask ~ Color Choice & Personalized FREE !
Item Code: JD418GC
Price: $26.50

Personalized Polka Dots Water Bottle ~ Color Choice!
Item Code: JDGC811all
Price: $20.99

Personalized Polka Dots Coaster Set/4 ~ Color Choice!
Item Code: JD_GC808all
Price: $38.95

Personalized Polka Dots Picture Frame ~ Color Choice!
Item Code: JD_810all
Price: $28.95

Hand Lotion ~ Assorted Designs!
Item Code: DD1212000all
Price: $2.25

Sunscreen Stick ~SPF 30 -Assorted Designs!
Item Code: DD117000all
Price: $3.75

15 oz. Famous Coffee Quote Mug ~ Choose Quote!
Item Code: JD274gc
Price: $20.99

Pink Wedding Day Planner
Item Code: HB82408
Price: $7.35

Turquoise Bride's Wedding Day Planner
Item Code: HB30518
Price: $11.89

Damask Gift Book
Item Code: HB22621
Price: $11.70

Terrycloth MRS. Embroidered Bath Wrap ~ White or Ivory
Item Code: RDmrs650ALL
Price: $42.00

White Embroidered Hankie in Gift Box ~ Assorted Titles
Item Code: RDha110all
Price: $19.25

Wedding Party Travel Candle ~ 9 oz.
Item Code: RDsc640WP
Price: $15.50

5" Fairy Tale Round Candle
Item Code: RD990C
Price: $35.00

Hello Dolly ~ Gardening Set in Gift Box
Item Code: SW8727
Price: $34.95

Personalized Large Chocolate Heart in Giftbox
Item Code: 8si_BxChocHeart
Price: $19.99

Personalized Boxed Shortbread Cookie Gift
Item Code: 8si_BxShort
Price: $24.95

Personalized Chocolate Truffles Gift Set
Item Code: 7si_truffles
Price: $32.00

Stainless Iron Luggage Tags Set (2 tags) ~Engraving Avail.
Item Code: SW8562
Price: $14.50

Bridesmaid Candle
Item Code: 787-wlk7890
Price: $17.95

Bride's Thank You Guide
Item Code: 788-wlk67
Price: $6.95

Mommy-to-Be Cup Cozy
Item Code: RD24CC120m
Price: $4.95

Bachelorette Wine Charms SET/6
Item Code: RD676WF_bp
Price: $9.95

Mother of the Groom Tote Bag
Item Code: HB11376
Price: $19.99

Bride Scarf ~ in 3 Colors!
Item Code: RDBW632_all
Price: $29.95

Pink Oval Bridesmaid PIN
Item Code: RDjl630_BM
Price: $4.95

Pink Oval Bride PIN
Item Code: RDjl630_BR
Price: $4.95

Pink Oval Mother of the Bride PIN
Item Code: RDjl630_MB
Price: $4.95

Pink Oval Mother of the Groom PIN
Item Code: RDjl630_MG
Price: $4.95

Pink Oval Maid of Honor PIN
Item Code: RDjl630_MH
Price: $4.95

Bride Charm Bracelet
Item Code: RDjl631_BR
Price: $15.50

Rhinestone Bride PIN
Item Code: RDjl632_BR
Price: $6.50

Bride Key FOB
Item Code: RDkf630_BR
Price: $12.00

"Queen of Everything" Gift Sets X 3
Item Code: RDwg500_Q
Price: $189.00

Cup Case Survival Kit w/ Personalized Charm
Item Code: JDgc1038
Price: $35.99

Kaleidoscope Bridesmaid Picture Frame ~ Personalized - 7 Colors!
Item Code: JDgc859
Price: $29.50

SPA Soap Trio ~ Monogram
Item Code: JDgc985
Price: $35.00

Bride & Bridesmaid Design iPhone Personalized Case ~ Many Designs!
Item Code: JDgc994all
Price: $20.99

Team BRIDE Wine Charm SET/6
Item Code: HB32409
Price: $19.99

In Loving Memory - Hankie
Item Code: HB32337
Price: $9.90

"Mrs." 16 oz. Water Tumbler
Item Code: HB11218
Price: $25.90

"Mrs." Camo 16 oz. Coffee Tumbler
Item Code: Hb11212
Price: $19.90

Mrs. Camo 16 oz. Water Tumbler
Item Code: HB11214
Price: $25.90

Rustic Charm Set/6
Item Code: HB30670p
Price: $19.99

Modern Monogram Wine Stopper ~ Gift
Item Code: HB31975p
Price: $24.90

Rustic Sand Stone Coaster Set/4 Gift
Item Code: HB30673p
Price: $35.99

Rustic Stone Trivet Gift
Item Code: HB30672p
Price: $25.90

Rustic Wood Wine Stopper Gift
Item Code: HB30671p
Price: $19.99

Chevron Stripe 16 oz. Pers. Water Tumbler ~ Lime
Item Code: HB11210p
Price: $29.90

Last Fling Bachelorette Shot Glass Personalized
Item Code: HB22511p
Price: $12.50

"Oh Happy Day" iPhone 4 Cover ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31978p
Price: $34.90

Pink Camo 16 oz. Water Tumbler ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB11206p
Price: $29.90

Pink Camo iPhone 4 Cover ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31990p
Price: $34.90

Pink Camo Stainless Steel Mug ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31992p
Price: $29.50

Pink Camo White Aluminum Bottle ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31991p
Price: $25.90

Vintage Bike iPhone 4 Cover ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31981p
Price: $34.90

Chevron iPhone 4 Cover ~ Blue Personalized
Item Code: HB31984p
Price: $34.90

Chevron iPhone 4 Cover ~ Pink Personalized
Item Code: HB31987p
Price: $34.90

Chevron Stainless Steel Mug ~ Pink Personalized
Item Code: HB31989p
Price: $29.50

Team "BRIDE" Buttons - Set/12 Plus 1 FREE ~ Colors~
Item Code: DK1528501
Price: $10.49

White MDF Laser Cut 'Cherish' 6" X 4" Frame
Item Code: 6FC12179
Price: $8.29

Monogram Coffee Mug
Item Code: EB3141
Price: $15.65

Gold Monogram Jewelry Tray
Item Code: EB3139
Price: $15.65

Monogram Ring Dish
Item Code: EB3125M
Price: $9.65

Monogram Compact Mirror
Item Code: EB3137
Price: $11.25

Metallic Gold Monogram Tumbler
Item Code: EB3113
Price: $12.65

Monogram Coasters SET/2
Item Code: EB3146
Price: $11.15

Monogram Jewelry Gift Boxes SET/6
Item Code: EB3130
Price: $11.15

Monogram Gift Bags SET/6
Item Code: EB3131m
Price: $11.55

Metallic Gold Foil Gift Tags SET/8
Item Code: EB3132
Price: $6.75

Metallic Gold Travel Coffee Mug
Item Code: EB3135
Price: $12.15

Gold Monogram Acrylic Keychain
Item Code: EB3140
Price: $11.15

Monogram Pens SET/3
Item Code: EB3138
Price: $15.65

Monogram Sports Bottle
Item Code: EB3118
Price: $12.65

Pink & Gold 'Will you be my Bridesmaid?' Kit
Item Code: 7KA00121na
Price: $28.95

Baby Mason Jar Candle ~ Color Choice
Item Code: EB3178BBY
Price: $11.80

Rustic Mama Mug
Item Code: EB3219RTB
Price: $20.00

Rustic Mama Tumbler
Item Code: EB3111RTB
Price: $14.99

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.