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Currently, our warehouses for "EB" and "DD" and "DK" items are OPEN and are shipping out now. Rest remain CLOSED and have shipping suspended until further notice. Our office phone is accepting messages and we will return calls when we can.
We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
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Receptions - Everything Else!

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Personalized Candy Bar Wedding Sign
Item Code: PIB_cbws52
Price: $24.90

Personalized Photo Booth Wedding Sign
Item Code: PIb_bws52
Price: $24.89

Personalized Best Day Ever Aisle Runner
Item Code: PIB_bstar51
Price: $99.99

Personalized Birthday Number Sign
Item Code: PIB_brbs52
Price: $24.89

Person. Bachelorette Bubbles Lg. Wine Stickers SET/5
Item Code: PIB_bcwl53
Price: $5.40

Personalized Always & Forever Aisle Runner
Item Code: PIB_awfar51
Price: $99.99

Alcohol Love Story Wedding Sign
Item Code: PIB_alcpw52
Price: $24.89

Personalized Advice Bride & Groom Scalloped Coasters SET/25
Item Code: PIB_advsc56
Price: $10.00

Personalized Art Deco Aisle Runner
Item Code: PIB_adar51
Price: $99.99

Personalized Ampersand Aisle Runner
Item Code: PIB_paar51
Price: $99.99

"Perfectly Plain" Cool Black Sunglasses
Item Code: 5FC6792
Price: $0.65

Medium Size Cup Cake Stand ~ Plain
Item Code: 5FC6793
Price: $0.59

"Marvelous Marbles" Glass Vase Filler ~ Color Choice
Item Code: RED6873all
Price: $0.89

"Gems" Acrylic Vase Filler (12 Boxes) ~ Color Choice
Item Code: RED6579all
Price: $11.59

"River Rocks" Rock Vase Filler ~ Color Choice
Item Code: RED6577all
Price: $0.95

"Joyful Jewels" Glass Vase Filler ~ Color Choice
Item Code: RED6345_50all
Price: $0.85

"Magna-Tac 809" Permanent Adhesive ~ 2 sizes
Item Code: RED3249_50all
Price: $4.15

"Tasteful Toast" Gold Edge Champagne Glass Flute
Item Code: RED_e1314
Price: $2.65

"Tasteful Toast" Champagne Glass Flute
Item Code: RED_e1313
Price: $1.85

'Perfect Plain' Collectn Matte Silver/White Pack of 20 Paper Straws
Item Code: 5FC6783
Price: $0.29

Personalized Two-Sided Wedding Coaster
Item Code: 5DK1597000
Price: $0.99

Brew Crew Buttons SET/12 + 1 Free!
Item Code: DK1528513
Price: $10.49

Fun "Wedding Talk" Buttons SET/24
Item Code: DK1528510
Price: $17.25

Groom's Bridal Party Buttons SET/12 + 1 Free!
Item Code: DK1528509
Price: $10.49

Bride's Bridal Party Buttons SET/12 + 1 FREE!
Item Code: DK1528508
Price: $10.49

Wood Style Wedding Magnets SET/35
Item Code: DK1578507
Price: $25.49

Burlap Style Wedding Magnets ~ SET/35
Item Code: DK1578506
Price: $25.49

Chalkboard Style Wedding Magnets SET/35
Item Code: 5DK1578505
Price: $25.49

"Conversation" Wedding Buttons SET/35 ~ 21 Colors!
Item Code: DK1568503
Price: $20.25

Team GROOM Buttons SET/12 Plus 1 Free ~ Colors!
Item Code: DK1528502
Price: $10.49

Team "BRIDE" Buttons - Set/12 Plus 1 FREE ~ Colors~
Item Code: DK1528501
Price: $10.49

Vintage Blue Lantern ~ Small
Item Code: 5KA14110BL
Price: $2.95

Celebration Bubbles in Heart with Sparkling Jewel SET/10
Item Code: SW9268
Price: $11.99

Mini Wooden Clothesline Clips BAG/24 ~ Color Choice!
Item Code: SW7038all
Price: $3.99

Always In Our Hearts Memorial Box Frame ~ Opt. Engraving
Item Code: HB28100all
Price: $54.90

Love Box Table Frame ~ Optional Monogram
Item Code: HB28103all
Price: $54.90

Mr. & Mrs. Box Frame ~ Optional Personalization
Item Code: HB28102all
Price: $54.90

Always & Forever Box Frame ~ Optional Personalization
Item Code: HB28101_all
Price: $54.90

"Our Story" Memory Cards SET/125
Item Code: HB32033
Price: $10.90

Modern Be Married Ooh La Color Bev. Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32717p
Price: $55.95

Pers. Green Ombre Ooh La Color Beverage Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32724p
Price: $55.95

Pers. Vintage Cabbage Rose Ooh La Color Beverage Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32721p
Price: $55.95

Pers. Up, Up and Away Ooh La Color Beverage Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32716p
Price: $55.95

Pers. Mix it Up Ooh La Color Beverage Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32723p
Price: $55.95

Pers. Love of a Lifetime Ooh La Color Beverage Napkins SET/100
Item Code: 5HB32720p
Price: $55.95

In Loving Memory Wrap (SET/5)
Item Code: 5HB31702
Price: $10.90

In Loving Memory Poster ~ Personalized
Item Code: 5HB32655p
Price: $34.90

"Sands of Unity" Vase Set
Item Code: RED1239
Price: $19.25

Personalized Wedding Theme Placemat
Item Code: DK9287000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Wedding Cup Sleeve ~ Color choice!
Item Code: DK9267000
Price: $0.59

Laser Place Mats SET/12 ~ Color Choice
Item Code: HB30765_66_67
Price: $22.90

White Shimmer Laser-Cut Table Number (10 #'s)
Item Code: HB30852_55
Price: $18.90

Kraft Laser-Cut Table Number Wraps (10 #'s)
Item Code: HB25260_63all
Price: $19.90

Laser-Cut Decorative Wraps SET/10 ~ Color Choice
Item Code: HB30870_71_72
Price: $16.90

Personalized Metallic Foil Scallop Banner - 3 Lengths
Item Code: EB3034fw
Price: $13.65

Trendy Sunglasses in White
Item Code: 4FC6777
Price: $0.65

"Stunning Votive" Candle Holder & Wax Candle (Bulk)
Item Code: RED6794
Price: $0.40

"White Spandex" (LOW STOCK) Chair Cover
Item Code: RED4047
Price: $6.25

White Folding" Chair Cover (LOW STOCK)
Item Code: RED3971
Price: $4.49

"Splash of Color!" Organza Chair Bow/Sash ~ Color Choice
Item Code: Red3944all
Price: $0.69

Fuchsia Tulle Flower Decoration SET/5
Item Code: HB12407
Price: $7.90

Black Tulle Flower Decoration (SET/5)
Item Code: HB12402
Price: $7.90

White Tulle Flower Decoration (SET/5)
Item Code: HB12401
Price: $7.90

Red Tulle Flower Decoration (SET/5)
Item Code: HB12404
Price: $7.90

Light Coral Tulle Flower Decoration (SET/5)
Item Code: HB12400
Price: $7.90

Ivory Tulle Flower Decoration (SET/5)
Item Code: HB12403
Price: $7.90

Wine Bottle Table Number Wraps Set (#1 - 40)
Item Code: HB31714
Price: $15.90

Lovely Word Cylinder Vase Set/4 ~ Opt. Personalization
Item Code: HB32136all
Price: $39.90

Vintage Photo Booth Sign ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB31971p
Price: $59.90

"Step Up to the Booth" Photo Booth Sign
Item Code: HB32043
Price: $39.90

Word Bubble Photo Prop Set
Item Code: HB31826
Price: $17.90

Photo Booth Prop Set
Item Code: HB31821
Price: $17.90

White Two Sided Table Tent
Item Code: HB11199
Price: $15.90

Vintage Wood Signature Poster ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB32230p
Price: $39.90

"Here Comes the Bride" Burlap Sign
Item Code: HB31259
Price: $52.50

Infinity Glass Decanter ~ Optional Personalized
Item Code: HB21060
Price: $55.00

Burlap Wine Bag ~ Choose Design
Item Code: HB30049all
Price: $12.99

Chalkboard Glass Clings ~ SET/20
Item Code: RD561WF
Price: $7.50

Chalkboard "Eat, Drink and Be Married" Sign
Item Code: RD560WF
Price: $21.50

Jeweled Table Markers SET/4
Item Code: RD935CP
Price: $29.99

Baroque Design 4" X 6" SET/3 Frames (& Table # Holder)
Item Code: FC12800
Price: $11.75

Glitz & Glamour 4" X 6" Frame (Table # Holder)
Item Code: FC12021
Price: $2.35

Sea Themed 4" X 6" Frame (+ Table # Holder)
Item Code: 3FC12801
Price: $4.69

Baroque Design 4" X 6" Frame (& Table # Holder)
Item Code: FC12802
Price: $4.25

Contemporary Heart Fan ~ SET/6 in 10 Colors!
Item Code: SW8574all
Price: $10.50

Vintage Wedding Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers (SET/24)
Item Code: EB2305WV
Price: $12.25

Framed Chalkboard Place Card Stand
Item Code: EB2374
Price: $0.80

Frame Chalkboard Table Easel
Item Code: EB2373
Price: $1.95

Vintage Muslin Bags (Set/12) ~ 3 Designs to Choose from!
Item Code: EB2353
Price: $7.99

Striped Paper Straws (SET/25) ~ Color Choice
Item Code: EB2306
Price: $3.40

Baker's Twine
Item Code: EB2352
Price: $5.95

Well Wishes Cards (125 cards)
Item Code: HB20783
Price: $10.00

Well Wishes Box ~ Personalized
Item Code: HB20782p
Price: $45.00

Advice for the Mr. & Mrs. Coasters (25 Pc. Set)
Item Code: HB20787
Price: $24.95

Wine Bottle Cover ~ White
Item Code: RDWF682_W
Price: $11.99

Wine Bottle Cover ~ Black
Item Code: RDWF682_B
Price: $11.99

Bubble Bottles ~ SET/24 ~ Can be Personalized!
Item Code: 3KA21044na
Price: $15.00

"Cecilia Collection" Single Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69108
Price: $4.85

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Triple Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69106
Price: $5.25

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Single Tea Light Holder (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69105
Price: $3.75

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Tea Light Tree Candle (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: LIZ69104
Price: $11.80

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Tea Light Butterfy Candle (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69103
Price: $4.85

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron Frosted Candle Holder (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69102
Price: $4.99

"Cecilia Collection" Set/2 Rod Iron Candle Holder (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69101
Price: $10.75

"Cecilia Collection" Rod Iron 3 Candle Holder & Stand (Centerpiece)
Item Code: LIZ69100
Price: $9.35

Lovebirds Silver-Finish Kissing Bell Placecard Holder (SET/24)
Item Code: KA12007na
Price: $19.99

Black Aisle Runner
Item Code: HB30047
Price: $35.00

Bachelorette Party Coaster Set/12
Item Code: RD677WF_bp
Price: $5.50

"She's Mine" Shoe Stickers
Item Code: RD674WF_sm
Price: $4.95

"I Do" Shoe Stickers
Item Code: RD674WF_id
Price: $4.95

Bottle Cover ~ White Ring
Item Code: RD672WF_w
Price: $4.95

Bottle Cover ~ Pink Purse
Item Code: RD672WF_p
Price: $4.95

Coach Card Box
Item Code: RD995MB
Price: $95.00

White Wedding Card Box
Item Code: RD150MB_w
Price: $45.00

Ivory Wedding Card Box
Item Code: RD150MB_i
Price: $45.00

Monogram Toasting Glasses Set
Item Code: RD850G_a2z
Price: $45.00

Table Diamond Confetti ~ Select Color
Item Code: RD100CN_all
Price: $9.50

Assorted Beads for RD items ~ Colors!
Item Code: RD920a_s
Price: $3.99

Bow with Pearl Accent Petal Cone ~ Bulk
Item Code: FBL148a
Price: $1.49

Gold Kissing Bells Placecard/Photo Holder ~ SET/24
Item Code: 12KA12008gd
Price: $48.00


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.