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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Our Wantagh Showroom ~ Sample Viewing is PERMANENTLY CLOSED **** Pick -Ups are still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **
WRAPPING Department now BOOKED SOLID until April 4th, Any new wrapping orders will start on that date.

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Elegant Glassware Favors

Some 'plain' glass items can be personalized for a one-time set up fee. Select our Personalized Screening Department for products, and available designs.
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"Calla Lily Collctn" Rectangular Calla Lily Platter Giftboxed
Item Code: LIZ1150_080
Price: $10.85

"Calla Lily Collctn" Oval Calla Lily Dish Giftboxed
Item Code: LIZ845_080
Price: $5.99

"Rosetta Collctn" Oval Flower Glass Dish Giftboxed
Item Code: LIZ856_078
Price: $5.99

Choice Crystal RED Rose in Signature Gift Box
Item Code: FC2255
Price: $1.55

"Choice Crystal" Carousel in Signature Gift Box
Item Code: 1FC2254
Price: $4.15

6" Crystal Rose (Avail 3/30/2019) Giftboxed ~ Red
Item Code: IM66R
Price: $1.99

6" Crystal Stem Rose Giftboxed ~ Pink
Item Code: IM66P
Price: $1.99

3" Crystal Stem (Avail 6/31/19) Rose Giftboxed ~ Red
Item Code: IM33R
Price: $1.35

3" Crystal Stem Rose Giftboxed ~ Pink
Item Code: IM33p
Price: $1.35

3" Crystal Stem Rose (Avail 6/5/19) Giftboxed ~ Lavender
Item Code: IM33L
Price: $1.35

Elite Design Personalized Candy Jar
Item Code: EB2025ed
Price: $1.40

Elite Design Personalized Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150ed
Price: $1.50

Mod Monogram Personalized Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150M
Price: $1.50

Themed Personalized Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150Tz
Price: $1.50

Vegas Personalized Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150Vz
Price: $1.50

Choice Crystal Collection Angel in Designer Gift Box
Item Code: 9FC2246
Price: $2.55

Choice Crystal "Pumpkin Coach" in Deluxe Giftbox
Item Code: 9FC2242
Price: $2.30

Choice Crystal Kissing Swans" in Deluxe Giftbox
Item Code: 9FC2245
Price: $2.10

Crystal Perfume Bottle in Giftbox
Item Code: IM116cr
Price: $3.49

Crystal Helicopter in Ivory Gift Box
Item Code: LIZ29lc
Price: $4.75

Dove Collection: Glass Candy Dish in Porcelain Holder **SALE
Item Code: LIZ72369
Price: $8.50

Rustic Collection: Leaf Design Scalloped Edge Bowl
Item Code: LIZ472g362
Price: $5.95

Exclusive Collection: Rose Design Glass Square Bowl
Item Code: LIZ844g359
Price: $5.95

"Europa Collection" (Avail 4/30/18) Small 7.5" Oil Bottle ~ Olive Design
Item Code: MJ866
Price: $1.49

"Europa Collection" Small (Avail 4/30/18) Oil Bottle ~ Wine Theme
Item Code: MJ865
Price: $1.49

"Europa Collection" (Avail 4/30/18) Small Glass 7.5" Oil Bottle ~ Red Wine
Item Code: MJ864
Price: $1.49

"Europa Collection" Small (Avail 4/30/18) Glass 7.5" Oil Bottle ~ Grapes Design
Item Code: MJ862
Price: $1.49

"Europa Collection" Medium (Avail 4/30/18) 9" Oil Bottle ~ Olives Design
Item Code: MJ861
Price: $1.69

"Europa Collection" Medium (Avail 4/30/18) 9" Oil Bottle ~ White Wine Theme
Item Code: MJ860
Price: $1.69

"Crystal Clear" Collection Diamond Design KeyChain Giftboxed
Item Code: 9FC8145
Price: $0.59

Crystal Butterfly in Heart Shaped Gift Box
Item Code: IM113cr
Price: $2.75

Large Crystal Carousel Table Centerpiece
Item Code: IM107cr
Price: $22.95

"Choice Crystal" Globe in Signature Gift Box
Item Code: 8FC2236
Price: $2.10

Small 24% Lead Crystal Shell in Ivory Satin Lined Gift Box
Item Code: LIZ22LC
Price: $1.79

Miniature Classic Candy Jar Salt & Pepper Set in Gift Box
Item Code: SW8407
Price: $2.20

Stylish 5 Pc Oil,Vinegar, Salt & Pepper Set
Item Code: SY6941
Price: $6.65

Delightful Square Glass Vase
Item Code: SY6898
Price: $6.30

Glass Bells Candle Holder with Candle
Item Code: SY6795
Price: $3.25

Glass LOVE Swan with Candle
Item Code: SY6780
Price: $3.25

Dazzling Clear Glass Vase - 9" {SET/12}
Item Code: SY6412
Price: $18.00

Stylish Clear Glass Vase - 12"
Item Code: SY6391
Price: $8.80

Elegant Clear Glass Vase - 10"
Item Code: SY6390
Price: $6.65

Dazzling Clear Glass Vase - 10"
Item Code: SY6389
Price: $9.55

Stunning Clear Glass Vase 8"
Item Code: SY6388
Price: $10.00

Sparkle Clear Glass Vase
Item Code: SY6387
Price: $8.50

Elegant Clear Glass Vase
Item Code: SY6386
Price: $5.15

Elegant Glass Vase ~ 6.25" Tall!
Item Code: SY6223
Price: $3.30

Elegant Glass Vase ~Almost 5" Tall!
Item Code: SY6221
Price: $2.95

Dazzling Glass Elephant ~SET/12
Item Code: SY6215
Price: $16.25

6" Stunning Glass Vase ~SET/12 Pcs.
Item Code: SY5551
Price: $15.50

Glass Ice Bucket
Item Code: SY5382
Price: $10.50

Glass Ice Bucket (only)
Item Code: SY5381
Price: $7.99

Beautiful Glass Vase ~ SET/12
Item Code: SY1876
Price: $17.90

5" Glass Pitcher
Item Code: SY1709
Price: $2.95

Elegant Glass Pitcher ~SET/12
Item Code: SY1708
Price: $24.00

5" Glass Wedding Bell
Item Code: SY1430
Price: $2.95

Crystal Swan Bell
Item Code: SY1366
Price: $2.95

8" Plain Glass Vase
Item Code: SY1333_1
Price: $1.30

8" Glass Vase
Item Code: SY1333
Price: $1.30

6 oz. Glass Brandy Snifer ~Set/12
Item Code: SY1327
Price: $18.00

90 oz. Glass Candy Jar with Lid
Item Code: SY1323_1
Price: $15.00

Glass Jar with Cover
Item Code: SY1323
Price: $7.99

Hand Cut Crystal Vase w/Blue Accents
Item Code: SY2
Price: $2.25

Hand Cut Crystal Bowl with Blue Accent
Item Code: SY1
Price: $2.25

Mini Martini Glasses ~SET/6
Item Code: SW8239
Price: $17.75

"Olive You!" Glass LOVE Oil Bottle in Signature Tuscan Gift Box
Item Code: 7ka27026na
Price: $2.55

Glass OIl Bottle (Avail 4/30/18) with Red Wine ~ 9" Tall
Item Code: 7MJ837
Price: $1.69

Glass Oil Bottle (Avail 4/30/18) with White Wine ~ 9" Tall
Item Code: 7MJ836
Price: $1.69

Glass Oil Bottle (Avail 4/30/18) with Grape Design ~ 9" Tall
Item Code: 7MJ835
Price: $1.65

Choice Crystal Heart Key Chain in Signature Gift Box
Item Code: 7fc2213
Price: $0.95

Crystal Long Stem Rose in Signature Gift Box
Item Code: 6fc2202
Price: $1.39

Glass Champagne Flute Plain ~ #3412
Item Code: 3fc_3412
Price: $1.95

Plain Glass Shot Glass #3406 (Not Screened)
Item Code: FC_3406
Price: $0.65

6" Clear Crystal Stem Rose Giftboxed
Item Code: IM66c
Price: $1.99

Miniature Clear Blown Glass Heart Vase ~ SET/4
Item Code: SW8961
Price: $15.90

Mini Glass Favor Jars SET/12 ~ Can be Personalized!
Item Code: KA27079na_all
Price: $9.25

Mini Glass Favor Bottles w/Swing Top ~SET/12 ~ Can Personalize!
Item Code: KA27080na_all
Price: $13.89

"Petite Treats" Square Glass Favor Jars - Cork Stopper ~SET/12 **Personalize it!
Item Code: KA27084na_all
Price: $13.45

Glass Mini Mason Jar (SET/12) ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: KA27081NA
Price: $13.25

Vintage Wedding Personalized Milk Bottle
Item Code: EB2302WV
Price: $1.30

"Perfectly Plain" Collection Vintage Style Milk Bottle
Item Code: FC6761
Price: $0.90

"Love Swans" Crystal Paperweight
Item Code: RED1011
Price: $2.25

"Special Rose" A Rose For You Crystal Paperweight
Item Code: RED1018
Price: $2.25

"Love Bird" Shaped Crystal-like Glass Candle Holder Boxed
Item Code: RED1066
Price: $1.95

"Dazzling Pair" Crystal (SOLD OUT) Candle Holder Boxed (2 Assorted)
Item Code: RED1067
Price: $2.75

"Charming Apple" Apple Shaped Trinket Boxed
Item Code: RED1069
Price: $1.39

"Crystal Heart" Trinket in Box
Item Code: RED1070
Price: $2.35

"Tulip Heart" Heart-Shaped Glass Candy Dish
Item Code: RED1071
Price: $4.25

"Kissing Swans" Crystal Napkin Holder
Item Code: RED1072
Price: $3.45

"Accents of Love" Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Boxed
Item Code: RED1117
Price: $2.69

"Plus de Gateau" Crystal-like (SOLD OUT) Acrylic Cake Server w/Gold Band
Item Code: RED1551gd
Price: $1.45

"Plus de Gateau" Crystal-like Acrylic Cake Server w/Gold Band
Item Code: RED1552
Price: $1.39

"Dazzling Heart" Heart-Shaped (SOLD OUT) Glass Dish with Lid
Item Code: RED6884
Price: $2.25

"Crystal Box" Glass Trinket Box with Lid
Item Code: RED6886
Price: $4.15

Tall Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set in Stand
Item Code: RED6940
Price: $3.45

"Eden's Gift" Crystal Fruit & Candy Bowl
Item Code: RED7288
Price: $4.85

"Deluxe Cruet Set" Oil/Vinegar, (SOLD OUT) Salt & Pepper + Chrome Rack
Item Code: RED7750
Price: $3.45

"Deluxe Mint Cruet Set" Oil/Vinegar, Salt/Pepper (SOLD OUT) in Chrome Rack
Item Code: RED7751
Price: $3.45

"Royal Guests" Crystal (SOLD OUT) Coach Figurine
Item Code: RED7772
Price: $1.99

"Cinderella's Slipper" Crystal (Avail Nov 2016) Shoe Figurine
Item Code: RED7773
Price: $1.99

"Eternal Bond" Crystal Figurine
Item Code: RED7896
Price: $1.99

"Crystal Swans" Swan-shaped Trinket
Item Code: RED7949
Price: $3.15

"Perfectly Plain" Collection 9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass
Item Code: 4FC3421
Price: $0.95

"Crystal Kitchen" Crystal Butter Dish with Cover
Item Code: RED1068
Price: $2.25

"Crystal Couple" Crystal Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: Red7766
Price: $2.10

"Aspects of Nature" Crystal Elephant Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED7897
Price: $2.10

"Love Naturally" Crystal Figurine Boxed
Item Code: RED7764
Price: $2.25

"Luminous Glass" 5" Fluted (LOW STOCK) Fish Bowl Vase (Centerpiece too)
Item Code: REDjj10
Price: $1.59

Personalized Mini Cookie Jar
Item Code: EB2393p
Price: $1.85

DIY Mini Cookie Jar
Item Code: EB2393NP
Price: $1.75

Chalkboard Wedding Pers. Mini Cookie Jar
Item Code: EB2393CBW
Price: $1.85

Mini Cookie Jar + Vinyl Chalkboard Label
Item Code: EB2393CL
Price: $1.99

Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Glass Bottle
Item Code: EB2150FW
Price: $1.25

Personalized Metallic Foil Milk Bottle
Item Code: EB2302fw
Price: $1.50

Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Mason Jar
Item Code: EB2310fw
Price: $1.55

Pers. Metallic Foil Mason Jar Drinking Glass - Flower Lid
Item Code: EB2311fw
Price: $1.89

Personalized Metallic Foil Small 4oz Mason Jar
Item Code: EB2392FW
Price: $1.45

Glass Milk Bottle
Item Code: EB2302np
Price: $1.09

Perfectly Plain Glass Mason Jar with Silver Metal Top
Item Code: 4FC3210
Price: $0.70

Glass Mason Customized Jar with Silver Metal Screw Top ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: FC3210st
Price: $0.79


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.