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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
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Favors with Flair! Products

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Code Name Image Price
100Duck Display Box for My Lil' Duckies $5.00
105 Baby Safety Pin - Blue $0.10
109_Green Double Hearts FREE Tag in Green (with purchase of Wrapping!) $0.00
109_MatteGold Double Heart FREE Tag in Matte Gold (with purchase of Wrapping Services!) $0.00
109_MatteSilver Double Heart FREE Tag in Matte Silver (FREE with wrapping services) $0.00
109_Red Double Heart FREE Tag in Red (with purchase of Wrapping!) $0.00
109_Violet Double Hearts FREE Tag in Violet (with purchase of wrapping!) $0.00
11MJ1221 Elegant Frosted Pink Glass Flower Candle Holder GB $1.99
11MJ1639 Unique Open Heart Pearl White Keychain Giftboxed $1.15
11MJ1657 "Two Hearts Become One" Photo Frame $5.10
11MJ1739 The "Elegant Lily" Collection Guest Book $13.00
11MJ1741 The "Elegant Lily" Collection Toasting Flutes $11.70
11MJ1743 The "Elegant Bow" Collection Guest Book $13.00
11MJ1744 The "Elegant Bow" Collection Pen Set $6.50
11MJ1745 The "Elegant Bow" Collection Toasting Flutes $11.70
11MJ1747 "Double Happiness" Collection Guest Book $13.00
11MJ1749 "Double Happiness" Collection Toasting Flutes $11.70
11MJ1751 "Platinum Castle" Collection Guest Book $13.00
11MJ1752 "Platinum Castle" Collection Pen Set $6.50
11MJ1753 "Platinum Castle" Collection Toasting Glasses $11.70
11MJ1754 "Platinum Castle" Collection Cake & Knife Set $10.85
11MJ1755 "Platinum Fleur De Lis" Collection Guest Book $13.00
11MJ1756 "Platinum Fleur De Lis" Collection Pen Set $6.50
11MJ1757 "Platinum Fleur De Lis" Collection Toasting Glasses $11.70
11MJ1758 "Platinum Fleur De Lis" Collection Cake & Knife Set $10.85
11MJ1759 "The Black & White" Collection Guest Book $13.00
1228_all Custom Personalized Inserts with FLAIR! $0.30
12KA12008gd Gold Kissing Bells Placecard/Photo Holder ~ SET/24 $48.00
12KA20120gd "Golden Renaissance" Glass (Avail 12/14/19) Tealight Holder Giftboxed SET/4 $5.99
12KA20126pk "Elegant Orchid" Tealight Holder Giftboxed $2.29
130 Rose Gift Tags U-write $0.10
137 Solid Matte Metallic Silver Wrapping Paper ~ Basic Package $0.60
138bag Flowerpots Cellophane Bag - Choose A Size $0.16
140 Chocolate lollipops with your Photo $3.50
142 Shortbread Cookies with your photo ~ 2 sizes $3.50
148bag_pnkflwrs Pink Flowers Cellophane Bag - Choose A Size $0.16
152 Confetti Design Gift Tag ~ FREE with purchase of Cello Bag/Wrap & Favor $0.05
153 Wedding Birds Gift Tag ~ FREE with purchase of Cello Bag & Favor $0.05
154 Bridal Shower Gift Tag ~ FREE with purchase of Cello bag/Wrap & Favor $0.05
155 Baby Quilt Gift Tag ~ FREE with purchase of Cello Bag/Wrap & Favor $0.05
156 Baby on the Moon Gift Tag ~ FREE with Cello Bag/Wrap & Favor $0.05
170 Single Personalized Satin Ribbon 3/8" $0.45
179 Baby Toys Cellophane Wrapping $0.35
180 Gold Stars Cellophane Wrapping $0.35
181 Clear Cellophane Wrapping $0.35
182 "A Star is Born" Wrapping Paper ~ Basic Package $0.60
183 Baby Dots Wrapping Paper ~Basic Package $0.60
185 Solid Ivory Glossy Wrapping Paper ~ Basic Package $0.60
186 Solid White Glossy Wrapping Paper ~ Basic Package $0.60
189 Satin Ribbon Roses $0.06
191 Baby Pacifier - pink $0.10
192 Baby Pacifier - Blue $0.10
193 Silver Wedding Ring Attachment ~Set of 2 $0.10
1933FC Glass Globe Bottle Stopper Gift Boxed $2.60
194 Gold Wedding Ring Attachment ~ Set of 2 $0.10
195 Baby Safety Pins - Pink $0.10
199 Tulle Sack Attachment ~ Choice of Colors & Filling $0.30
1EB1063a "Baby Animals" Personalized (Avail 10/31/19) Mint Tin (Empty) $0.95
1EB1064a "Baby Animals" Personalized Notebook $0.89
1EB2003a "Baby Animals" Personalized Hot Cocoa & Optional Whisk $1.25
1EB2029a "Baby Animals" Personalized Candy Jar ~ West Coast Designs $0.89
1EB2038a "Baby Animals" Personalized Gum Box $1.75
1EB2079a "Baby Animals" Personalized Square Candle Tin $1.55
1EB2085a "Baby Animals" Personalized Round Travel Candle Tin $1.55
1EB2096a "Baby Animals" Personalized Tissue Pack $0.89
1EB2117a "Baby Animals" Personalized Seed Packet $0.95
1EB2132a "Baby Animals" Personalized Lollipop $1.40
1EB2151vz Vegas Themed Acrylic Luggage Tag $1.20
1FC1798 Autumn Themed Toasting Glasses Set $8.65
1FC1938 Vineyard Collection Wine Bottle Stopper Giftboxed $2.10
1FC1941 Diamond Ring Bottle Stopper in Giftbox $2.25
1FC2254 "Choice Crystal" Carousel in Signature Gift Box $4.15
1FC3205s Personalized Expressions Water Bottle $1.30
1FC4680st "Personalized Expressions" DYO Silver Heart Shaped Mint Tin $0.59
1FC4735st "Personalized Expressions" (Avail 12/20/19) DYO Scented Heart Shaped Travel Candle $0.95
1FC4867 "Autumn Magic" Leaf Design Bottle Opener Giftboxed $1.10
1FC4881 Crown Design Bottle Opener Giftboxed $1.99
1FC5444 Regal Favor Collection Cross Themed Candle Giftboxed $1.99
1FC5445 Regal Favor Collection Angel Themed Candle Giftboxed $1.99
1FC5452 Unique Baby-Themed Candle Giftboxed $2.15
1FC5702 Beaded Design Gold Placecard Frame $0.99
1FC6103 "Murano Glass" Collection Starfish Design Stopper Giftboxed $2.25
1FC6105 White Rose Design Candle in Giftbox $0.85
1FC6208 Elegant Silk Fan $0.95
1FC6527 Crown Design Bookmark in Gift Box $0.89
1FC6734st "Personalized Expressions" Collection Mason Glass Jar & DYO Label~ Assort'd Design $0.85
1FC6739st Personalized Expressions Mint Tin (Empty) $0.60
1FC7767 Regal Favor Collection Angel Themed Frame $1.79
1FC7768 Regal Favor Collection Cross Themed Frame $1.79
1FC7770 Victorian Design Placecard Frame $1.75
1FC7771 Distinctive Victorian Design 4" X 6" Frame $2.99
1FC8154 Cute Baby Themed Photo Frame ~ Girl $1.10
1FC8189 Royal Coach Design Placecard Holder + Card $1.25
1FC8192 Blue Baby Carriage Design Keychain in Blue Giftbox $1.15
1FC8193 Pink Baby Carriage Design Keychain Pink Giftbox $1.20
1FC8194 "Jungle Critters" Candle in Giftbox $1.90
1FC8648 Angel Design Trinket Box in Deluxe Giftbox $2.80
1KA11063na "Evening in Paris" Eiffel Tower Silver Plated Placecard Holder ~SET/4 $5.50
1KA11064na "Spread the Love" Chrome Spreader w/Heart Shaped Handle Giftbxed $1.79
1KA11084na "Pop the Top" Flip-Flop Bottle Opener Giftboxed $1.85

Party favors with an attitude!

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.