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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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** GRADuation Cap & Gown Theme **

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Pers. Expressions Heart Shaped Glass Jar ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC6819st
Price: $0.85

Personalized Metallics Heart Shaped Glass Jars ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC6819sm
Price: $0.89

Pers. Metallics Scented Travel Candle ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5126SM
Price: $0.89

Pers. Metallics Champagne Bottle & Gold Foil Top ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5123SM
Price: $0.50

Pers. Expressions Scented Travel Candle ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5126st
Price: $0.89

DYO Pers. Acrylic Gold Foil Champagne Bottle ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5123st
Price: $0.50

Pers. Expressions White Leatherette Hinger Mirror ~ All!
Item Code: 8FC5131st
Price: $0.65

Pers. Metallic Clear Top Mint Tin ~ All !
Item Code: 8FC5124sm
Price: $0.65

Pers. Expressions Mini Pineapple Glass Mason Jar ~ All!
Item Code: 8FC3225st
Price: $0.89

Pers. Expressions Med. Size Glass Vintage Milk Bottle ~ All!
Item Code: 8FC3223st
Price: $0.69

Pers. Expressions Clear Top Mint Tin ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 8FC5124st
Price: $0.65

Pers. Expressions Lip Balm & Hand Sanitizer SET
Item Code: 8FC5140st
Price: $1.50

Pers. Metallics Gold Accented Clear Champagne Bottle Container
Item Code: 8FC5136sm
Price: $0.75

Pers. Metallics Silver Accented Clear Champagne Bottle Container
Item Code: 8FC5135sm
Price: $0.75

Pers. Metallics (Avail 1/9/2019) Hand Sanitizer ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 8FC5127sm
Price: $0.55

Clearly Custom Coaster/Bottle Opener ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 8FC5129cs
Price: $0.79

Pers. Expressions Gold Accented Clear Champagne Bottle Continer
Item Code: 8FC5136st
Price: $0.79

Pers. Expressions Silver Accented Clear Champagne Bottle Container
Item Code: 8FC5135st
Price: $0.79

Pers. Expressions Hand Sanitizer with Flip Open Lid
Item Code: 8FC5134st
Price: $0.75

Pers. Expressions Lip Balm with Clip ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 8FC5133st
Price: $0.70

Pers. Expressions (Avail 1/9/2019) Hand Sanitizer
Item Code: 8FC5127st
Price: $0.55

Personalized Expressions Silver Mint Tin ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 8FC5125st
Price: $0.55

Pers. Metallic Silver Metal Mint Tin ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5125SM
Price: $0.55

Pers. Expressions 16 oz. Acrylic Apothecary Jar ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC3275st
Price: $2.75

DYO Pers. Screened Steel Coaster & Bottle Opener ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC3226s
Price: $0.95

Pers. Expressions Square Acrylic Box ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5138st
Price: $0.79

Pers. Expressions Acrylic Chest ~ All Events!
Item Code: 8FC5137st
Price: $0.79


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.