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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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** Crosses & ALL Religious Themed **

See our selection of Christening gowns for babies in the "GIFT Shop", under "Gifts for Baby!".
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Personalized Paper Coaster with Photo
Item Code: DK9294200
Price: $0.39

Personalized Mirror with Photo!
Item Code: DK1544200
Price: $0.75

Personalized Magnet 2.25" with Photo!
Item Code: DK1534200
Price: $0.75

Pers. Water Bottle Label SET/5 with Photo!
Item Code: DK3504200
Price: $2.65

Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Photo
Item Code: DK1184200
Price: $1.69

Personalized Honey Jar with Photo
Item Code: DK7054200
Price: $2.15

Personalized Cocoa Packet with Photo
Item Code: DK5094200
Price: $0.99

Personalized Margarita Packet with Photo
Item Code: DK2024200
Price: $0.99

Personalized Coffee Bag with your Photo
Item Code: DK8294200_8314200
Price: $1.35

Personalized Tea Bag with Photo
Item Code: DK5254200
Price: $0.59

Photo Matches in White Box ~ SET/50
Item Code: DK9224200
Price: $19.95

Photo Sunscreen with Carabiner SPF30
Item Code: DK1264200
Price: $2.89

Photo YORK® Peppermint Patty
Item Code: DK4264200
Price: $0.38

Personalized Photo Hershey®’s Chocolate Bar
Item Code: DK4164200
Price: $2.29

Photo Hershey®’s Assorted Miniatures™ Favor
Item Code: DK4184200
Price: $0.45

Photo Hershey®’s Kisses® Favor
Item Code: DK4214200
Price: $0.24

Photo Life Savers® Candy Favor
Item Code: DK4034200
Price: $0.24

Photo Life Savers® Mint Favor
Item Code: DK4024200
Price: $0.24

Large Pewter Cross Statue + Antique Accents Boxed
Item Code: 6FC2505
Price: $5.65

Holy Bible Key Chain + Mini Paper Bible Giftboxed
Item Code: 6FC5269
Price: $0.99

Cross Design Candle Gift Boxed
Item Code: 6FC5495
Price: $2.25

Exquisite Angel Design Candle Gift Boxed
Item Code: 6FC5496
Price: $2.25

Dramatic Gold Cross & Intricate Intertwined Design Gift Boxed
Item Code: 6FC6153
Price: $0.69

Stunning Vintage Cross Ornament Gift Boxed
Item Code: 6FC8697
Price: $1.65

Pewter Cross Statue with Antique Accents
Item Code: 6FC8696
Price: $3.25

Personal. Metallics Collection Glass Candy Jar & Silver Screw Top
Item Code: 6FC6701sm
Price: $0.75

Wine Bottle Stopper ~ Personalized Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6713sm
Price: $1.35

Apothecary Jar + Hinged Lid ~ Pers. Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6717sm
Price: $0.95

Glass Mason Jar with Handle ~ Pers. Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6734sm
Price: $0.85

9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass ~ Silkscreened Monogram Collectn. ~ All Events!
Item Code: 6FC3421s_Mono
Price: $1.35

Silk Screened Personalized 3.5oz Mason Jar ~ All Events!
Item Code: 6FC3210s
Price: $0.99

Pers. Expressions Silver Metal Mirror KeyChain 'DYO'
Item Code: 5FC6785st
Price: $0.95

Personalized Express. Ear Bud Headphones "DYO"
Item Code: 5FC6788st
Price: $0.85

Personalized Express. Cool Black Sunglasses "DYO"
Item Code: 5FC6792cs
Price: $0.69

Antique Ivory Cross Statue w/Matte Gold Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC8698
Price: $2.95

Hanging Metal Ornament ~ Angel with Stone Design
Item Code: IM3622a
Price: $5.25

Medium Hanging Metal Ornament ~ Classic Cross
Item Code: 5IM2032
Price: $5.95

Medium Hanging Metal (Avail 1/13/2019) Ornament ~ Lace Design
Item Code: 5IM2030
Price: $5.95

Vintage Cross Trinket & Jewelry Box
Item Code: 5FC8695
Price: $2.15

Vintage Design Cross Themed Keychain Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC8954
Price: $1.10

Delicate, Intertwined Metal Cross Keychain Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC6151
Price: $0.60

Love, Hope, & Faith Stacked Disc Key Chain Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC6152
Price: $0.99

"Inspirational" Wooden Nickel Magnet (SET/36)
Item Code: 5DK8638517
Price: $24.75

"Inspirational" Wooden Nickel (SET/36)
Item Code: DK8608516
Price: $16.49

Personalized Strawberry Jam 1.5oz Jar ~ Religious
Item Code: 5DK7045300
Price: $2.25

Personalized Sugar packets SET/100 ~ Silhouette
Item Code: DK5434000
Price: $19.25

Personalized Religious Paper Coaster
Item Code: DK9295300
Price: $0.39

Personalized Religious Mirror
Item Code: DK1545300
Price: $0.75

Personalized Religious Magnet (2.25")
Item Code: DK1535300
Price: $0.75

Personalized Religious Lemonade Packet
Item Code: DK5415300
Price: $0.99

Personalized Religious Cocoa Packet
Item Code: DK5095300
Price: $0.99

Personalized Religious Coffee Packet ~ Choice
Item Code: DK8295300
Price: $1.35

Personalized Religious Tea Packet
Item Code: DK5255300
Price: $0.59

Personalized Religious Honey Jar
Item Code: DK7055300
Price: $2.15

Personalized Religious YORK® Peppermint Pattie
Item Code: DK4265300
Price: $0.38

Personalized Religious Hershey®'s Milk Chocolate Bar
Item Code: DK4165300
Price: $2.29

Personalized Religious Hershey®’s Assorted Miniatures™
Item Code: DK4185300
Price: $0.45

Personalized Religious Hershey®’s Kisses®
Item Code: DK4215300
Price: $0.24

Personalized Life Savers® Candy ~ Religious
Item Code: DK4035300
Price: $0.24

Personalized Life Savers® Mints ~ Religious
Item Code: DK4025300
Price: $0.24

Personalized Kraft Placemat
Item Code: DK9329000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Insulated Cup Sleeve
Item Code: DK8849000
Price: $0.39

Brilliantly Packaged Cross Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 5FC5259
Price: $1.49

Madonna & Child Hanging (Avail 12/18/18) Cross Ornament Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC8691
Price: $1.99

Vintage Style Dark Wood Icon Giftboxed
Item Code: MJw006DRK
Price: $3.70

Rustic Dark Wood Icon Giftboxed
Item Code: MJw004DRK
Price: $3.70

Signature Collection Cross Opener & Stopper Gift Boxed
Item Code: 5MJ1542
Price: $5.75

Unique Cross in Heart Bottle Opener Gift Boxed
Item Code: 5MJ1472
Price: $1.35

Angelic Bottle Opener in Gift Box
Item Code: 5MJ1469
Price: $1.35

Dazzling Cross Wine Charms SET/4 Boxed
Item Code: 5MJ1404
Price: $2.20

"Create-Your-Own" 375ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2375all
Price: $115.00

"Create-Your-Own" 250ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2275all
Price: $85.00

"Create-Your-Own" 200ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2200all
Price: $95.00

"Create-Your-Own" 5 fl. oz. Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2005all
Price: $75.00

"Create-Your-Own" 60ml Oil /Vinegar Label Bottle ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2060
Price: $49.95

"Ready to Go" Large (200ml) Size Bottle of Oil or Vinegar ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO1200all
Price: $85.00

"Ready to Go" Small (60ml) Size Bottle of Oil or Vinegar ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO1060
Price: $39.99

Personalized Paper Coaster ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: 5DK9294000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Paper Wedding Coaster
Item Code: 5DK9297000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Two-Sided Wedding Coaster
Item Code: 5DK1597000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Place Card ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK9314000
Price: $0.39

"Wings of Light" Boy Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED8034BY
Price: $5.99

"Wings of Light" Girl Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED8034GL
Price: $5.99

"Angel of Light" Girl (SOLD OUT) Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED8035GL
Price: $4.50

"Angel of Light" Boy(SOLD OUT) Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED8035BY
Price: $4.50

"Her Baptism" Girl (SOLD OUT) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7657GL
Price: $1.75

"His Baptism" Boy (SOLD OUT) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7657BY
Price: $1.75

"Baptismal Cross" Boy (Sold out) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7665BY
Price: $1.59

"Baptismal Cross" Girl (SOLD OUT) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7665GL
Price: $1.59

"Baptismal Blessings" Girl (SOLD OUT) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7659GL
Price: $1.35

"Baptismal Blessings" Boy (SOLD OUT) Figurine (No Box)
Item Code: RED7659BY
Price: $1.35

"Communion Prayer" Boy Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: RED7447BY
Price: $1.19

"Prayer Beads" Silver & Wood Rosary
Item Code: RED8047SL
Price: $1.79

"Prayer Beads" Clear & Wood Rosary
Item Code: RED8047CL
Price: $1.79

"Prayer Beads" Gold & Wood Rosary
Item Code: RED8047GD
Price: $1.79

"Prayer Beads" White & Gold Rosary (Assorted)
Item Code: RED8031GD
Price: $1.25

"Prayer Beads" White & Silver Rosary (Assorted)
Item Code: RED8031sl
Price: $1.25

"Prayer Beads" Gold Rosary (Assorted)
Item Code: RED8030GD
Price: $1.25

"Prayer Beads" Silver Rosary (Assorted)
Item Code: RED8030SL
Price: $1.25

"Communion Veil" Girl Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: 5RED7466GL
Price: $1.39

Silver Cross Ornament with Antique Finish Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC8689
Price: $1.60

Silver Angel Ornament (Avail 12/18/18) with Antique Finish Giftboxed
Item Code: 5FC8688
Price: $1.60

Compact Mirror with Ornate Cross Gift Boxed
Item Code: 5FC5961
Price: $0.85

Personalized DYO Perfectly Plain Glass Jar + Place Card Holder
Item Code: 5FC6780st
Price: $0.95

"Clearly Custom" Collection ~ 12 oz. Pers. Glass Mason Jar w/Handle & Top
Item Code: 5FC3211cs
Price: $1.39

Gold Bottle Opener with Epoxy Dome ~ Optional Pers.
Item Code: 5KA11242GD_all
Price: $1.40

Personalized Silver Credit Card Bottle Opener ~ All Events!
Item Code: 5KA11241sv
Price: $0.99

Personalized Gold Credit Card Bottle Opener ~ All Themes
Item Code: 5KA11240gd_all
Price: $0.99

Personalized Bottle Opener ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1554000
Price: $0.95

Personalized Mirror ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1544000
Price: $0.75

Personalized 1" Magnet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1574000
Price: $0.59

Personalized 2.25" Magnet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1534000
Price: $0.75

Personalized 1" Button ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1564000
Price: $0.45

Personalized 2.25" Button ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1524000
Price: $0.55

Glass Mason Customized Jar with Silver Metal Screw Top ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: FC3210st
Price: $0.75

Metal Cross Key Chain with Beaded Design Giftboxed
Item Code: 4FC6149
Price: $0.59

"Angel" Themed Glass 4" X 6" Photo Frame
Item Code: FC12079
Price: $1.19

"Blessed by Christ" Communion (LOW Stock) Girl Figurine Boxed
Item Code: RED7905GL
Price: $1.09

"Child of Christ" Assorted Figure (no box)
Item Code: RED7666
Price: $1.59

Holy Natures Harvest Themed Cross Ornament Giftboxed
Item Code: 4FC8686
Price: $1.75

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.