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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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Zmart Sample & Clearance Center!

All items listed here are in stock for IMMEDIATE Delivery!!! **** If ordering a qunatity of MORE than 1 piece, refer to footnote within product page for stock quantity.
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Stainless Steel Shaker ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc4651
Price: $7.50

"About to Hatch" Egg Kitchen Timer Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka18010wt
Price: $3.39

"Beaches" Tin Pail Candle with Authentic Shells ~ Single Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka20041na
Price: $1.89

Classic Baby Blocks Favor Boxes with Imprinted Ribbon PINK ~ Single Box Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka28049pk
Price: $0.50

"Destination Love" Luggage Tag Gift Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka13006n
Price: $3.99

Pewter Ocean Wine Charm Set in Deluxe Giftboxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc1712
Price: $3.99

Ceramic Ice Cream Bowl Gift Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc8127
Price: $3.99

Placecard Frame with Clear Stones ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc4677
Price: $3.99

Choice Crystal Cross Keychain in Signature Box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc2223
Price: $1.75

Signature Crystal Perfume Bottle Keychain Giftbox ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_FC2231
Price: $2.90

Sailboat Bookmark in Deluxe Gift box ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc6440
Price: $1.75

Theme Candy Jar w/ Personalized Label ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_EB2025
Price: $1.75

Garden Glass Gel Candle ~ Calla Lily ~SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA20029wt
Price: $3.50

Topiary Photo Holder & Placecard Holder ~ 1 Pc. SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA22011gn
Price: $1.50

Perfectly Suited Las Vegas Theme Glass Coaster Set ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA27036na
Price: $2.20

"Lucky in Love" Playing Card Magnet Set in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA28053na
Price: $2.30

"Sweet Treats" Glass Sundae Candle in Ice Cream Palor GB ~ 1 Pc. SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_KA20082na
Price: $2.90

Sailboat Keychain in Deluxe Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6439
Price: $1.85

Playful Sailboat Candle with Tealight Candle ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4718
Price: $5.50

Pearl Silver Heart Design Cake Server in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4855
Price: $4.99

Chrome Heart Design Cake Server ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4686
Price: $5.25

Glass Candle in Wire Base with Pink Cross Design ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC4131
Price: $2.99

Angel Key Chain in Giftbox ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC6441
Price: $1.75

LOVE Wine Charms Set/4 Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC1708
Price: $3.99

Las Vegas Themed Keychain with Crystal Die Giftboxed ~ SAMPLE
Item Code: Zmart_FC2214
Price: $2.49

Glass Candle Holder in Silver Resin Cross Gift Boxed ~ Sample Only
Item Code: Zmart_FC3935
Price: $2.50

Sandalwood Fan ~ Sample Only
Item Code: Zmart_eb1055
Price: $0.99

"Good Wishes" Placecard Glass Frame ~Sample of 1 Individual Frame
Item Code: zmart_ka27034
Price: $1.85

Bear on Horse with Pink Stones Candle & Placecard Holder ~ Sample Only
Item Code: Zmart_MJ5611
Price: $1.09

Signature Crystal Baby Shoe in Gift Box #2201 ~ Sample Only
Item Code: Zmart_FC2201
Price: $3.50

Pink Baby Bottle Candle in Gift Box #3867 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_3867
Price: $1.99

White Beaded Frame 3" X 2" #3830 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC3830
Price: $2.50

"A Star is Born" Star Shaped Cookie Cutter in Gift Box w/Organza Bow ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartKA14027na
Price: $1.50

White Cross Bookmark with Pink CrystalsGift Boxed ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartMJ3065
Price: $0.80

Seashell Keychain in Sand Color Gift Boxed #3079 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_MJ3079
Price: $0.80

"Teacups & Tealights" Minature Porcelain Tealight Holder in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartKA23012na
Price: $1.99

Resin Coach Design Placecard Frame #8601 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC8601
Price: $1.25

Sweet 16 Glitter Candle in Gift Box #MJ990 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_990
Price: $0.95

Snowflake Bottle Stopper in Shimmering Gift Box #11039na ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka11039na
Price: $2.35

Gift Box Candle w/White Bow in Resin Angel Base #3915 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc3915
Price: $2.69

"Heaven Scent" Baby Powder Fresh Frosted Glass Votive #20066na ~Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka20066na
Price: $1.35

"Seaside" Beach Theme Cork Coaster Set with Starfish Charm #22009na ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka22009na
Price: $1.10

Pewter Frame with Clear Rhinestones #7754 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc7754
Price: $1.99

"Icing on the Cake" Winter Wedding Cake Candle in Gift Box & Ribbon ~ 1 Piece ~Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka20065bl
Price: $2.25

Baby Pink Stars Silver Frame #MJ4057 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_mj4057
Price: $1.99

Beach Bag #3969 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc3969
Price: $0.89

LOVE Coasters Set #27005na ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka27005na
Price: $1.99

Pink Pacifier Frame #MJ4163 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_mj4163
Price: $1.99

Designer Series Crystal Pacifier in Deluxe Gift Box #2200 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc2200
Price: $1.99

Deluxe Wine Charms Set in Gift Box #1711 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc1711
Price: $2.55

Fall Impressions Glass Coaster Set ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka27012bg
Price: $1.35

Personalized Stickers for Playing Cards ~Set/12
Item Code: SW6028
Price: $7.50

Frosted Glass Ice Bucket with Silver Ice Tongs ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_mj8521
Price: $5.99

Crystal Snowflake Glass Coasters ~Set/4 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_ka27010na
Price: $2.20

Square Blue Glitter Cross Candle with Crystals in Gift Box #994 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_mj994
Price: $1.25

White Cross Keychain with Blue Crystals in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_mj3077
Price: $0.79

Resin Pocketbook Frame ~ in GREEN or Plum ONLY**Limited Supply
Item Code: zmart_fc8626b
Price: $1.85

Pewter Handbag Shaped with Pink Trim Frame #7750 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc7750
Price: $3.75

Heart Wine Bottle Stopper #1902 ~ Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc1902
Price: $1.50

White Cross Bookmark in Deluxe Gift Box #6403 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc6403
Price: $0.99

Vineyard Collection™ Swirl Design Wine Stopper #1903 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc1903
Price: $2.25

"Love" Glass Coaster Set #3928 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC3928
Price: $1.75

Heart Design Glass Photo Coasters ~Set/2 #3961 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC3961
Price: $1.25

"Capture the Moments" Mini Satin Photo Album (Black) ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartKA16011bk
Price: $2.30

Beach Themed Glass Pail Candle #3963 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC3963
Price: $1.50

Crystal Pacifier in Signature Gift Box #2200 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmartFC2200
Price: $1.80

Butterfly Candle Holder with Pink Stones #4135 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_4135fc
Price: $2.99

Scallop Shell Design Keychain in Deluxe Box #6406 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_6406fc
Price: $1.00

Sweet 16 Candleholder in Pink in Deluxe Gift Box #3957 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3957fc
Price: $1.99

Pink Crystal Carriage in Gift Box #4421 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc4421
Price: $2.99

"Vineyard Collection" Star Design Wine Stopper #1907 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc1907
Price: $2.99

Calla Lily Glass Coaster Favor in Silver & White Personality Box ~Sample of 1
Item Code: zmart_ka27016na
Price: $2.99

Love Themed Oil Bottle in Clear Gift Box & Ribbon ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc4829
Price: $2.99

Wine Bottle Stopper Gift Boxed ~ Bunch of 5 Favors SALE!!
Item Code: zmart_ka11001na
Price: $12.95

"Vino" Cork Coaster Set
Item Code: zmart_Ka22010
Price: $1.99

" Oh Countour" Scented Gown & Placecard Holder Gift Boxed in Pink~SAMPLE of 1 PIECE
Item Code: zmart_ka29009pk
Price: $2.95

"Trendsetters" Handbag Placecard Frame ~SAMPLE of 1 PIECE
Item Code: zmart_ka25031pk
Price: $1.65

Forever Photo Framed Glass Coasters ~SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_ka27011na
Price: $1.80

"Good Wishes" Pearlized Photo Coasters ~SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_27015na
Price: $2.40

"Four Seasons" Glass Coaster Set/2 ~Spring ~SAMPLE
Item Code: zmart_ka27019pk
Price: $2.30

Stylish Sailboat Design Candle #7805 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc7805
Price: $3.45

Heart Themed "Vineyard Collection" Wine Stoppers #1906 ~Sample
Item Code: Zmart_fc1906
Price: $2.90

Crystal Baby Carriage in Signature Gift Box #2208 ~Sample
Item Code: ZMART_FC2208
Price: $3.85

Crystal Long Stem Rose in Signature Gift Box #2202 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc2202
Price: $1.85

Pearl White Frame with Cross & Heart Cutouts & Pink Stones ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_mj5563
Price: $1.10

White Rose Soap in Heart Box #8507 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_8507
Price: $1.89

Super Chic Purse Placecard Holder & Blank Card #5355 ~ Sample of 1
Item Code: zmart_5355
Price: $0.99

Pewter Cross Bookmark in Deluxe Gift Box #1716 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_1716
Price: $1.99

Cross-Adorned Tealight Candle in Blue #4132 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_4132
Price: $2.50

Poker Themed Bookmark #4815 - Heart Design Sample
Item Code: zmart4815
Price: $1.55

Calla Lily Design Magnetic Frame in Organza Bag #4122 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart4122
Price: $1.55

Silver Chrome Demitasse Spoons in Personality Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_11029na
Price: $3.20

'Love and Hearts' Bottle Opener in Personality Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka11019na
Price: $2.75

"Stop in the Name of Love" Bottle Stopper in Personality Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka11014na
Price: $3.50

Handbag Placecard Holders #3956 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_3956
Price: $1.50

Resin Sailboat Placecard Frame #8910 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart8910
Price: $1.00

Resin Shell Shaped Box in Clear Gift Box #3942 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3942
Price: $1.25

Chrome Luggage Tag in Deluxe Box #4824 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_4824
Price: $2.25

White Resin Placecard Frame #8612 ~ Limited Stock
Item Code: zmart_8612
Price: $1.25

Snowflake Placecard Holder #5345 ~1 Piece w/Card Sample
Item Code: zmart_5345
Price: $1.90

Pewter Chair Placecard Holders w/Epoxy Seats #7752 ~ Sample 1 Favor + Card
Item Code: zmart_7752
Price: $1.45

White Resin "15" Cardholder #5339 ~ Sample 1 Favor w/Card
Item Code: zmart_5339
Price: $1.99

Clapboard Style Placecard Holder #5346 ~ Sample of 1 Favor w/Card
Item Code: zmart_5346
Price: $1.99

Poker Themed Candholder Gift Boxed #3953 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3953
Price: $2.50

Swaying Calla Lily Pearlescent Placecard Frame ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_25022na
Price: $1.60

Brushed Metal Photo Frame & PlaceHolder ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka14015na
Price: $1.30

Glass Coaster Photo Frame Set #3952 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_fc3952
Price: $1.90

Snowflake Tealight Candle Holder in Gift Box #8908 ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_8908
Price: $1.75

Matte Gold Placecard Frame #73332 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_73332
Price: $1.90

Glass Candle with Silver Cross Design #3893 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3893
Price: $2.99

Scoop of Love Ice Cream Scoop in Palor Box~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_13004na
Price: $2.99

Silver Bell - Small #4603 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_4603
Price: $1.65

Ivory Soap Pedal & Candle in Heart Box ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_8506
Price: $1.45

Glass Candle Holder in Pink Cross Resin Base in Gift Box ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_3933
Price: $1.99

Book of "Love" Candle Set ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_ka20018wt
Price: $1.99

Key to My Heart Bottle Opener ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_11003na
Price: $1.79

Brushed Silver Album Frame #32098 ~ Sample
Item Code: zmart_32098
Price: $8.45

Flip Flop Floating Candle Set in Kiwi ~Sample
Item Code: zmart_20005gn
Price: $2.20

Mini Silver Dolphin Bottle Opener #4804~Sample
Item Code: zmart_4804
Price: $3.25
Calla Lily Glass Candle Holder in Organza Bag #4120~Sample Only
Item Code: zmart_4120
Price: $2.99

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.