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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Call for appointment (516) 679-9184 or email us:
HOLIDAY CLOSING: No shipments of "FC" coded items during the WEEK of 12/26th. Will resume on 1/3/2017. Warehouses & Office closed 12/26th and 1/2/17. No UPS shipments then.

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** GRADuation Cap & Gown Theme **

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Graduation Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4105500
Price: $1.55

Graduation Hershey's Chocolate Bar ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4165500
Price: $2.29

Graduation Hershey's Assorted Miniatures ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4185500
Price: $0.45

Graduation Life Savers® Candy
Item Code: DK4035500
Price: $0.25

Graduation Life Savers® Mints
Item Code: DK4025500
Price: $0.25

Photo Life Savers® Candy Mini Gift Tote ~ Personalize
Item Code: DK4294200
Price: $2.25

Life Savers® Candy Mini Gift Tote ~ Silhouette Personalized
Item Code: DK4294000
Price: $2.25

Photo Life Savers® Mint Mini Gift Tote ~ Personalize
Item Code: DK4284200
Price: $2.25

Life Savers® Mini Mint Gift Tote ~ Silhouette Personalized
Item Code: DK4284000
Price: $2.25

Pers. Expressions Vintage Glass Milk Bottle + Cork Top
Item Code: 6FC6795st
Price: $0.59

Elegant Silver GRAD Frame 4" x 6"
Item Code: Fc12843
Price: $1.59

Personalized Matchbox Favors (SET/50) ~ All Occassions
Item Code: 6FC8853st
Price: $12.99

GRAD Clip Picture Holder
Item Code: 6FC12837
Price: $0.00

Personalized Paper Coaster with Photo
Item Code: DK9294200
Price: $0.39

Personalized Mirror with Photo!
Item Code: DK1544200
Price: $0.75

Personalized Bottle Opener with Photo
Item Code: DK1554200
Price: $0.95

Personalized Magnet 2.25" with Photo!
Item Code: DK1534200
Price: $0.75

Pers. Water Bottle Label SET/5 with Photo!
Item Code: DK3504200
Price: $2.65

Personalized Hand Sanitizer with Photo
Item Code: DK1184200
Price: $1.69

Personalized Honey Jar with Photo
Item Code: DK7054200
Price: $2.15

Personalized Cocoa Packet with Photo
Item Code: DK5094200
Price: $0.99

Personalized Margarita Packet with Photo
Item Code: DK2024200
Price: $0.99

Personalized Coffee Bag with your Photo
Item Code: DK8294200_8314200
Price: $1.35

Personalized Tea Bag with Photo
Item Code: DK5254200
Price: $0.59

Photo Matches in White Box ~ SET/50
Item Code: DK9224200
Price: $19.95

Photo Sunscreen with Carabiner SPF30
Item Code: DK1264200
Price: $2.89

Photo YORK® Peppermint Patty
Item Code: DK4264200
Price: $0.38

Personalized Photo Hershey®’s Chocolate Bar
Item Code: DK4164200
Price: $2.29

Photo Hershey®’s Assorted Miniatures™ Favor
Item Code: DK4184200
Price: $0.45

Photo Hershey®’s Kisses® Favor
Item Code: DK4214200
Price: $0.24

Photo Life Savers® Candy Favor
Item Code: DK4034200
Price: $0.24

Photo Life Savers® Mint Favor
Item Code: DK4024200
Price: $0.24

Personalized Notebook + Pen
Item Code: DK1999000
Price: $8.89

Silk Screened Personalized 16 oz. Glass Mason Jar
Item Code: 6FC3212s
Price: $1.49

Silk Screened Personalized Zombie Glass or Vase
Item Code: 6FC3431s
Price: $1.35

Personal. Metallics Collection Glass Candy Jar & Silver Screw Top
Item Code: 6FC6701sm
Price: $0.69

Personalized Metallics Collectn Playing Cards
Item Code: 6FC6704sm
Price: $0.85

Wine Bottle Stopper ~ Personalized Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6713sm
Price: $1.25

Apothecary Jar + Hinged Lid ~ (Avail 5/26/17) Pers. Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6717sm
Price: $0.95

Glass Mason Jar with Handle ~ Pers. Metallics Collectn
Item Code: 6FC6734sm
Price: $0.85

Pers. Metallics Collection Playing Cards
Item Code: 6FC6769sm
Price: $0.75

9 oz. Stemless Wine Glass ~ Silkscreened Monogram Collectn. ~ All Events!
Item Code: 6FC3421s_Mono
Price: $1.35

Silk Screened Personalized 3.5oz Mason Jar ~ All Events!
Item Code: 6FC3210s
Price: $0.99

Pers. Expressions Silver Metal Mirror KeyChain 'DYO'
Item Code: 5FC6785st
Price: $0.95

Personalized Express. Ear Bud Headphones "DYO"
Item Code: 5FC6788st
Price: $0.85

Personalized Express. Cool Black Sunglasses "DYO"
Item Code: 5FC6792cs
Price: $0.69

Personalized Med. Cupcake & Treat Stand ~ "DYO"
Item Code: 5FC6793st
Price: $0.85

Fabulous 4" X 6" Glass Graduation Frame
Item Code: FC12130
Price: $2.35

Graduation 2 X 3 (Avail 9/1/17) Frame (2 Styles) BOX/24
Item Code: 5FC12544
Price: $30.50

Personalized Kraft Placemat
Item Code: DK9329000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Clothespin ~ Rustic Vintage
Item Code: DK8629000
Price: $0.35

Graduation Shadow Box Frame Set
Item Code: 5FC12500
Price: $9.65

Graduation Owl Themed Frame 4" X 6"
Item Code: 5FC12815
Price: $2.25

Wise Owl Graduation Charm in Open Giftbox SET/12
Item Code: 5FC12618
Price: $11.35

Wise Owl Graduation Key Chain Display Box SET/12
Item Code: 5FC12617
Price: $15.99

Wise Owl Graduation Magnets in Display Box SET/12
Item Code: 5FC12616
Price: $15.99

First Day of School & Graduation Frame 8 1/4" x 7 1/4"
Item Code: 5FC12543
Price: $4.99

Wise Graduation Owl Key Ring Gift Boxed
Item Code: 5FC8948
Price: $1.15

Personalized DYO Perfectly Plain Glass Jar + Place Card Holder
Item Code: 5FC6780st
Price: $0.95

"Clearly Custom" Pers.16 oz. Glass Mason Jar w/Top
Item Code: 5FC3212cs
Price: $1.29

"Clearly Custom" Collection ~ 12 oz. Pers. Glass Mason Jar w/Handle & Top
Item Code: 5FC3211cs
Price: $1.55

Personalized Gold Credit Card Bottle Opener ~ All Themes
Item Code: 5KA11240gd_all
Price: $0.99

Personalized Bottle Opener ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1554000
Price: $0.95

Personalized Mirror ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1544000
Price: $0.75

Personalized 1" Magnet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1574000
Price: $0.59

Personalized 2.25" Magnet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1534000
Price: $0.75

Personalized 1" Button ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1564000
Price: $0.45

Personalized 2.25" Button ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK1524000
Price: $0.55

Glass Mason Customized Jar with Silver Metal Screw Top ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: FC3210st
Price: $0.75

Graduation Themed 4" X 6" Photo Frame
Item Code: FC12084
Price: $2.25

Personalized Graduation Hershey's Kisses Labels Trio SET/108
Item Code: EB4003g
Price: $7.45

Pers. Graduation Mini Candy Bar Wrapper
Item Code: EB4002G
Price: $0.39

Pers. Graduation Candy Wrapper Cover
Item Code: EB4001g
Price: $0.79

Silkscreened Glass Coaster ~ Any Occasion!
Item Code: 4FC6770s
Price: $0.50

"Personalized Expressions" Sunglasses ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6777st
Price: $0.69

Personalized Expressions Collection Key Ring Boxed
Item Code: FC6707st
Price: $0.79

Personalized Expressions Playing Card Favor
Item Code: FC6704st
Price: $0.75

Personalized Sangria Wine Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK2064000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Sangria Packet ~ Choose Design!
Item Code: DK2067000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4014000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box Favor ~ Design Choices!
Item Code: DK4017000
Price: $0.99

Pers. Life Savers Candy ~ Silhouette Designs/Colors
Item Code: DK4034000
Price: $0.24

Life Savers Candy with Personalized Label ~ Designs!
Item Code: DK4037000
Price: $0.24

Personalized K-Cup: Color & Designs ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK8344000
Price: $1.25

Personalized K-Cup Coffee Favor ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: DK8347000
Price: $1.25

Personalized Bottle Hanger Favor Box ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK3044000
Price: $0.89

Personalized Bottle Hanger Favor Box ~ Design Choice!
Item Code: DK3047000
Price: $0.89

Graduation 4" X 6" Frame with Bamboo Finish & Laser Engraving
Item Code: 4FC12067
Price: $6.45

Glitter Stone Graduation 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 4FC12538
Price: $7.25

"Clearly Custom" Milky White Glass Coaster Personalized ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 4FC6770cs
Price: $0.35

"DYO" Personalized Acrylic Box ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6772st
Price: $0.50

"DYO" Personalized Plastic Cake Stand Box ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6773st
Price: $0.55

"DYO" Personalized Champagne Plastic Bottle ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6775st
Price: $0.50

Graduation Box
Item Code: 4FC12531
Price: $3.89

Graduation Autograph Book
Item Code: 4FC12902
Price: $3.25

"Clearly Custom" Pers. Round Shot Glass/Votive Holder ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC3406cs_all
Price: $0.79

"Clearly Custom" Pers. Frosted Glass Wax Candle ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC5863cs_all
Price: $0.99

"Simply Stylish" Playing Card Set in Plastic Box ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC6704nd_all
Price: $0.75

Graduation Frame 4" X 6"
Item Code: 4FC12525
Price: $6.50

"Simply Stylish" Collection Personalized Card Set (Paper Box)~ All Occas.
Item Code: 4FC6769nd_all
Price: $0.69

"Design Your Own" Collectn Playing Card ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6769st
Price: $0.65

"Mint for You" Brushed-Metal Heart Shaped Mint Tin ~ Personalized Avail.
Item Code: KA19039na_all
Price: $0.99

Heart Favor Container SET/12 ~ Can be personalized!
Item Code: 4KA18069na_all
Price: $4.75

Personalized Bottle Opener with Epoxy Dome (SET/12)
Item Code: 4KA11141na
Price: $16.68

"Design Yours Own Collection" Burlap Box ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6764st
Price: $0.49

"Design Your Own Collection" Burlap Treat Bag
Item Code: 4FC6766st
Price: $0.40

Graduation Themed Photo Album (BOX/12)
Item Code: 4FC12901
Price: $19.99

Graduation Design 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 4FC12511
Price: $2.65

Graduation Design 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 4FC12512
Price: $2.39

Grad Design 2" X 3" Frame ~3 Assort. Designs BOX/24
Item Code: 4FC12513
Price: $23.65

Graduation Design 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 4FC12514
Price: $2.65

Graduation Themed 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 4FC12515
Price: $3.89

Graduation Design 2" x 3" Frames ~ 3 Assorted Designs (BOX/24)
Item Code: 4FC12519
Price: $29.95

"Hats off to You" Graduation Mini Gable Boxes SET/12
Item Code: EB2313Gz
Price: $7.95

"Design Your Own" Collection Shot Glass
Item Code: 3FC3428s
Price: $0.89

"Design Your Own" Collection Candy Bin ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: FC6765st
Price: $0.99

"Silk Screened Printed Collection" Petite Stemless Wine Tasting Glass (5.5 oz)
Item Code: FC3429s
Price: $1.15

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Silhouette Wedding
Item Code: DK3034k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Wedding & General
Item Code: DK3037k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Life Saver Favor ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4024000
Price: $0.25


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