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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Call for appointment (516) 679-9184 or email us:
HOLIDAY CLOSING: No shipments of "FC" coded items during the WEEK of 12/26th. Will resume on 1/3/2017. Warehouses & Office closed 12/26th and 1/2/17. No UPS shipments then.

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Seasonal & Holiday Collection Favors

Perfect for those winter weddings or parties!
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Holiday Kraft Placements ~ Personalized & In Colors!
Item Code: DK9329003
Price: $0.59

Holiday Insulated Cup Sleeve ~ Personalized & Colors!
Item Code: DK8849003
Price: $0.39

Holiday Wine Tote ~ Personalized & Colors!
Item Code: DK7219003
Price: $8.85

Holiday Can Cooler ~ Personalized & in Colors!
Item Code: DK7209003
Price: $2.25

Holiday Wooden Magnet ~ Personalized & Colors!
Item Code: DK8639003
Price: $0.59

Holiday Round Cork Coaster ~ Personalized & Colors!
Item Code: DK8419003
Price: $0.89

Holiday Square Cork Coaster ~ Personalized & Colors!
Item Code: DK8409003
Price: $0.89

Murano Design Snowflake Ornament Giftboxed
Item Code: IM6886w
Price: $2.49

Gingerbread Themed Holiday Magnets BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12624
Price: $22.99

Gingerbread Themed Holiday Ornaments BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12625
Price: $22.99

"Happy Holidays" Collection Bottle Stopper Boxed ~ Assorted
Item Code: 5FC1964
Price: $1.49

Personalized Strawberry Jam 1.5oz Jar ~ Holidays
Item Code: 5DK7046000
Price: $2.25

Personalized Sugar packets SET/100 ~ Silhouette
Item Code: DK5434000
Price: $19.25

Personalized Kraft Paper Coaster
Item Code: DK9309000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Round Paper Board Coaster
Item Code: DK8839000
Price: $0.45

Personalized Car Cork Coaster
Item Code: DK8439000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Scalloped Cork Coaster
Item Code: DK8429000
Price: $1.10

Personalized Round Cork Coaster
Item Code: DK8419000
Price: $0.89

Monogram Personalized Kraft Favor Bag
Item Code: DK8859002
Price: $0.49

Monogram Personalized Kraft Placemat
Item Code: DK9329002
Price: $0.59

Personalized Instant Coffee Packets SET/100 ~ Wedding Theme
Item Code: DK8357000
Price: $19.25

"Create-Your-Own" 375ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2375all
Price: $115.00

"Create-Your-Own" 250ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2275all
Price: $85.00

"Create-Your-Own" 200ml Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2200all
Price: $95.00

"Create-Your-Own" 5 fl. oz. Oil/Vinegar Label ~ CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2005all
Price: $75.00

"Create-Your-Own" 60ml Oil /Vinegar Label Bottle ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO2060
Price: $49.95

"Ready to Go" Large (200ml) Size Bottle of Oil or Vinegar ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO1200all
Price: $85.00

"Ready to Go" Small (60ml) Size Bottle of Oil or Vinegar ~CASE/12
Item Code: OTO1060
Price: $39.99

Personalized Paper Coaster ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: 5DK9294000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Paper Wedding Coaster
Item Code: 5DK9297000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Two-Sided Coaster ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: 5DK1594000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Two-Sided Wedding Coaster
Item Code: 5DK1597000
Price: $0.99

"Conversation" Wedding Magnets SET/35 ~ 21 Colors!
Item Code: DK1578504
Price: $25.49

"Conversation" Wedding Buttons SET/35 ~ 21 Colors!
Item Code: DK1568503
Price: $20.25

Personalized Place Card ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK9314000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Wedding Placecard ~ Designs/Colors!
Item Code: DK9317000
Price: $0.39

Personalized Silver Credit Card Bottle Opener ~ All Events!
Item Code: 5KA11241sv
Price: $0.99

Personalized Gold Credit Card Bottle Opener ~ All Themes
Item Code: 5KA11240gd_all
Price: $0.99

Rectangular Personalized Wedding Favor Box
Item Code: DK9277000
Price: $0.95

Personalized Holiday Theme Placemat
Item Code: DK9286000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Wedding Theme Placemat
Item Code: DK9287000
Price: $0.59

Holiday Personalized Cup Sleeve
Item Code: DK9266000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Cup Sleeve ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK9264000
Price: $0.59

Personalized Wedding Cup Sleeve ~ Color choice!
Item Code: DK9267000
Price: $0.59

Murano Design Small Deco Platter ~ "Brown Leaf"
Item Code: IM350_893
Price: $4.39

Personalized Winter Lip Balm Tube ~ Flavors!
Item Code: EB3031W
Price: $0.85

Holiday Themed Personalized Sangria Wine Packet
Item Code: DK2066000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Sangria Wine Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK2064000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Sangria Packet ~ Choose Design!
Item Code: DK2067000
Price: $0.99

Halloween Personalized Mint Box
Item Code: DK4106800
Price: $0.99

Holiday Design Mint Box - Personalized
Item Code: DK4016000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4014000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box Favor ~ Design Choices!
Item Code: DK4017000
Price: $0.99

Halloween Personalized Life Saver Mint
Item Code: DK4026800
Price: $0.24

Halloween Personalized Life Savers Candy
Item Code: DK4036800
Price: $0.24

Holiday Life Savers Candy ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4036000
Price: $0.24

Pers. Life Savers Candy ~ Silhouette Designs/Colors
Item Code: DK4034000
Price: $0.24

Life Savers Candy with Personalized Label ~ Designs!
Item Code: DK4037000
Price: $0.24

Personalized K-Cup Coffee Favor ~ Holiday Designs
Item Code: DK8346000
Price: $1.25

Pers. Holiday Bottle Hanger Favor Box ~ Design Choice
Item Code: DK3046000
Price: $0.89

Personalized K-Cup Coffee Favor ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: DK8347000
Price: $1.25

Personalized Bottle Hanger Favor Box ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK3044000
Price: $0.89

Personalized Bottle Hanger Favor Box ~ Design Choice!
Item Code: DK3047000
Price: $0.89

"Jack-o-Lantern" Assorted (SOLD OUT - expect in 2017) Candle Holder + TeaLight Candle
Item Code: RED7599
Price: $0.99

"Holiday Wishes" Snowflake (SOLD OUT) Spreader Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA73009
Price: $1.65

"Winter Wishes" 3D Snowflake (SOLD OUT) Cookie Cutter Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA73004
Price: $1.35

"Winter Wishes" Snowflake Napkin Rings SET/4 Giftboxed
Item Code: QA61025
Price: $2.89

"Elegance" Leaf Napkin Rings SET/4 Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA61024
Price: $2.89

Stylish 'Fall in Love' Glass Coaster Set Boxed
Item Code: 4MJ908
Price: $0.89

"Clearly Custom" Pers. Round Shot Glass/Votive Holder ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC3406cs_all
Price: $0.79

"Clearly Custom" Pers. Frosted Glass Wax Candle ~ All Occasions
Item Code: FC5863cs_all
Price: $0.99

Porcelain Snowflake Ornament
Item Code: EB2382
Price: $1.45

Halloween Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor
Item Code: DK3036800
Price: $0.99

Holiday Personalized Cocktail Shaker
Item Code: DK3024100H
Price: $2.59

Holiday Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor
Item Code: DK3036k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Silhouette Wedding
Item Code: DK3034k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Wedding & General
Item Code: DK3037k
Price: $0.99

Pers. Square 1.9" X 1.9" Label **Silhouette Theme SET/20
Item Code: DK3534k
Price: $2.69

Personalized Life Saver Favor ~ All Occassions
Item Code: DK4027all
Price: $0.25

4 Pc. Wood Cork Coaster Set Boxed ~ Fall in Love
Item Code: IM27WC
Price: $1.15

"Winter Lights" Snowflake Tea Light Candle (SET/4)
Item Code: QA81010
Price: $4.25

"Bronze Elegance" Fall Leaf Bottle Stopper in Designer Giftbox
Item Code: QA61009
Price: $2.49

Snowflake Bottle (SOLD OUT) Stopper in Seasonal Gift Box
Item Code: QA61008
Price: $1.99

"Shimmering Crystals" Snowflake (SOLD OUT) Mini Photo Frame/Placecard Holder (SET/4)
Item Code: QA53100
Price: $4.20

"Falling Leaves" Leaf Themed Glass Photo Coaster SET/4
Item Code: QA51017
Price: $1.90

"Shimmering Snow Crystal" Frosted Snowflake Glass Coasters SET/4
Item Code: QA51015
Price: $1.95

"Shimmering Snow Crystal" Frosted Snowflake Glass Coasters SET/2
Item Code: QA51014
Price: $1.39

"Winter Wishes" Snowflake (LOW Stock) Favor Box (SET/24)
Item Code: QA21003
Price: $4.29

Christmas Hollyberry Pers. Tealight Candle Giftwrapped
Item Code: CHt115
Price: $1.99

Japanese Maple Floral Pers. Candle Giftwrapped
Item Code: CHfb115b
Price: $2.99

Christmas Hollyberry Pers. Floral Candle Wrapped
Item Code: CHfb114b
Price: $2.99

Personalized Winter Mini Mint Case
Item Code: EB2211Wz
Price: $1.29

Personalized Fall Mini Mint Case
Item Code: EB2211Fz
Price: $1.29

Personalized Hershey Kisses Mini Gift Tote ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4274000
Price: $2.50

Holiday Hershey's Kisses Mini Gift Tote ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4276000
Price: $2.50

Personalized Chocolater Graham Cracker ~ Silhouette
Item Code: DK4094000
Price: $1.55

Holiday Chocolate Graham Cracker ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4096000
Price: $1.55

Holiday Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel ~ Personalized
Item Code: DK4106000
Price: $1.55

Personalized Hershey's Reese's ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4254000
Price: $0.32

Personalized Hershey Kisses ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4214000
Price: $0.29

Personalized Hershey's 1.55oz Chocolate Bar ~ Silhouette
Item Code: DK4164all
Price: $2.29

Personalized Hershey Assorted Miniature Chocolate Bars ~ Silhouette
Item Code: DK4184all
Price: $0.45

Personalized Coffee Packet ~ Color Choice ~Silhouette Collectn
Item Code: DK8334all
Price: $1.89

Personalized Honey Jar ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK7054000
Price: $2.45

Personalized Tea Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK5254000
Price: $0.80

Personalized Drink Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK5094all
Price: $1.40

Nutcracker Place Card Holder - SET/4
Item Code: FBL9128
Price: $15.75

Gobble, Gobble Turkey Table Place Card Holder
Item Code: FBL9127
Price: $1.85

Holiday Gem Place Card Holder
Item Code: FBL9126
Price: $1.89

Holiday Collection ~ Personalized Reese's Cups
Item Code: DK4256all
Price: $0.32

Holiday Collection ~ Personalized Hershey Kisses
Item Code: DK4216000
Price: $0.25

Holiday Collection ~ Personalized Maple Syrup
Item Code: DK7066all
Price: $3.25

Holiday Collection ~ Personalized Cocoa Packet
Item Code: DK5096all
Price: $1.25

Holiday Collection ~ Pers. YORK Peppermint Patty
Item Code: DK4266all
Price: $0.38

Personalized YORK Peppermint Patty ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4264all
Price: $0.38

Personalized Matches in Black or White (Set/50)
Item Code: DK9224_9234all
Price: $25.00

Personalized Sunscreen with Carabiner (SPF 30)
Item Code: DK1264all
Price: $3.49

Personalized Maple Syrup Bottle ~ ALL Occassions!
Item Code: DK7064all
Price: $3.25

"Fall for Love" Personalized Jelly Bean Packet
Item Code: EB2210Fz
Price: $0.69

"A Winter Holiday" Personalized Jelly Bean Packet
Item Code: EB2210wz
Price: $0.69


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