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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Call for appointment (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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NEW for 2018 ** MORE added daily! Happy Shopping!!! Newest Items below!
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We Do Cake Topper
Item Code: 7KA22081na
Price: $9.55

Oh Baby! Heart Cork Coaster SET/4
Item Code: 7KA22078na
Price: $1.50

Sparkling Snowflake Glass Tea Light Holder SET/4
Item Code: 7KA20198na
Price: $5.75

XOXO Gold Place Card Holder & Cards SET/6
Item Code: 7KA18153GD
Price: $5.15

"It's a Girl!" Acrylic Cake Topper
Item Code: 7KA18148pk
Price: $9.59

"It's a Boy!" Acrylic Cake Topper
Item Code: 7KA18148BL
Price: $9.59

White Heart Plastic Measuring Spoons
Item Code: 7KA18129wt
Price: $1.75

White Kitchen Whisk
Item Code: 7KA13068wt
Price: $1.59

Rustic Heart Measuring Spoons
Item Code: 7KA13067na
Price: $2.45

XOXO Gold Bottle Opener
Item Code: 7KA11300GD
Price: $1.29

Live, Laugh, Love Whisk & Tea Towel
Item Code: KA00125na
Price: $6.50

Gold Floral Lantern
Item Code: 7KA14125gd
Price: $3.55

Gold Laurel Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 7KA11305na
Price: $6.99

XOXO Gold Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 7ka11304gd
Price: $2.39

Groomsman Kit
Item Code: 7KA00122na
Price: $25.00

Pink & Gold 'Will you be my Bridesmaid?' Kit
Item Code: 7KA00121na
Price: $28.95

DYO Screen Printed (Avail 6/5/18) Shot Glass **All Occasions**
Item Code: 7FC3214s
Price: $0.65

Beach Themed Flip Flop Key Chain & Clear Dome Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5277
Price: $0.99

Adult Birthday Pers. Gummy Bear Packet ~ Champagne Flavor
Item Code: DK4065100
Price: $1.10

Metallic Foil Gummy Bears Packet ~ Champagne Flavor
Item Code: DK4067500
Price: $1.25

Personalized Gummy Bear Packet ~ Champagne Flavor
Item Code: DK4067000
Price: $1.10

Pers. Golf Themed Water Bottle Labels SET/5
Item Code: 7DK3506200
Price: $2.65

Golf Themed Personalized Golf Ball
Item Code: 7DK1896200
Price: $1.65

Personalized Baby Shower Golf Ball
Item Code: 7DK1893100
Price: $1.65

Personalized Golf Ball Wedding Theme
Item Code: 7DK1897000
Price: $1.65

Gender Reveal Ping Pong Ball (SET/24)
Item Code: 7DK1873107
Price: $26.65

Adult Birthday Pers. Ping Pong Ball
Item Code: 7DK1875100
Price: $1.10

Baby Shower Personalized Ping Pong Ball
Item Code: 7DK1873100
Price: $1.10

6" Tall Ornate Crown Gold Centerpiece
Item Code: 7FC2522
Price: $7.55

Adorable Baby Elephant Design Key Chain Boxed ~ Blue
Item Code: 7FC8865
Price: $1.10

Cute Baby Elephant in Pink Candle Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8868
Price: $1.85

Gold Metal Cross & White Tassel Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8992
Price: $1.25

Antique Ivory Angel Ornament & Gold Filigree Details Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8995
Price: $1.85

Pewter Finish Angel Statue & Antique Accents Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8996
Price: $2.50

9 1/4" Tall Lantern Table Centerpiece
Item Code: 7FC2517
Price: $10.50

Perfectly Plain Collect. ~ Credit Card Steel Opener
Item Code: 7FC5112
Price: $0.55

Gold Hexagon Geometric Design Candle Holder Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8748
Price: $2.20

Fleur De Lis Design Shiny Gold Ornament Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8997
Price: $1.65

Guardian Angel Metal Cookie Cutter
Item Code: 7FC5108
Price: $0.65

Fairytale Design/Cinderella Theme Guest Book
Item Code: 7FC2477
Price: $8.69

Fairytale Design 4 Pc. Wedding Accessory Set
Item Code: 7FC2480
Price: $45.25

Mardi Gras Masked Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8994
Price: $0.99

Hello Gorgeous Glass 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: FC12260
Price: $2.30

Classic Marble Glass 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: FC12263
Price: $2.30

Brushed Silver 2 Tone 5" X 7" Frame Engraved
Item Code: FC52012en
Price: $14.50

Sea/Beach Themed Anchor Design Bottle Opener Boxed
Item Code: 7FC4251
Price: $1.55

Gold Double Heart Metal Bottle Stopper Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC1968
Price: $1.79

Double Heart Design Cookie Cutter
Item Code: 7FC5107
Price: $0.75

Pers. Metallics Silver Metal Mint Tin + Clear Platstic Top
Item Code: 7FC4672sm_MOD
Price: $0.59

Cupid's Arrow Gold Metal Bottle Opener Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8989
Price: $1.55

Personalized Kid's Birthday Drink Packet ~ Choose
Item Code: DK510_541_5425150
Price: $0.99

Personalized Kid's Birthday Hershey®’s Assorted Miniatures™
Item Code: DK4185150
Price: $0.55

Personalized Adult Birthday Gourmet Coffee Brick
Item Code: DK8375100
Price: $2.25

Personalized Adult Birthday Coffee Packet ~ Select Color
Item Code: DK8295100_8315100
Price: $1.35

Personalized Adult Birthday Drink Packet ~ Choose Flavor!
Item Code: DK2015100all
Price: $0.99

Personalized Adult Birthday Life Savers Candy
Item Code: DK4035100
Price: $0.24

Wedding Flip Flops SET/16 Prs.~ Black or White
Item Code: DK683_6384all
Price: $70.50

Eiffel Tower Centerpiece with Gold Glitter + Colorful LED Lights
Item Code: 7FC2302
Price: $2.35

Copper Skeleton Bottle Opener on Kraft Card + Tag & Hemp String
Item Code: 7FC3500
Price: $0.79

Perfectly Plain Clear Baby Bottle & Blue Screw Top
Item Code: 7FC5104
Price: $0.25

Perfectly Plain Clear Baby Bottle & Pink Screw Top
Item Code: 7FC5105
Price: $0.25

Intricately Carved Sandalwood Fan
Item Code: 7FC6212
Price: $0.65

"Book Lovers" Teddy Bear Blue Tassel Bookmark on Backer Card
Item Code: 7FC8860
Price: $0.70

"Book Lovers" Teddy Bear Bookmark Pink Tassel on Backer Card
Item Code: 7FC8861
Price: $0.70

Glowing Ivory Color Standing Cross Statue + LED Light Boxed
Item Code: 7FC8984
Price: $3.29

Pers. Metallics Gold Metal Bottle Stopper in Box
Item Code: 7FC5109sm
Price: $1.45

Personalized Express Clear Baby Stroller Box
Item Code: 7FC5103st
Price: $0.39

Silver White Pastel (Avail 7/10/18) Collection ~ Twist Dish
Item Code: 7IM310R
Price: $6.89

Silver White Pastel Collection ~ Two Section Dish
Item Code: 7IM305R
Price: $8.25

Silver White Pastel Collection ~ Rectangular Platter
Item Code: 7IM300R
Price: $6.89

Ceramic "We All Scream for Ice Cream" Bowl Boxed ~ White
Item Code: 7RED1123ww
Price: $1.79

Ceramic "Fondue Fun" Mini Pot Giftboxed ~ Brown
Item Code: 7RED7969br
Price: $2.59

Ceramic Red & Green Pepper Salt & Pepper Set Boxed
Item Code: 7RED11304
Price: $2.89

White Baroque 5" X 7" Frame
Item Code: 7FC12867
Price: $5.99

Tassel Key Chains with Anchor or Ships Wheel SET/16
Item Code: 7FC12870
Price: $53.25

Pers. Collection Unique White Sunglass + Visor Combo
Item Code: 7FC5102st
Price: $0.65

Pers. Metallics Collection Playing Cards
Item Code: 7FC6704sm_mod
Price: $0.85

Tea Time Whimsy Frame
Item Code: 7KA25292na
Price: $1.45

Tea Time Whimsy Ceramic Teacup Measuring Spoons
Item Code: 7KA23146na
Price: $3.55

Silver Mirror Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs
Item Code: 7KA22075sv
Price: $20.99

Gold Welcome Table Sign
Item Code: 7KA22070na
Price: $16.50

Pers. Silver Round Candy Tin ~ It's a Girl! SET/12
Item Code: 7KA14040na_grl
Price: $5.85

"Buoni Amici" Wine Bottle (SOLD OUT) Shaped Cheese Appet. Board
Item Code: QA_35002
Price: $4.25


Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.