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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Sample Viewing is temporarily CLOSED, due to Renovations Pick -UPS still available. Call (516) 679-9184 or email us:
** We have LIMITED stock of items with "RED" in the item code. Please call ahead to make sure we have enough for your order! **

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NEW for 2018 ** MORE added daily! Happy Shopping!!! Newest Items below!
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Gold Pumpkin Place Card Holder SET/6
Item Code: 8KA25284na
Price: $5.99

Acorn Shaped Cheeseboard and Spreader
Item Code: 8KA22064na
Price: $1.29

Blue Mercury Glass Tealight Holder SET/4
Item Code: 8KA20191na
Price: $6.40

Cheers Antique Gold Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11289na
Price: $1.55

Cheers Antique Gold Corkscrew
Item Code: 8KA11287na
Price: $2.25

Lucky Golden Elephant Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11286na
Price: $1.49

Copper Leaf Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11285na
Price: $1.65

Gold Foil Leaf Print Kraft Favor Box + Acorn Charm (SET/24)
Item Code: 8KA28280na
Price: $6.45

Under The Stars Glass Coasters SET/2 Giftboxed
Item Code: 8KA27114na
Price: $1.85

Gold Dipped Glass Votive Holder SET/4
Item Code: 8KA27113na
Price: $8.30

Enchanted Unicorn Paper Plate (SET/8)
Item Code: 8KA28396na
Price: $2.85

Vintage Deco Photo Props KIT
Item Code: 8KA28395na
Price: $9.65

Cheery and Chic Citrus Paper Plate (SET/8)
Item Code: 8KA28394na
Price: $2.89

Pink Champagne Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28388na
Price: $8.95

Unicorn Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28385na
Price: $7.69

Hot Air Ballon Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28384na
Price: $8.35

Zebra Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28382na
Price: $8.95

Elephant Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KS28381na
Price: $8.95

Cake Slice Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28379na
Price: $8.35

Ice Cream Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28378GD
Price: $11.50

Love Lock Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28377na
Price: $8.95

Mermaid Tail Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28376na
Price: $7.69

Sundress Favor Box (SET/12)
Item Code: 8KA28375na
Price: $7.69

Seaside Escape Glass Coasters Giftboxed
Item Code: 8KA27133na
Price: $1.85

Safari Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25336as
Price: $7.69

Pink Party Hat Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25335PK
Price: $8.35

Pink Party Hat Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 8KA25334PK
Price: $2.25

Up In the Air Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25330AS
Price: $7.69

Citrus Chic Spreader Gift Set
Item Code: 8KA25329as
Price: $5.75

Macaron Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25328as
Price: $7.69

Ice Cream Place Card Holder (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25327as
Price: $6.99

Gold Whale Place Card Holders (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25323GD
Price: $7.69

Seaside Escape Spreader Gift Set
Item Code: 8KA25320na
Price: $5.75

Gold Nautical Anchor Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 8KA25169GD
Price: $1.95

Gold Nautical Anchor Place Card Holders (SET/6)
Item Code: 8KA25137GD
Price: $4.89

Unicorn Horn Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 8KA23175na
Price: $2.50

Double Heart Trinket ish Boxed
Item Code: 8KA23173na
Price: $3.25

Unicorn Trinket Dish
Item Code: 8KA23172na
Price: $3.25

Farmhouse Ceramic Spreader Gift Set Boxed
Item Code: 8KA23169na
Price: $4.45

Ceramic Pig Out Dip Bowl & Spoon Boxed
Item Code: 8KA23168na
Price: $10.25
Flamingo Trinket Dish
Item Code: 8KA23165na
Price: $4.50

Ceramic Lemon Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 8KA23164na
Price: $2.39

Ice Cream Trinket ( Avail 3/1/18) Dish
Item Code: 8KA23161na
Price: $3.25

Whale Shaped Dip Bowl & Spoon Giftboxed
Item Code: 8KA23160na
Price: $10.25

Ceramic Whale Shaped Measuring Spoons
Item Code: 8KA23139na
Price: $3.20

Sea Shell Trinket Dish
Item Code: 8KA23158BL
Price: $3.20

Farmhouse Pig Cheeseboard Gift Set
Item Code: 8KA22090na
Price: $9.29

Mason Jar Cheeseboard & Spreader
Item Code: 8KA22089na
Price: $2.99

Citrus Wood Cheeseboard & Spreader
Item Code: 8KA22087na
Price: $2.99

Fish Shaped Cheeseboard & Spreader
Item Code: 8KA22086na
Price: $2.99

Nautical Anchor Cork Coaster (SET/4)
Item Code: 8KA22085na
Price: $1.49

"Born to be Wild" Safari Soap Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8KA21072wt
Price: $1.45

Lovely Lemon Soap in Gift Box
Item Code: 8KA21071YL
Price: $1.45

Diamond Ring Soap Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8KA21070na
Price: $1.45

Macaron Soap in Gift Box
Item Code: 8KA21069PK
Price: $0.00

So Sweet Loofah Gift Bagged
Item Code: 8KA21068pk
Price: $2.50

Seaside Soap in Gift Box
Item Code: 8KA21067na
Price: $1.40

Seaside Escape Glass Votive (SET/4)
Item Code: 8FC20201na
Price: $6.45

Gold Double Heart Place Card Holder SET/6
Item Code: 8KA18168GD
Price: $5.75

Gold Double Heart Cake Topper
Item Code: 8KA18167GD
Price: $9.65

Drink Drank Drunk Insulated Drink Sleeve (SET/4)
Item Code: 8KA18164BK
Price: $4.80

White Glitter Cloud Shaped Coaster SET/4
Item Code: 8KA18162na
Price: $1.75

Lemon Slice Luggage Tag
Item Code: 8KA18161na
Price: $1.60

Diamond Ring Luggage Tag
Item Code: 8KA18159na
Price: $1.60

Silver Glitter Diamond Shaped Coasters SET/4
Item Code: 8KA18158SV
Price: $1.75

Gold XOXO Cake Topper
Item Code: 8KA18157GD
Price: $9.65

Vintage Blue Distressed Lantern ~ Medium
Item Code: 8KA14130BL
Price: $4.99

Gold Seahorse Napkin Ring SET/4
Item Code: 8KA14128GD
Price: $6.50

Ice Cream Whisk Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8KA13069na
Price: $2.50

Mason Jar Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11324na
Price: $2.30

Gold Double Heart Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11319GD
Price: $1.85

Gold Unicorn Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11318GD
Price: $1.75

Cheers Silver Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11317sv
Price: $1.55

Cheers Pink Bottle Opener
Item Code: 8KA11317PK
Price: $1.55

Cheers to You Gold Bottle Stopper
Item Code: 81KA11316GD
Price: $2.30

Cheers to You Gold Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11315gd
Price: $2.50

Gold Champagne Shaped Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11314GD
Price: $1.99

Gold Beer Shaped Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11313GD
Price: $1.99

Baby Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11311GD
Price: $2.15

Flamingo Place Card Holder SET/6
Item Code: 81KA11309GD
Price: $7.69

Citrus Slice Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11308na
Price: $2.24

Gold Seahorse Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11307GD
Price: $2.50

Gold Nautical Anchor Bottle Opener
Item Code: 81KA11136gd
Price: $1.60

Enchanted Unicorn 49 Pc. Party Decor Set
Item Code: 8KA00141na
Price: $19.25

'She Found Her Main Squeeze' 49 Pc. Party Kit
Item Code: 8KA00135na
Price: $21.75

"Cherished Blessings" Angel & Baby Figurine Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA41012
Price: $2.79

"Be ...In Love" Angel Figurine Keepsake Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA41011
Price: $2.79

"Love and Peace" Dove Tea Light Candle Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA41014
Price: $2.69

"Angel Wishes" Cherub Tea Light Candle Holder Boxed
Item Code: QA41013
Price: $2.69

"Forever in Love" Couple Snow Globe Favor Boxed
Item Code: QA41006
Price: $3.15

"Cinq sept" Gourmet Cheese Markers (SET/4) Boxed
Item Code: QA93050
Price: $3.59

"Ice Cream Dreams" Porcelain Ice Cream Scoop Giftboxed
Item Code: QA93049
Price: $1.59

Acorn Serving Bowl Gift Boxed
Item Code: QA93048
Price: $3.10

"Sweet Elegance" Porcelain Cake Server Giftboxed
Item Code: QA93051
Price: $2.99

"Sweet Treats" Heart Shaped Candy Bowl Boxed
Item Code: QA93047
Price: $2.15

Gold Glitter 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 8FC82308
Price: $2.45

Unicorn Glass 4" X 6" Frame
Item Code: 8FC82312
Price: $2.45

Antique Brushed Gold Leaf Frame 5" X 7"
Item Code: 8FC88010
Price: $5.99

Snowflake Design Silver Metal Bottle Opener Boxed
Item Code: 8FC4255
Price: $1.59

Gold Beaded BLING Candle Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8751
Price: $1.35

Silver Beaded BLING Candle Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8752
Price: $1.35

Good Fortune Design Gold Elephant Candle Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8753
Price: $2.65

Unicorn 2" x 3" Frame
Item Code: 8FC8880
Price: $1.99

Mermaid Design Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8881
Price: $1.15

Whale Design Bronze Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8882
Price: $1.20

Stylish Set/2 Marble Design Glass Coasters Boxed
Item Code: 8FC7837
Price: $0.79

Pineapple Themed Warm Welcome Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 8FC5976
Price: $0.69

Hello Gorgeous Themed Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 8FC5977
Price: $0.89

Fluffy Hot Pink Pom Pom & Gold Key Chain Boxed
Item Code: 8FC8879
Price: $0.75

Silver Frame with Black GRAD Letters 2" x 3" Frame BOX/18
Item Code: FC12549
Price: $29.95

Black & Silver Graduation 2" x 3" Mini Frames BOX/18
Item Code: 7FC12550
Price: $29.95

Stunning Black & (Avail 11/10/18) Silver 4" X 6" Graduation Frame
Item Code: 7FC12551
Price: $4.65

Flamingo Metal Compact Mirror Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC6165
Price: $1.39

Gold Metal Cactus Design Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5288
Price: $0.75

Gold Metal Good Luck Elephant Key Chain Gift Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5291
Price: $0.75

Tropical Flamingo Design Glass Coasters SET/2 Boxed
Item Code: 7FC7836
Price: $0.85

Beer/Wine Barrel Design Metal Bottle Opener Boxed
Item Code: 7FC5279
Price: $1.39

Perfectly Plain (Avail 10/15/18) Brushed Gold Credit Card Opener
Item Code: 7FC5115
Price: $0.55

Gold Personalized (Avail 10/15/18) Credit Card Steel Opener
Item Code: 7FC5115s
Price: $0.80

Perfectly Plain White Credit Card Opener
Item Code: 7FC5116
Price: $0.55

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.