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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Call for appointment (516) 679-9184 or email us:
LABOR DAY HOLIDAY CLOSING: Office & Warehouse Closed the WEEK of 9/4th. Will reopen 9/8/2017.

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Garden & "Everything Else" Favors

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Magical Shoe Design Trinket Box in Giftbox
Item Code: 2FC8655
Price: $2.40

Brilliant Starfish Key Chain Giftboxed
Item Code: 2FC6578
Price: $0.99

Eiffel Tower Design (Avail 1/18/2018) Curio Box in Giftbox
Item Code: 2FC8654
Price: $2.45

Flip Flop Luggage Tag in Giftbox
Item Code: FC4763
Price: $1.35

Pretty Paris-Themed Mirror Compact in Giftbox
Item Code: FC5949
Price: $1.49

Dazzling Divas Jewery Box
Item Code: MJ8705a
Price: $4.59

Dazzling Divas Jewelry Box
Item Code: MJ8704a
Price: $4.59

Wedding Dress Hankie
Item Code: FBL9129
Price: $7.99

Artistic Botanical Coaster Set
Item Code: SW9107
Price: $2.70

Miniature Clear Acrylic Phantom Chairs SET/8
Item Code: SW9083
Price: $23.90

Fleur de Lis Key Chain Giftboxed
Item Code: 1MJ1770
Price: $1.15

Elegant Silk Fan
Item Code: 1FC6208
Price: $0.79

"Tastefully Yours" Heart-Shaped Bamboo Cheese Board Giftboxed
Item Code: 1KA22015na
Price: $3.15

Hand Lotion ~ Assorted Designs!
Item Code: DD1212000all
Price: $2.25

Sunscreen Stick ~SPF 30 -Assorted Designs!
Item Code: DD117000all
Price: $3.75

Pretty Damask Design Manicure Set
Item Code: FC5929
Price: $1.59

Elegant White Folding Fan
Item Code: FC6204
Price: $0.55

Delicate Cherry Blossom Design Silk Folding Fan
Item Code: 6207FC
Price: $0.75

"Reflections" Elegant Black & White Compact Mirror Gift Bag
Item Code: 1KA18030BK
Price: $1.95

"Queen for a Day!" Sparkling Tiara Keychain Giftboxed
Item Code: 0MJ1647
Price: $0.99

Breast Cancer Awareness Lip Balm ~ 2 Designs
Item Code: DK1160000
Price: $1.69

Beach Themed Lip Balm ~ 4 Colors
Item Code: DK1167000b
Price: $1.69

Cocktail Drink Style Lip Balm ~ Color Choice
Item Code: DK1167000
Price: $1.69

All Natural LIP Balm ~ Monogramed, Assorted Colors & Designs
Item Code: DD1160all
Price: $1.69

Angel Design Curio Box in Square Gift Box
Item Code: 9FC8629
Price: $1.99

Birds Nest Favor Box
Item Code: FBL209
Price: $2.95

Love Bird Vine Napkin Rings - SET/6
Item Code: FBL210
Price: $4.75

"Plant with Love" Personalized Flower Seed Pack
Item Code: EB2114z
Price: $0.95

"Love is Sweet" Sweetheart Towel Cake in Cake Box
Item Code: EB2072
Price: $3.15

"Personal Expressions" DYO Label Collection ~ Compact Mirror ~ All Occasions
Item Code: 9FC6705st
Price: $0.50

Red H'attitude Keychain ~ Assorted Styles
Item Code: FBL185
Price: $1.85

"Little Black Dress" Patent-Leather - 5 Pc. Manicure Set Gift Packed
Item Code: KA18009bk
Price: $2.85

"Smooth Sailing" Sail Boat Magnet (Pkge/6)
Item Code: SW8771
Price: $19.25

"Read My Lips" Lipstick Pen & Sticky Notes in Giftbox
Item Code: SW8731
Price: $3.50

"We Add Up" Novelty Calculator in Gift Box
Item Code: SW8730
Price: $3.50

"Sole Mates" Mini Shoe Polisher ~ MR or MRS Pkg/6
Item Code: SW8942_41
Price: $10.00

"Our Course is Set" Boat Wheel Magnet - SET6
Item Code: SW8772
Price: $11.85

"Love is in the Air" Gliders ~ SET/12
Item Code: SW8671
Price: $11.75

"Fridge Bling" Diamond Magnets in Gift Package
Item Code: SW8696
Price: $3.45

Novelty Popcorn Cartons (Pkg/12)
Item Code: SW8670
Price: $9.35

" He Loves Me" Personalized Seed Pack
Item Code: FBL141
Price: $4.45

Metro Sweet Scented Sandalwood Fan
Item Code: 8FC6203
Price: $0.70

Photo In a Bottle ~ CASE/24
Item Code: EN2925
Price: $108.00

Black Mirror Compact with Photo ~ CASE/48
Item Code: EN8223
Price: $108.00

Magnetic Photo Snow Globe ~ CASE/36
Item Code: EN2717
Price: $106.00

Umbrella Shower Lip Gloss
Item Code: GG038
Price: $1.65

Sandal Lip Gloss
Item Code: GG036
Price: $1.95

Piano Lip Gloss
Item Code: GG033
Price: $2.35

Tropical Drink Lip Gloss ~ Assorted Colors
Item Code: GG013
Price: $1.25

Flip Flop Lip Gloss
Item Code: GG011
Price: $1.79

Musical Note Keychain Giftboxed ~ 3 Assorted Designs
Item Code: 8FC6460
Price: $0.95

Calla Lily Theme Wedding Cake Magnetic Memo Holder Giftboxed
Item Code: 8MJ1415
Price: $1.25

"Swee-Tea" Ceramic Teabag Caddy in Serving Tray Giftboxed
Item Code: 8KA23019wt
Price: $1.75

Western Boot Magnets (Set/6) ~ Men's
Item Code: SW8561
Price: $15.00

Western Boots Magnets ~ Victorian Lady's (Set/6)
Item Code: SW8560
Price: $2.99

"LOVE" Keyboard Magnet Set Gift Boxed ~SET/6
Item Code: SW8552
Price: $11.85

"Heart to Heart" Interlocking Salt & Pepper Shakers ( 12 Sets) Boxed
Item Code: SW8542
Price: $35.00

Keyboard Dusters (Set/12 Pcs) In Bride or Groom Design
Item Code: SW8538_39
Price: $41.98

Measuring Tape Keychain
Item Code: SW8425
Price: $2.95

Miniature "Good Luck" Wooden Elephants SET/4
Item Code: SW8406
Price: $11.89

Bendable Comical Groom Magnets (SET/6)
Item Code: SW8404
Price: $9.95

Bendable Comical Groom Magnets (SET/6)
Item Code: SW8403
Price: $14.98

"The Graduate" Figurine Gift Boxed ~ Boy or Girl {SET/12}
Item Code: SY7239
Price: $18.00

Porcelain Unicorn Figurine {SET/12}
Item Code: SY6773
Price: $16.25

"Time for Tea" Teapot Timer in Gift Box
Item Code: EB1082
Price: $2.99

Sports Theme Cap Holder ~SET/12
Item Code: SY6134
Price: $16.25

"A Leisurely Game of Love" Golf Ball Tape Measure Gift Boxed
Item Code: EB1079
Price: $0.99

"It's Tea Time!" Teapot Tape Measure Gift Box
Item Code: EB1078
Price: $1.29

"Measure Up Some Love" Heart Tape Measure
Item Code: EB1077
Price: $1.29

West Coast Sandalwood Fan
Item Code: EB1055
Price: $0.70

50th Anniversary Key Ring in Deluxe Gift Box
Item Code: 8FC6443
Price: $0.89

White Paper Fans ~ Ideal for Asian Themed Events
Item Code: EB1015
Price: $0.65

Silk Fan - NEW Colors! **Summer SALE**
Item Code: EB1014all
Price: $0.99

Mini Decorator Favor Vases ~Set/6 ~Assorted Colors
Item Code: SW2019_08all
Price: $11.85

Mini Flip Flop "Just Married" Key Chains ~ SET/6
Item Code: SW8190
Price: $9.45

Groom Notepads ~ Set/6 Pads
Item Code: SW7047
Price: $4.95

Sugared Cherry Blossom Spray ~Set/12 Bouquets
Item Code: SW7036
Price: $17.50

Cream Colored Natural Tied Mini Bouquets ~Set/12 Bouquets
Item Code: SW7035
Price: $7.50

Yellow Sunflower Tied Mini Bouquet ~ Set/12 Bouquets
Item Code: SW7034
Price: $8.98

Happy Hippo Mini Magnets ~ Set/6
Item Code: SW7004
Price: $8.98

Bridal Bottle Cover - Bride or Groom Design
Item Code: RD540all
Price: $2.90

"Pink Polka Purse" 4 Piece Manicure Set
Item Code: 7ka18007PK
Price: $2.95

Baseball Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: 5FC12823
Price: $5.25

Soccer Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: 5Fc12822
Price: $5.25

Basketball Eyeglass Holder
Item Code: 5FC12821
Price: $5.25

Sparkling Blingy Purse Caddy BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12110
Price: $23.99

Stunning Glittery Travel Manicure Chevron Design Case Set BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12106
Price: $38.90

Hologram Style Compact Mirror ~ Assorted BOX/18
Item Code: 5FC12421
Price: $24.65

Hologram Style Pill Box in Trendy Colors! BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12420
Price: $19.50

Aluminum Wallets in Magnificent Colors! BOX/18
Item Code: 5FC12117
Price: $28.99

Stylish Multi Compartment Pill Box BOX/12
Item Code: 5FC12303
Price: $22.90

"Perfectly Plain" Ear Bud Headphones
Item Code: 5FC6788
Price: $0.75

Fabulous Glitter Chevron Pill Boxes ~ Assorted - BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12418
Price: $23.99

Luxurious Crocodile Pill Box + Mirror ~ Assort'd SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12305
Price: $46.99

Unique Push & Turn Pill Box ~ Assorted BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12304
Price: $30.99

Distressed Wooden Jewelry Box with Starfish
Item Code: 6FC12134
Price: $2.65

Paisley Leaf Tall Standing Giraffe
Item Code: 6FC12126
Price: $9.30

Plaid Design Manicure Sets BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12712
Price: $39.89

Geometric Manicure Sets BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12710
Price: $21.99

Perfectly Plain Matchboxes SET/50
Item Code: 6FC8853
Price: $9.75

Sentiment Flowers Mason Jar & Key Ring Boxed ~SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12636
Price: $17.89

Sentiment Flowers Keychain Boxed ~ SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12635
Price: $12.45

Trendy Aztec Design Travel Manicure Set ~ BOX/12
Item Code: 6FC12149
Price: $39.85

Fun Aztec Aluminium Wallets ~ BOX/18
Item Code: 6Fc12153
Price: $35.89

Perfectly Plain Purple Sunglasses
Item Code: 6FC6798
Price: $0.65

Perfectly Plain Collection Plastic Wayfarer Style Sunglasses
Item Code: 6FC6797
Price: $0.65

Modern Gold Graphic Design Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 6FC6161
Price: $1.45

Modern Silver Graphic Design Compact Mirror Boxed
Item Code: 6FC6160
Price: $1.25

Modern Geometric Design Black & Gold Manicure Set Giftboxed
Item Code: 6FC4506
Price: $1.75

Perfectly Plain Sunscreen with SPF30
Item Code: 6FC6799
Price: $1.10

Fun Sunglass Key Chain Boxed ~ SET/12
Item Code: 6FC12159
Price: $14.95

Adorable Hello Gorgeous (Avail 1/22/2018) Compact Mirror ~BOX/18
Item Code: 6FC12423
Price: $29.95

Fun Beach Scene Compact Mirror BOX/18
Item Code: 6FC12422
Price: $29.95

Hello Gorgeous Silver Compact Mirror ~ Hot Pink
Item Code: 6FC5970
Price: $1.55

Personalized White Silk Folding Fan
Item Code: 6FC6208cs
Price: $0.85

'All you Need is Love' Heart Shaped Box
Item Code: 6FC8741
Price: $1.30

Bridal Party Lip Balm SET/12
Item Code: EB3093BP
Price: $13.35

Monogram (Avail 1/5/2018) Compact Mirror
Item Code: EB3137
Price: $11.25

Monogram Ring Dish
Item Code: EB3125M
Price: $9.65

White & Gold Monogram Notebooks (SET/8)
Item Code: EB3124
Price: $19.35

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.