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We have the BIGGEST selection of party favors anywhere on the web! We wrap too! Volume Pricing Discounts!
Use our SEARCH button to see specific themed favors. Showroom: Wantagh NY ~ Call for appointment (516) 679-9184 or email us:
LABOR DAY HOLIDAY CLOSING: Office & Warehouse Closed the WEEK of 9/4th. Will reopen 9/8/2017.

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Fun Food Candy Favors & Containers!

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Silver Round Candy Tin "Beach Tides" SET/12 (Opt. Personal.)
Item Code: 5KA14040na_BCH
Price: $5.85

"Mini" 4.5oz. Mason Jar (Bulk)
Item Code: RED1242
Price: $0.42

Perfectly Plain Glass Mason Jar with Silver Metal Top
Item Code: 4FC3210
Price: $0.65

"Love is Sweet" Gold Foil Candy Buffet Bags SET/12
Item Code: EB3038
Price: $4.49

Metallic Gold & Silver Foil Cupcake Wrappers (SET/12)
Item Code: EB3033
Price: $5.25

Personalized Metallic Foil Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags SET/12
Item Code: EB2358fw
Price: $8.45

Personalized Metallic Foil Cupcake Wrappers & Toppers (SET/24)
Item Code: EB2305fw
Price: $14.59

Personalized Metallic Foil Candy Tube
Item Code: EB2300fw
Price: $0.99

Personalized Metallic Foil Mini Mint Favor
Item Code: EB2211fw
Price: $1.29

Personalized Metallic Foil Lollipop & Label
Item Code: EB2131fw
Price: $1.25

Personalized Metallic Foil Gum Box
Item Code: EB2037fw
Price: $1.65

Personalized Metallic Foil Candy Jar ~ Wedding
Item Code: EB2025fw
Price: $0.99

Pers. Metallic Foil Lemonade & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2002fw
Price: $1.45

Pers. Metallic Foil Hot Cocoa & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2001fw
Price: $1.45

Personalized Metallic Foil Mint Tin ~ Wedding
Item Code: EB1049fw
Price: $0.99

"Bon Voyage" Vintage Suitcase Favor Boxes (Set/24)
Item Code: 4KA28202na
Price: $12.25

Personalized Sangria Wine Packet ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK2064000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Sangria Packet ~ Choose Design!
Item Code: DK2067000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4014000
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mint Box Favor ~ Design Choices!
Item Code: DK4017000
Price: $0.99

Pers. Life Savers Candy ~ Silhouette Designs/Colors
Item Code: DK4034000
Price: $0.24

Life Savers Candy with Personalized Label ~ Designs!
Item Code: DK4037000
Price: $0.24

Pers. Glass Favor Jars SET/12 ~ Nautical Wedding
Item Code: KA27037na_nw
Price: $10.45

"Delectable Delights" 5 lb. (LOW STOCK) Box of White Jordan Almonds
Item Code: 4RED3446
Price: $30.99

Enjoy Burlap Favor Bag SET/25
Item Code: HB31655
Price: $39.99

Hitched Burlap Favor Bag SET/25
Item Code: HB31654
Price: $39.99

We Did It Burlap Favor Bag SET/25
Item Code: HB31652
Price: $39.99

Thank You Burlap Favor Bag SET/25
Item Code: HB31651
Price: $39.99

Love Burlap Favor Bag SET/25
Item Code: HB31653
Price: $39.95

Floral Treat Toppers SET/25
Item Code: HB32171
Price: $15.75

Two Piece Cup Cake Box SET/25 ~ Kraft (Opt. Personalization)
Item Code: HB31241all
Price: $34.00

Little Yummy Treat Toppers SET/25
Item Code: HB32168
Price: $15.50

Chalkboard Style Pers. Treat Bags Set/25 ~ White
Item Code: HB32675p
Price: $39.99

Chalkboard Style Treat Bag Toppers SET/25
Item Code: HB32169
Price: $15.75

"My Little Man" Candy Bags SET/24 Assorted
Item Code: KA28200na
Price: $12.25

"Perfectly Plain" Collection Acrylic Box
Item Code: 4FC6772
Price: $0.49

"Perfectly Plain" Collection Mini Plastic Cake Stand Box
Item Code: 4FC6773
Price: $0.55

"Perfectly Plain" Collection Plastic Champagne Bottle (Empty)
Item Code: FC6775
Price: $0.49

Tiffany Theme Fondant Topper (Cupcakes Optional)
Item Code: TD136_37
Price: $1.89

Chocolate Covered Strawberry + Cross
Item Code: TD135
Price: $2.89

Cupcake with Crosses FULL Sheet
Item Code: TD134
Price: $95.00

Fondant Cross 1" ~ Color Choice
Item Code: TD133
Price: $1.89

High Heel "Fashionista" Cupcake ~ Assorted Colors
Item Code: TD132
Price: $3.59

Princess Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD131
Price: $2.25

Autism Awareness Symbol Chocolate Pop ~ Included Dusting!
Item Code: TD130
Price: $2.89

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pops Set/2
Item Code: TD122
Price: $1.89

Chocolate Covered Oreo Pops Set/2
Item Code: TD121
Price: $1.89

Chocolate Covered Peep Pops (Set/2)
Item Code: TD120
Price: $1.25

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Stick ~ Single or Double
Item Code: TD118
Price: $1.35

Chocolate Moon Lollipop
Item Code: TD117
Price: $1.89

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Hat or Leprechaun Lollipop
Item Code: TD115_116
Price: $1.55

Chocolate Flower TRIO Lollipop ~ in Color!
Item Code: TD114
Price: $3.59

Daisy Flower Chocolate Lollipop ~ In Color!
Item Code: TD113
Price: $3.59

Chocolate Red-Dusted Lips Lollipop
Item Code: TD112
Price: $2.35

Solid 3" Chocolate Bunny ~ In any Color!
Item Code: TD111
Price: $2.35

Solid Easter 4 1/2" Chocolate Lollipop Bunny
Item Code: TD110
Price: $6.60

Solid Chocolate Cross 6" Giftwrapped
Item Code: TD109
Price: $6.60

Cross 3" Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD108
Price: $1.45

Baby Shower Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD107
Price: $1.55

Rose Chocolate Lollipop ~ with Dusting Accent FREE
Item Code: TD106
Price: $2.25

30th Birthday Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD105
Price: $1.89

St. Patrick's Day Chocolate Lollipop ~ Claddagh
Item Code: TD104
Price: $1.55

Owl Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD103
Price: $1.89

Thomas Train Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD102
Price: $2.59

"Hello Kitty" Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: TD101
Price: $1.55

"Mint for You" Brushed-Metal Heart Shaped Mint Tin ~ Personalized Avail.
Item Code: KA19039na_all
Price: $0.99

Heart Favor Container SET/12 ~ Can be personalized!
Item Code: 4KA18069na_all
Price: $4.75

"DIY Design" Chalk Heart Labels & Heart Favor Holder SET/12
Item Code: KA18069na_kit
Price: $6.99

Butterfly Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: SUZZ16
Price: $2.49

Big Bird Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: Suzz15
Price: $2.50

Solid Chocolate "Drama Mask" Lollipop
Item Code: SUZZ14
Price: $2.50

Cartoon Girl Mouse Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: SUZZ13
Price: $2.50

Cartoon Boy Mouse Chocolate Lollipop
Item Code: SUZZ12
Price: $2.50

Solid Chocolate "Cross" Lollipop
Item Code: SUZZ11
Price: $1.99

"Perfectly Plain" Collection Burlap Treat Bag
Item Code: FC6766
Price: $0.35

"Design Yours Own Collection" Burlap Box ~ All Occasions!
Item Code: 4FC6764st
Price: $0.49

"Design Your Own Collection" Burlap Treat Bag
Item Code: 4FC6766st
Price: $0.40

Birthday Theme Mini Ice Cream Container ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB2379Yz
Price: $0.85

MOD Kid's Birthday Mini Ice Cream Container ~ Pers.
Item Code: EB2379mdK
Price: $0.85

"Love is Sweet" Mini Ice Cream Container ~ Personalized!
Item Code: EB2379W
Price: $0.85

Birthday Microwave Popcorn Bag ~ Personalized!
Item Code: EB2378Yz
Price: $1.49

MOD Kid's Birthday Microwave Popcorn Bag ~ Pers.
Item Code: EB2378mdK
Price: $1.49

"My Heart POPS for You" Microwave Popcorn Bag ~ Personalized!
Item Code: EB2378W
Price: $1.49

Themed Mini Gable Boxes SET/12 ~ Color Choice
Item Code: EB2313Tz
Price: $7.95

Mini (Empty) Gumball Machine Place Card Holder ~ Choose Color
Item Code: EB2380
Price: $1.70

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Silhouette Wedding
Item Code: DK3034k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Gift Tote Favor **Wedding & General
Item Code: DK3037k
Price: $0.99

Personalized Cocktail Shaker
Item Code: DK3024100
Price: $2.59

Personalized Cocktail Shaker + Drink Mix SET
Item Code: DK2124all
Price: $3.15

Personalized Life Saver Favor ~ Silhouette Collection
Item Code: DK4024000
Price: $0.25

Personalized Life Saver Favor ~ All Occassions
Item Code: DK4027all
Price: $0.25

Personalized Lollipop ~ Pink Wedding Cake
Item Code: EB2132pc
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Mints ~ Pink Wedding Cake
Item Code: EB2211pc
Price: $0.99

Personalized Lollipop ~ Jungle Safari
Item Code: EB2132JS
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Mints ~ Jungle Safari
Item Code: EB2211JS
Price: $0.99

Personalized Candy Jar ~ Jungle Safari
Item Code: EB2029JS
Price: $0.85

Personalized Lollipop ~ Cupcake Party
Item Code: EB2131CK
Price: $0.99

Personalized Mini Mints ~ Cupcake Party
Item Code: EB2211CK
Price: $0.99

Personalized Candy Jar ~ Cupcake Party
Item Code: EB2025CK
Price: $0.85

Personalized Lollipop ~ Blue Baby
Item Code: EB2132BB
Price: $0.99

Personalized Lollipop ~ Pink Baby
Item Code: EB2132PB
Price: $0.99

Vintage Wedding Personalized Candy Tube
Item Code: EB2300WV
Price: $0.79

Vintage Wedding Personalized Gum Box
Item Code: EB2037WV
Price: $1.45

Vintage Wedding Pers.Hot Cocoa & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2001WV
Price: $1.20

Vintage Wedding Pers. Lemonade & Opt. Whisk
Item Code: EB2002WV
Price: $1.20

Vintage Wedding Personalized Lollipop
Item Code: EB2131WV
Price: $0.99

Vintage Wedding Personalized Candy Jar
Item Code: EB2025WV
Price: $0.85

Cookie Mix Mason Jar Recipe Tag ~ Choose Color!
Item Code: EB2385
Price: $0.39

Chevron & Dots Goodie Bags SET/12
Item Code: EB2358CD
Price: $3.75

"Babies are Sweet" Personalized Goodie Bags SET/12
Item Code: EB2358B
Price: $6.25

Mason Drinking Jar with Flower Lid
Item Code: EB2311NP
Price: $1.35

Vintage Wedding Mini Mason Jar ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB2310WV
Price: $1.30

Themed Mini Mason Jar ~ Personalized
Item Code: EB2310Tz
Price: $1.30

Baker's Twine
Item Code: EB2352
Price: $5.95

"Rustic Renaissance" Burlap Favor Bag w/Drawstring Tie SET/12
Item Code: 3KA29035NA
Price: $11.00

"Sweetness & Light" Cupcake Boxes ~ SET/12 **Baby
Item Code: 3KA28141na_baby
Price: $6.75

"Sweetness & Light" Cupcake Boxes ~ SET/12
Item Code: 3KA28141na_wedg
Price: $6.75

Mini Glass Favor Bottles w/Swing Top ~SET/12 ~ Can Personalize!
Item Code: KA27080na_all
Price: $13.89

Mini Glass Favor Jars SET/12 ~ Can be Personalized!
Item Code: KA27079na_all
Price: $9.25

Personalized YORK Peppermint Patty ~ Wedding Theme
Item Code: DK4267000
Price: $0.38

Some favors have order minimums. Refer to the CHART when clicking on item. We have VOLUME PRICING on our Favors!!! The MORE you order, the LOWER the price is! Prices will change depending on the quantity ordered.

If you see any favors that you like on another site but cannot find them by searching the site, please call us. We can almost definitely get them for you at a lower price. Call us at (516) 679-9184 EDT.